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Variable Capacitor

Broadcast Gang Single Unit Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor 12-365pf 250m Us
In Us 2 Section Air Variable Tuning Capacitor 12-495 Pf Tube Am Radio Cap Rare
10 Pack 110-580pf Variable Capacitor 100-271
150pf Small Air Variable Capacitor Apc Type Great For Qrp Projects
Broadcast Dual Gang Dual-unit Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor 365365pf Us
Wide Range - 400pf Vintage Variable Capacitor Crystal Am Transistor Radio Tuning
Nos Ww2 Vintage Air Variable Capacitor 6-35 Pf Unused Qrp Radio
Vintage Ganged 4-section 400pf Air Variable Capacitor
Monster Range - 590pf Pv Variable Capacitor Transistor Crystal Radio Cap W Knob
Alps Japan Variable Capacitor 20 - 320pf Nos New Old Stock
Dc 12-365pf 250m 200v Single Joint Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor Us
1pc Broadcast Dual Gang Dual-unit Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor 365365pf
Comet Vacuum Variable Capacitor Insulated Dog Bone Shaft Coupler 14 Hex Drive
Variable Capacitors 150 Pf Screw Driver Adjust Ham Radio
3 Ea 429 Trimmer Variable Compression Mica Capacitor 115-400 Pf Type 42
100 Of Variable Capacitor 6.8 To 45pf Trimmer By Murata Tz03p450fr169
45 Pcs 9 Values Trimmer Capacitor Kit Assorted Adjustable Variable Capacitors
10x Air Variable Trimmer Capacitor 1.4 To 9.2 Pf 650v Original Box 10x1.5p Free
Toyo - Air Dielectric Variable Capacitors Smd447137 - New In Box
Variable Adjustable Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 10-75pf - You Get 5 Pieces
Alps Air Variable Capacitor For Fm Am Sw Crystal Radio Antenna Tuner Ham Radio
Mini 2 Gang Poly-film Variable Tuning Capacitor For Am Band 15-140pf10-60pf
Jfd Vc7g Glass Piston Variable Trimmer Capacitor Qty 2
5 Pack 20-50pf Variable Capacitor 100-892
Lot Of 1 Piece Kp Variable Vacuum Capacitor 4-1000pf 5kv-25kv Nos See Variations
Tested Am Fm 4 Section Pv Tuning Variable Capacitor Transistor Radio Cap W Knob
Lo-cost H.qual 2 Section Variable Air Capacitor Vacuum Tube Am Radio W Trimmers
140 Pf Air Variable Capacitor Tarzian Ct1-b140g
Lot 15 Pcs 3.5-13 Pf - New - Variable Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors From Usa
Variable Cap 3.5-10pf Air Dielectric.
10 Pack 2-8pf Variable Capacitor 100-305
Tstd Dual 2 Section Variable Air Tuning Capacitor Vacuum Tube Am Radio Nos Cap
Two Pcs - Variable Tuning Pv Capacitor Am Transistor Radio 2 Section Cap W Knob
Single Unit Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor With Knob Hat 12pf To 365pf
Mixed Lot Of Variable Air Tuning Capacitors
In Us Vacuum Variable Capacitor Kp1-8 5-250 Pf 5 Kv High-voltage Ussr
New - Triple 365pf 3 Section Variable Air Tuning Capacitor Crystal Tube Am Radio
Vtg Variable Air Fine Tuning Capacitors Coil Ham Radio Crystal Pot Inductor 7751
10 Pack 3-13pf Variable Capacitor 100-258
New Fm Am Quadruple Air Medium Variable Capacitor Cb-4 360x2 26x2 Pf
12-180pf Dielectric Variable Capacitor-100v-15 Plates-pc Mount-bysprague Goodman
2pcs 223f Style Dual 20pf Variable Capacitor For Fm Ra B Vf
2 Section Variable Air Tuning Capacitor Aa5 Tube Am Radio Nos
Jennings Ecs30 268-28 10kv Vacuum Variable Capacitor.
Hi-val Dual Mini 2 Section Variable Air Tuning Capacitor Tube Am Radio Cap Rare
Variable Capacitors 5 Pf 14 Inch Shaft Ham Radio
Tested Triple 3 Gang Section Variable Air Capacitor Tube Radio Vintage Tuner Cap
3 Vintage Philco 2 Section Variable Capacitors Nos
Hammarlund Amateur Ham Radio Cap Silver Plated 2 Section Variable Air Capacitor
Rare - Am Dial Knob Miniature Variable Tuning Pv Capacitor Transistor Radio Cap
Meivac Scv-7.55 Hv Variable Vacuum Capacitor Peak Voltage 7.5kv-500pf Warranty
Vernier Multiturn 3 Section Variable Air Capacitor Tube Radio Vintage Condenser
Cardwell Type C Air Variable Dual Gang Capacitor 7-21-25 Ham Radio Amp Tuner
20 Trimmer Capacitor Ceramic Variable Trim Cap 20 Pcs Per Lot Radio  H1
Variable Cap 10-60pf Mylar Variable Cap Pc Mount. Lot Of 1 5 Or 10.
Johnson 158-6-1 Air Variable Capacitor
Hammarlund Vicking Variable Capacitor Part 20-37108-2 Nsn 5910-00-110-3217
Capacitor Bank - Sv-r 240v Sgl Phase - Variable Value Pfc Grade
Variable Cap 9-35pf Ceramic Cap Lot Of 1 5 Or 10
Vintage Muliturn 4-section Variable Capacitor
Ef Johnson 160-203 Miniature Butterfly Variable Capacitor 1.5-3.1pf Nos
1pc Hammerlund Apcib040 5-40pf Air Variable Capacitor
Meiden 12100014-01 Uw Series Variable Vacuum Capacitor
10 Pack 6-25pf Variable Capacitor 100-307
10 Pack 12-25pf Variable Capacitor 100-612
5 Pcs 224pf 4-linear Pcb Trimmer Tuning Variable Adjustable Capacitors For Radio
New Comet Variable Vacuum Capacitor 200 2000pf 8kv 4 8kv Rf Match Ham Radio
Broadcast Gang Single Unit Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor Cb-2x-250290 Pf
3.1 Pf To 31.9 Pf Air Variable Capacitor - E. F. Johnson 160-130-62
Nos Ef Johnson Variable Capacitor 12-244 Mmf
Jennings Radio Ucsx 1000 Variable Capacitor High Voltage 12000 Volts
4 12180 Pf Variable Capacitors Adjustment Types 2-topbottom And 2-side
Variable Cap 5-80pf Mica Trimmer Lot Of 1 Or 5.
High Voltage Dolinko Wilkens Variable Vacuum Capacitor V V C 500-42-10
Cv11d450 Ceramic Dielectric Variable Capacitor Lot Of 4
Jennings Radio Glass Vacuum Variable Capacitor Ecs-8-10kv Ecs 8 Mount Base Screw
Sprauge Goodman Variable Capacitor Pc38q9r5 Nsn 5910-01-023-8082
Variable Capacitor
Variable Capacitors- Itt Jennings
Jennings Csv4-1400-0203 14-1400pf 31.8 Kv Variable Vacuum Capacitor
Variable Capacitors 100 Pf 14 Inch Shaft Ham Radio