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Vintage Calipers

Vintage Machinist Tool Caliper Tumico Model 75-6 6 Inside Outside
6 Vintage Craftsman Vernier Caliper Made In Germany
Vintage L.s. Starrett 1025 6in Stainless Steel Slide Caliper
Vintage Companion 5 No. 9-4022 Dial Caliper Precision Micrometer - Made In Usa
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co 3 Outside Caliper Athol Mass Machinist Tool
Vintage Starrett Inside Calipers
Vintage Inox Helios Stainless Vernier Caliper 6 Made In Germany J62
Vintage Brass Divider Calipers 5
Vintage Dunlap No 9-40251 Improved Vernier Caliper Made In Usa In Original Box
Vintage Insideoutside Steel Friction Joint Machinist Calipers.
Vintage Brown Sharpe Inside Outside Vernier 13 Caliper No. 570 Machinist Tool
4 Vintage M.t. Co. Steel Machine Wedges 3 Long Machinist Tool
Vintage Craftsman 40257 Hardened Vernier Caliper W Box And Case Collectible
Vintage The L.s. Starrett Co. No. 1025 Stainless 6 Slide Caliper
Hermaphrodite 12 Firm Joint Calipers Vintage Union Tool Co 19 Usa Made
Vintage Brown And Sharpe 570 7 Vernier Caliper With Case Machinist Tool
Vintage General 729 Pocket Caliper 5
Vintage Lufkin Rule Co. 11 Span Spring Caliper Divider Compass Inside Out
Starrett 425 Vintage Steel Pocket Slide Caliper 5 Inside Outside Compact. Nice
Vintage Craftsman Machinist 6 Inside Caliper Divider Transfer. Nos
Brown Sharpe 1 Micrometer Outside Caliper Tool Machine Metal Shop Vintage Used
Vintage General Mg Calipers With Original Wood Case
Vintage Matuidoki Company 6 Caliper Matui Made In Japan
Vintage L.s. Starrett 274 Toolmakers 4 Inside Caliper Nos
Vintage Browne Sharpe Manufacturing Co Micrometer Caliper 5-6
The Central Tool Co. 4 Brass Caliper Made In Germany With Vinyl Case Vintage
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. Outside Caliper 12-12 Long
Vintage Mg Tool.co Dial Caliper Made In Sweden
Moore Wright Lot Inside Outside Caliper 6 Antique Vintage Tool England
Vtg. Brown Sharpe 6 Inside Calipers  Pat. Oct. 5 1897
Outside Divider Vintage Calipers - Machinist Die Maker Tools See Pictures
Vintage Glogau Co. Chicago Vernier Caliper No 127-516good Condition
Vintage L.s. Starrett Outside Caliper 10
Vintage Brown Sharpe Hermaphrodite Caliper Divider No 835
Mixed Lot Vtg. Machinist Tools Outside Calipers Dividers General Usa Others
Vintage 1940s Lufkin No. 141 Toolmakers Outside Spring Caliper 3 Inch Usa Rare
Vintage Machinist Firm Joint Hermaphrodite Outside Calipers 2 - Lot Of 3
Vintage Starrett No. 36 - 10 Lock Joint Transfer Type Outside Calipers
Helios 12 Inch Vernier Caliper Vintage Made In Germany - Insideoutside Stainles
Vtg Craftsman 40257 Stainless Steel Caliper W Vinyl Case Collectible Euc
Vtg. 6 Combination Inside Calipers And Dividers
Vintage Union Tool Co.outside Caliper 12
Vintage 8 Slide Caliper Laco Made In Germany With Case Standard Hart
Vintage Brown Sharpe Caliper No. 577 Stainless Tempered Swiss Made 7 Wbox
Vintage Starrett No. 122 Vernier Caliper With Wooden Case
Vintage L.s. Starrett Inside Caliper 3 14 Long
Vintage Calipers 8 Inch- Rare Maker - Welles
Vintage Original Brown Sharpe 814 Outside Spring Caliper
Vintage Ls Starrett Outside Calipers 3-34
