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Vintage Germanium Transistor

100x Vintage Transistor Pnp Npn Germanium Op Amp Sylvania Rca Ge 2n Ecg - Lot
Lot Of 6 Vintage Rca 2n1605 Metal Can Germanium Npn Transistors - Nos
40x 2n501 Vintage Germanium Transistors Fuzz Pedal Lot
Transistor Vintage Germanium Sprague Ma-4 Nos Qty4
2n2048 Vintage Philco Pnp Germanium Transistor Nos In Original Package To-9
Vintage Germanium Transistors  For Mkii Iii Sola Tonebender. Oc71 X2
Vintage Elm127 Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte127 Ecg127 - Nos By Elmira
2n404 Vintage General Inst. Pnp Germanium Alloy Transistor Nos Gold Leads
Sft306 Vintage Germanium Transistors Pnp 18v Oc44n 2n2614 20pcs
2n1308 Germanium Transistor To-5 Short Gold Leads Ti Vintage Rare
2pcs Ac128 Vintage Germanium Transistors New Shipp. Eu Guitar Fuzz
2n1358 Pnp Vintage Germanium High Power Transistor Ecg 105
Vintage 2n502a Philco Pnp Germanium Mesa Transistor To-9. Gold Leads Rare
Mp20a Vintage Russian Germanium Pnp Transistors 20v Hfe50...150 20pcs
2n123 Vintage Ge Pnp Germanium Transistor In Original Packaging
Vintage Germanium Transistors Type 2n358 3pc
1 Vintage Clevite Transistor Products Ctp7132 80v 2a Germanium Power Transistor
2n404 Germanium Pnp Transistor Vintage 1963 Nos Radios Fuzz Pedals
5 Vintage N.o.s. Rca 2n269 Germanium Pnp Transistors
Nos Vintage Ge 2n1183 Germanium Transistor 1974 Guaranteed Quantity Available
4pcs Vintage 2n1303 Germanium Pnp Transistor Texas Inst.
Vtg Ti N573 Texas Instruments Germanium Gold Leg Leads Fuzz Box 3 Transistors
Rare Vintage H4a Honeywell Germanium Power Transistor In Original Box Nib 2n57
2 Pieces 2n1358 Pnp Vintage Germanium High Power Transistor Ecg 105
12 Each Vintage New 2n277 Germanium Pnp High Power Silicon Transistor Mixed Mfrs
1pc. 2n1332 Vintage Germanium Power Transistor
Lot Of 2 Vintage Raytheon Germanium Junction Transistor Ck721
Nae Af186 Germanium Vintage Transistor New Lot Quantity-2
Vintage Sp 2n1224 Low Power Pnp Germanium Transistor 4 Leads 40v 10ma
Vintage Motorola Germanium Transistors 2n697 2n1414 2b1711 Nos New Old Stock
2 Vintage 2n1535 Germanium Power Transistors
Vintage Motorola 2n2081 Germanium Power Transistor 6-44 Gold Backing
Sft306 Vintage Germanium Transistors Pnp 18v Oc44n 2n2614
Vintage Elm105 Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte105 Ecg105 - Nos By Elmira
Vintage Tung Sol Et-3 Germanium Pnp Transistor Nos Nib
Motorola 2n1530 Vintage Germanium Transistor Gold Leads
Vintage Elm131 Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte131 Ecg131 - Nos By Elmira
1 Vintage Sylvania 2n385 Npn Germanium Transistor To-5 Package
2 Vintage Rca 2n269 Germanium Pnp Transistors
Vintage Elm131mp Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte131mp Ecg131mp - Nos Elmira
Vintage Elm104 Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte104 Ecg104 - Nos By Elmira
Vintage Cbs Hytron 2n158 Germanium Pnp Transistor
Vintage Elm104mp Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte104mp Ecg104mp - Nos Elmira
30pcs Gold Lead Vintage Germanium Transistors Ti 2n1306
Western Electric 9a Germanium Pnp Transistor Vintage 1961 Rare
