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Avantek S080-1342 Yig Tunned Oscillator 1.9-8.7 Ghz Qty-4
Stellex 6755-723f 7.33-8.26 Ghz 6755-723f 7.33-8.26 Ghz Yig Synthesizers
Hp Agilent 5086-7335 2.0 To 7ghz Yig Oscillator Tested
Avantek Yig-tuned Oscillator Part Asf-9004  2.0-4.14 Ghz
Agilent Hp 5086-7288 Yig Oscillator 3.6-8.6 Ghz With Smb-f Jumper
Hp Agilent 5086-7131 Microwave Yig Tuned Oscillator 2.0-6.2ghz
Agilent Yig Tuned Oscillator Yto 5087-7082 3.0-5.7 Ghz
5082-0792 Yig Tuned Oscillator 4-8.7ghz New Old Stock
Keysighthpagilent 5087-7113 Yig Oscillator 3.2 - 10.0ghz
Watkins Johnson Wj6806-16df Yig Tuned Oscillator 8-18 Ghz
Avantek Yo89-4113 Y089-4113 2 To 8.4 Ghz Sma F Yig Tuned Oscillator
Yig Tuned Oscillator 2.3 -6.1 Ghz Pn Hp 5086-7314
Watkins Johnson Wj571-33d Yig Tuned Oscillator .5-2.0 Ghz
Avantek Yf85-0107 Hp 0955-0277 2.7-26ghz Yig Filter Tested
Agilent Hp 5086-7268 Yig-tuned Oscillator 4.2-5.5 Ghz -10vdc 20vdc
Ferretec Fd2506 Yig Filter 0.8-2.5ghz
Hpagilent 83711-60118 Yig Oscillator Driver Board Assembly
Ferretec Fd2506 Yig Filter 0.8-2.5ghz 0800
Avantek Y085-1426 Yig Tuned Oscillator Assembly
Avantek So80-0686 S080-0686 2 To 8 Ghz Sma F Yig Tuned Oscillator
0955-0459 Hpagilent Mlos-1513 Newunused Yig Oscillator 2.95 - 6.05 Ghz
Hp Agilent Yto 5086-7906 7903 8871 Etc Repair Or Purchase Yig Tuned Oscillator
Hp 8566b 9 5086-7226 Yig Tuned Mixer
Avantek Yig Filter Yf84-0151 0955-0251-c-j2
Tektronix 119-2741-01 Yig Oscillator T112060
Watkins Johnson Wj-6730-101f Yig Tuned Oscillator
Agilent 5086-7515 Yig Assembly
Hp Model 5086-6246 Yig Oscillator 2.0-3.8 Ghz
Agilent 5087-7073 Yig Oscillator Assembly
Hp-5086-7226 Yig Tuned Mixer
Agilent 5087-7034 Yig Tuned Harmonic Mixer
L3 Technologies 00500-d25360 Yig Oscillator Driver Module
Hp 5086-7504 .01 - 20 Ghz Yig Tuned Mixer
Hpagilent 5087-7183 Yig Tuned Harmonic Mixer Tested Perfectly Working
Agilent Hp E4423-60024 Yig Oscillator Loop Assembly Tested
Tektronix 119-1140-00 Yig Tuned Filter
Agilent 0955-0974 Yig Oscilator 2 To 4 Ghz
Avantek Yo87-4199 Y087-4199 5.4 To 12.5 Ghz Sma F Yig Tuned Oscillator
Hp Agilent 08720-60073 Cavity Oscillator Yig
Avantek Yo87-4198 Y087-4198 2 To 8.4 Ghz Sma F Yig Tuned Oscillator
Hp Agilent Keysight 83750-60009 Board Assembly- Yig Driver Tested 83752a
Hp 5086-7226 Yig Tuned Mixer
Agilent 5086-7934 Yig Oscillator Eyo 8753d
Anritsu C21620 Wiltron Yig Oscillator
Hp Agilent 5086-7744 1st Loda Distribution Amplifier Yto Yig Oscillator 6.8 Ghz
Hp Yig Tuned Oscillator Y090-4061 2.95-6.05 Ghz C-08665-60122-1a Rev. B
Micro Lambda Mlos-1104t Yig Tuned Oscillators 11310
Used Stellex Mini Yig Oscillator 8-10ghz Tunablesma Cable Free Shipping
Agilent 5087-7082 Yig Tuned Oscillator 3.0-5.7 Ghz