Vintage Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 0-25cm 0-9in 11000 Inch 1128 In.- Used
Lot Of 3 Small Vintage Spring Type Calipers
Vintage Ls Starrett Calipers Dividers 4 Adjustable Leg Length
Vintage Outside Caliper
Vintage Starrett Outside Calipers 0 - 3-12 Capacity Pat. June 211888 Usa
5 Assorted Vintage Calipers General Us Athol Etc From Vintage Machinist Tool Box
Vintage Waltham 5 Slide Caliper - Made In Germany
Vintage Caliper General Usa Outside 4 Inch Machinist Drafting Tool
Vintage Scherr Tumico Caliper No. 16 0170 Made In Usa With Wooden Case
Vintage Starrett Outside Calipers 7 Inch
Vintage Starrett Inside Calipers 4 Inch
5 Assorted Vintage Calipers1 Starrett 1 Japanese From Vintage Machinist Tool Box
Vintage Union Tool Lot Inside Outside Calipers Dividers Depth Gage Usa Made
Vintage Pocket Chum - Caliper - Empire - Brass - Very Nice Collectible - Look -
Vintage Starrett No. 79a-4 Outside Caliper 4 Inch Orig Box 79a4
Vintage Omega  Caliper Metric Inches  Original Stainless Steel  Spain
Vintage Starrett No. 122 Vernier Caliper With Wooden Case Machinist Tool
Vintage Ls Starrett Outside Calipers 4-34
Vintage Slide Caliper Machinist Drafting Measuring Tool Made In Spain
Vintage Machinist Calipers Lot Of 3 Brown Sharpe 810811812
Scherr Tumico 1 Micrometer Outside Caliper Tool Metal Shop Machine Vintage Used
Vintage Calipers 7 14 Long
Vintage Sme Vernier Caliper 0-150mm 6 Mfg. Shanghai China
Vintage Measuring Caliper Compass 4 Pieces
Hermaphrodite Calipers Vintage Nice Union Tool Co. 4 Machinist Calipers Usa
General 4 Caliper No.729 Stainless Vintage Original
Vintage Sawyer Calipers Inside Antique Old
Vintage Pocket Size Caliper - No Brand Pat. Pending. 5
Kanon Bestool 12 Caliper .001 Japan Hardened Stainless Original Box Vintage
Vintage Caliper Micrometer Measurement Metalworking Tool
Antique Vintage Tesa Vernier Calipers Gauge Tool Swiss Made In Box
Calipers Goodell Pratt Vintage 6 Outside Machinist Calipers Made In Usa
Very Rare Vintage Fritz Wagener Vernier Caliper
Vintage Outside Calipers Inspection Layout Machinist Tool 7 Tall Usa
Vintage Central Tool 206 0-6 Vernier Caliper W Box Instructions
Vintage Large Metal Calipers Wood Lathe Metalsmithing Blacksmith 13 Inch Tall
Vintage Union Tools Inside Calipers 7 Inch Made In The Usa. Orange Ma.
Vintage Mauser 9vernier Caliper Inv27049
Vintage Toolmakersdividers Dietzgen Germany Calipers Iron Antique
Vintage Glogau Co. Chicago Vernier Caliper Gauge Gage With Box Made In Germany
Mitutoyo Vintage Long Jaw Dial Caliper
Vintage General Tools Calipers No. 721  Very Good Condition
Vintage Rico 20 Degree C Caliper Measurement Measuring Metalworking Tool W Case
Outside Calipers Vintage Outside Calipers Opens To 3 X 3 Long U.s.a.
Vintage Snap-on Tools Mcal6 Blue Point Electronicdigital Caliper 0-150mm
Vintage Machinist Calipers - Set Of Three
Vintage Starrett No. 28 Micrometer Caliper Square 6 In Original Case Machinist
Vintage Wa Wright Outside Calipers 7
6 Vintage Gauge Vernier Caliper Stainless Steel Micrometer Made Czechoslovakia
Vintage Hempe 4 Brass Caliper Slide Rule Made In Germany - Excellent Condition
Vintage Brown Sharpe Dial Caliper 599-579-3w Box