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Westhoff Horazontal Drill Edm Drill Stk18466
Westhoff Horizontal Drilling Machine Wm100-1
Westhoff Ultra-sensitive Horizontal Drill
Westhoff Horizontal Drilling Machine
Westhoff Dial Indicator 1 Travel .001 Graduations.2 Face Made In Usa
Used Westhoff 400-6 .001 1.000 Range Dial Indicator
New Westhoff 400-6 2 Dial Indicator 0-1.00 Range 0.001
Westhoff 400-6 1.000 .001 Dial Indicator
Westhoff 1 Depth Gauge .001
Westhoff 400-6 Dial Indicator 1 Travel X .001 Increments Exlnt Ln Cond
Lot Of 3 Metal Lathe Machine Parts Mini Stand Kit 053901 Mti Mitutoyo Westhoff
Used Westhoff 400-6 .001 1.000 Range Dial Indicator
Lot Of 4 Opti-scope Westhoff Eye Piece Lens 0s-360s Or Os-360s Lathe Metalwork