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Vintage Survey Equipment

 Ke Vintage Survey Transit Theodolite W Level - Sn 94186
Nikon Survey Equipment Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod Vintage
Vintage C.l.berger Sons Surveying Transit Instrument Of Precision-works
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr8
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr3
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr9
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1013 -tr6
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1013 -tr5
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr1
Vintage Kampe Keuffel Amp Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr4
Vintage Sears Craftsman Survey Transit Level In Wood Case 789-46101
Vintage Military Portable Theodolite Surveyor Level Tool Equipment With Box
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Transit Model 71-1010 -tr2
Vintage Model 8070 Realist Inc. Meridian Transit Survey Level With Case
Keuffel Esser Ke Optics Metrology Vintage Survey Bore Target Equipment
Optical Quantrant Ko-60 Vintage 1977 Ussr High Accuracy 30
Vintage David White Instruments 8114 Level Transit Survey Equipment With Case
Carl Zeiss Jena Leveler Ni I A Without Horizontal Circle Loft Vintage
Vintage Large Lot Survey Equipment - Level Rods Etc. Sold Some Pieces
David White Vintage Transit Tripod With Height Sticks
Vintage Sears Craftsman Transit Surverying Level Model 789.46010 Original Box
Vintage Staff Surveying Compass Sokkia Forestry Surveyor Geological 802205
Vintage David White Instrument Realist Universal Model 8307 Level Transit Case
Vintage David White Transit 8300 With Case
David White Vintage Transit In Wood Box
Vintage Wood Wild Heerbrugg Switzerland Laser Transit Level Grade Survey Tripod
Vintage Keuffel Esser 9092-22 Transit Survey Level In Original Wood Case
13 Dietzgen Wood Surveyors Survey Transit Pole Extendable Stick Vintage 6500
Vintage David White Realist Universal 8300 Leveltransit
Vintage Wild Heerbrugg T16 Theodolite T16-97142 Switzerland Survey Transit
David White 8080 Level Transit Instrument Hard Case Vintage
Vintage Keuffel Esser Ke Transit Level Survey Instrument
Vintage David White Instruments Transit Level Meridian Model 8090 W Case
Vintage Kern Dkm2 Dkm2-a Swiss Theodolite Working Free Shipping
Vintage K E Keuffel Esser Frisco Measuring Grade Rod Survey Stick Surveying
Vintage David White Architects Level With Wood Case And Brass Plumb Bob
Vintage Geotec Auto Level Survey Transit Al-23 5551 Clc 639674 With Case
Young Sons Dept Keuffel Esser Co Vintage Surveyors Transit In Wooden Box
Vintage Westinghouse Alignment Telescope 60x Wbox Farrand Optical Co.
Vintage David White Transit Model 8300 With Tripod Scope And Case
Vintage Survey Scope In Box
Vintage Surveyor Markers Measuring Tape Chains Pins Stakes Qty 6
Vintage-us Military Dietzgen -6563 Survey Stick Measuring Grade Leveling Rod
Vintage Diepo Inclinometer Hand Survey Level Dietzgen Abney Style With Case
Vintage Takedas Sight Range Finder
Vintage David White Instruments Level Transit W Case
Vintage Surveying Equipment 800 Micro Level Case Japan
Vintage Wild Heerbrugg Na2 Engineers Level W Hard Case 189112 Free Ship
Vintage Keuffel Esser Surveying Tool N5702
Vintage Lietz 1228 Tripod
Rare Vintage Surveyors Transit In Original Wooden Cabinet Excellent Condition
Vintage David White Realist Tripod
Vintage Johnson Instrument Co Surveyor Tripod Surveying Equipment Survey Stand
Ths Vintage Dumpy Level With Case
Vintage Leupold Aluminum Surveyor Tripod Surveying Equipment Level Stand Survey
Antique Vintage David White Instrument Co. Transit Level Plum Survey Model 8027
Vintage Dietzgen 524562
Vintage Carl Zeiss Th2 Theodolite Optical Transit Survey Scope Wcarrying Case
Vintage Mchenry Systems Surveyor Stake Rod Survey Pole Stick Surveying Equipment
Vintage Dunlap 2d 1085 Transit Sight Level Sears Roebuck 789.46090 Box 8 Weight
Berger Instruments Model 1h Transit Level Vintage Made In Usa
Vintage Carl Zeiss Ni2 Opton Surveying Transit With Prism Carrying Case
Vtg Antique Keuffel Esser No. 5010f Serial 60881 Transit Survey With Box
Vtg Made In England Brass Hand Sight Level Surveying Survey Scope Case A7
Vintage David White Meridian Survey Transit Case Plumb Model 8080 Excellent
Vintage Keuffel Esser Site Marker 77 0310 Survey Surveyors Level Case
Vintage Dietzgen Transit Theodolite Model A Survey Surveying Construction Optics
Vintage David White Instruments Realist Universal Model 8300 Level Transit
Lietz Sokkisha Sokkia 115 Survey Surveyor Surveying Vintage Transit Level In Box
Vintage Lietz Sokkisha Transit Theodolite With Case Bt-20a
Vintage Lenker Mfg Co Wood Surveying Leveling Rod 32-a Sunbury Pa. W Canvas Cov
Vintage K E Keuffel Esser Transit Tripod Red Yellow
Lietz Sokkisha 115a Survey Surveying Vintage Transit Level W Case
Grace Usa Tools 9 Wooden Torpedo Level Made In Usa Wood Vintage Style Carpenter
Vintage Keuffel Esser Co. - Conqueror 200 Foot Metal Surveying Measuring Tape
Vintage Gaertner Scientific Cathetometer Telescope Surveying Tool Steampunk Deco
Vintage David White Meridian Survey Transit In Case
Surveyors Vintage Surveying Grade Rod With Rod 8 Foot
Vintage Ranging Optical Tape Measure - Model 100 - W Case Manuel Box
Vintage Sokkisha Survey Compass Level 6 Hole Surveying
Vintage K E Keuffel Esser Level  Case
Vintage Dietzgen N-5705 Pocket Transit Square Scope Sight Level Leather Case
Dietzgen 6100 Series Vintage Land Survey Transit Level With Wooden Case
Vintage Cl.berger Sons Transit
Grace 9 Wooden Torpedo Level Vintage Wood Style Carpenter Made In Usa
Vintage Fuji-koh Path S-302w Auto-level S-302 Japan
Wild Heerbrugg T2 Vintage Swiss Transit Engineers Theodolite W 2 Cases
Vintage Tripod Folmer Graflex Wood Brass 17 14 Extends To 42 12 Crown 2 Art
Vintage Keuffel Esser Co Surveying Transit Level Theodolite
Vintage Ke Keuffel Esser Co. Survey Transit With Wooden Box
Old Vtg Dietzgen Surveyors Handheld Level Leather Case Made In Usa Cool
Vintage Keuffel Esser N5702 Pocket Transit Scope Sight Level Leather Case
Geotec Vintage T-24 Surveying Transit Theodolite With Case Untested V673
Vintage 1958 Hilger Watts Vernier Theodolite W Wood Case Parts Manual
Survey Scope Vintage
Vintage Starrett Transit Leveling Instrument W Telescope And Ground Level
Lufkin 580 Improved Tape Bracing Detachable End Ring Vintage Surveying 14 Inch
Vintage Wild T1a Transit
Vintage David White Surveyor Scope With Level And Tripod
Vintage 1940s Wild Heerbrugg Theodolite Nt2 No 12146