Tung-sol 2n379 Blue Vintage Germanium Transistor
Sylvania 2n102 Germanium Power Transistor Extremely Rare Vintage Collectible
Rca 2n544 Vintage Germanium Transistor
2n274 Germanium Transistor S Logo Tin Leads Vintage 1979 Package Collectible
2 Vintage Philco 2n599 Bipolar Germanium Pnp Transistors Modified To-5
Vintage 2n1263 Germanium Transistor Pnp Nnb
Vintage Germanium Transistors Type 2n358a 3pc
Cbs 2n158 2n158a Germanium Pnp Vintage Power Transistor New
Vintage Elm100 Germanium Transistor - Same As Nte100 Ecg100 - Nos By Elmira
3 Vintage Sylvania 2n1323 Germanium Power Transistors
Rca 2n1397 Vintage Germanium Transistor
10 Vintage Texas Instruments 2n1408 Germanium Rf-if Transistors
Vintage Ge-1 Pnp Germanium Transistor New In Original Packaging
2 Vintage Etc 2n555 Germanium Power Transistors
Vintage Germanium Transistors Ecg123a 2n4221 2n4391 2 Everything Shown
4pcs Vintage 2n1303 Germanium Npn Transistor Texas Inst.
Vintage P6460037 Nte102 Power Output Pnp Germanium Transistor 25v Gold Leads
Vintage Delco Gm Dtg-600 Germanium Transistor 1973 W Heat Sink Guaranteed
2 Texas Instruments 2n1195 Vintage Germanium Transistors Gold Leads Usa Nos
Vintage 2n1136b Germanium Transistor Nos
Ct 2n379 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Transistor Vintage 2n43a Etco Germanium Pnp Fuzz Box
Vintage 2n2635 To-18 Germanium Transistor Amr
2n1302 Npn Germanium Transistor To-5 Long Gold Leads Ti Vintage Collectible
Vintage 2n326 Germanium Power Transistor
Unbranded 2n1533 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Motorola 2n1544 Vintage Germanium Transistor Gold Leads
Bendix 2n513 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Tungsram Asz1016 Dc Na Vintage Germanium Transistor New Quantity-2
Bendix 2n1138 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Electronic Transistors 2n513 Vintage Germanium Transistor
One Vintage Tcg158 Sk3004 G53 Pnp Germanium Audio Transistor Nip
Vintage Motorola Pnp Mil Jan2n652a Pnp Germanium Military Transistor To-5 30v
Mws 2n268 Germanium Vintage Pnp Power Transistor
Motorola 2n1711 Vintage Germanium Transistor Short Leads
2n1308 Germanium Transistor To-5 Long Gold Leads Ti Etco Vintage Collectible
Rca 2n1183b Vintage Germanium Transistor
Solitron 2n647 Standard Vintage Germanium Transistor
Spc 2n1701 Vintage Germanium Top-hat Transistor
Vintage Military-spec Germanium Transistor Pnp To-40 50ma New Quantity-1
Rca 2n582 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Gpd 2n1183b Vintage Germanium Transistor
Unknown 2n1184a Vintage Germanium Transistor
Rca 2n1184a Vintage Germanium Transistor
Ct 2n1136a Vintage Germanium Power Transistor
Mws 2n1138a Vintage Germanium Transistor
Mws 2n1136a Vintage Germanium Power Transistor
Vintage 2n328a Germanium Top-hat Power Transistor
Jan2n526 Ge 2n526 Germanium Transistor Black To-5 Vintage 1974 Collectible
Tung-sol 2n379 Standard Vintage Germanium Transistor
Itt 2n456 Vintage Germanium Transistor
Rare Vintage 2n1529 To-3 Germanium Transistor Amr
Bendix 2n1032a Vintage Germanium Transistor
Solitron 2n383 Standard Germanium Vintage Power Transistor
2n596 Ti Nte101 Germanium Transistor To-5 Long Gold Leads Vintage Collectible