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Vertex Low Band

Vertex Lvx-6000l Low Band Vhf Transceiver
Vertex Vx-4000l Low Band Mobile Radio W Vertex Standard Mic Microphone Mh-25b7
New Vertexstandard Vx-5500 Lowband 37-50 Mhz 70 Watt 250 Channel Two Way
New Vertexstandard Vx-6000 Lowband 37-50 Mhz 120 Watt 250 Channel Radio
Vertex Vx500 Lx Portable 5 Watt Low Band Vhf Radio 38-50 Mhz 6m Ham Scan Display
New Vertexstandard Vx-5500 Lowband 29.7-37 Mhz 70 Watt 250 Channel Two Way