Agilent 08720-60166 Yig Tuned Oscillator
Agilent Hp Yig Driver Board -- 86701-60016 -- Used
Hp - Agilent-keysight 5087-7031 A8a6 26.5 Ghz Yig-tuned Harmonic Mixer Rythm
Agilent 5087-7070 Yig Tuned Harmonic Mixer
Watkins Johnson Wj-5227-1 Compact Yig Filter
Keysight Agilent Hp Avantek Yig Tuned Oscillator Yo90-4061 2.95-6.05ghz 2495k
Hp 5086-7398 .01 - 20 Ghz Sytm Yig Tuned Mixer
Hp Hewlet Packard 2-4.2 Ghz Yig Oscillator
Agilent 83711-60118 Yig Driver Board Assembly
Agilent E4423-60509 Yig Driveroscillator Loop Assembly
Avantek Yig-tuned Oscillator Asf-8752m Ail 230186-2 Sn 17298c
Agilent 5087-7081 Yig Oscillator 2.4-14ghz
Hp Agilent 83750-60009 Board Assembly- Yig Driver Tested And Working
Agilent 5086-7934 Yig Oscillator For 8753xetes 8752ab 8592 3 4 5 6ae
Agilent 5086-7341 Yig Tuned Multiplier Sytm 0.01-20.0 Ghz
Agilent 5086-7315 Yig Oscillator Assembly 9.0-13.25ghz
Avantekkeysight Y090-34770955-0579yig Tuned Oscilator 2.4-13.8ghz
Agilent 5086-7246 Yig Oscilator Assembly
Micro Lambda Mlfr-1108pd Electromagnetic Band-reject Yig Filter
Tektronix 119-2741-03 Yig Oscillator T112061
Agilent E4440-60023 Yig Oscillator Assembly
Agilent 0955-0520 Avantek Yig Y088-4258 2-10ghz
Agilent 5086-7267 Oscillator Yig 3.8-6.2ghz -10v To 20v
Agilent 83750-60009 Yig Driver Board Assembly
Hp - Agilent - Keysight 5086-6226 Yig Tuned Mixer T44272
Agilent 5086-7226 Yig Tuned Mixer
Anritsu Mp657a Yig Tuned Oscillator 2.2-6ghz With Assembly
Keysight Agilent Hp Avantek Yig Tuned Oscillator Yo90-4061 2.95-6.05ghz 2248k
Hp Agilent 5086-7414 0.1 To 20 Ghz Sma F Sytm Yig Tuned Multiplier
Wiltron 660-d-8007 Yig Plus Driver Board Good
Agilent E4403-60057 Rf Assembly 3ghz Yig Board
Tektronix 119-2048-00 Yig Tuned Filter For Tek 2756 Spectrum Analyzer. Working
Watkins Johnson Wj-5041-67 12.4 To 18 Ghz Yig Tuned Gaas Oscillator
Agilent 86222-60007 Yig Oscillator Assembly
Hp 5086-7398 .01 - 20 Ghz Sytm Yig Tuned Mixer Removed From 83592 Plug-in Tested
Stellex Microwave 131-111892-004 Synthesizer Yig
Agilent 5087-7084 Yig Tuned Oscillator 4 To 8 Ghz Sr No 0971
Avantek Yig Tuned Oscillator Sf6-0994m 4.0 - 8.0 Ghz
Rohde Schwarz 1044.9500.03 Yig-sampler
Keysight Agilent Hp Avantek Yig Tuned Oscillator Yo90-4061 2.95-6.05ghz 2717l
Agilent 0955-0579 Yig Tuned Oscillator Yo90-3477
Avantek S080-1115 Yig Tuned Oscillator
Hp Agilent 08360-60209 Tbr Pcb A5 Yig Oscillator Loop Phase Detector
Omniyig Yig Oscillator 4.16-8.16ghz Wj-5154-94f
Mep-158 Oscillator Yig
Wiltron 6600b-d-32106 Yig Driver A6 Baord Inv2
Hp Advantek New Y094-1201 Yig Tuned Oscillator 2..0-4.0 Ghz E18celler
Agilent E4423-60023 Yig Driver Board Assembly
Avantek S080-1115 2 To 8 Ghz 14 Dbm 15 Vdc Yig Tuned Oscillator
Tektronix 119-0752-02 2 To 6.1 Ghz Yig Tuned Oscillator. For 494 Series