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Used Centrifuge

Statspin Express 2 Centrifuge
1220ml Electric Benchtop Centrifuge Lab Medical Practice 4000rpm Widely Used Bh
Fisher Scientific Mini Centrifuge 05-090-100 W Power Cable
Quality Harvest Smartprep Medical Centrifuge For Blood Platelet Mixing
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sorvall Legend X1r 75004261 Refrigerated Centrifuge
Hermle Labortechnik Labnet Z-206-a Centrifuge 120vac Lightly Used
Allied Fisher Scientific 59a Micro-centrifuge - Tested Working
Tested Beckman Coulter Allegra 21r 5500rpm Centrifuge With Rotor Buckets 367570
Clay Adams Dynac 0101 Centrifuge W 8 Place Swing Rotor 4 Tubes
Harvest Smart Rep 2 Centrifuge
Harvest Smp2-115 Medical Patient Centrifuge For Blood Platelet Mixing
Emcyte Centrifuge Executive Series 2 For Sale
Bd Clay Adams Triac Combination Centrifuge 420200
Vwr Clinical 200 Centrifuge 6000rpm 120v Without Rotor Thermo Fisher Scientific
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702r Refrigerated With Rotor And Warranty See Video
Unico Powerspin C806 Centrifuge 148882
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415 C With Rotor F-45-18-11
Iec Centrifuge 120 V 2.5a 60hz Hn-sii
Sorvall T 6000d Used Centrifuge With Rotor And 4 Buckets
Thermo Scientific Sorvall St16 Centrifuge 2014 Good Condition 75003629 Rotor
Sorvall Rc-5c Plus Centrifuge With Sla-1500 High Capacity Rotor - Working Read
Eppendorf T-60-11 Centrifuge Drum Rotor With Lid Used With 5804 Or 5810
Baxter Dade Immufuge Ii Cell Washing Centrifuge
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702 Working
Spectrafuge 16m Labnet Centrifuge
Thermo Micromax Rf Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Centrifuge Iec 24 Position Used
Labcorp Horizon 643 Horizontal Seperation Centrifuge
2016 Eppendorf 5430 Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Roche Biomedical Model 0171 Analytical Centrifuge For Medical Laboratory Work
Eppendorf 5702 Centrifuge Nib Never Used Ref. 39105
Used Clover Lab. Micro Centrifuge Model Sd110 6000 Rpm
Thermo Electron Multifuge 3s Plus Centrifuge With Rotor Buckets And Inserts
Eppendorf 5804r Refrigerated Benchtop Laboratory Centrifuge - No Rotor
Beckman J2-21 Centrifuge Cleaned And Tested
Used Clover Lab. Micro Centrifuge Model Sd110 6000 Rpm
Clay Adams Autocrit Ultra 3 Micro-hematocrit Centrifuge 420575.
Thermo Sorvall Legend T Benchtop Centrifuge With Warranty
Eppendorf 5427r Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
2016 Eppendorf 5430 Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804 Wrotor A-4-44 Used Great Shape
Jouan Rc10-10 Heated Centrifuge W Rotor  Rc1010
Electric Lab Centrifuge Machine Used To Separate Suspension Of Solid Particles
Sorvall Legend Rt Benchtop Centrifuge W Loads Of Extras Temp Control Too
Shandon Cytospin 3 Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Eppendorf 5424r Refrigerated Centrifuge W Fa-45-24-11 Rotor Lid Warranty
Thermo Sorvall St16r Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Eppendorf 5415r Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Hermle Z 300 Universal Centrifuge Used In Working Condition
Centrifuge Refrigerated Sorvall Supersp Rc2-b
Eppendorf T-60-11 Drum Rotor For The 5810r Or 5804r Centrifuge
Eppendorf 5804r Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge W Fa-45-30-11 Rotor 14000 Rpm
Clay Adams Sero- Fuge Ii Centrifuge Mr13
Sorvall Legend Rt Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge With Rotor And Warranty
Beckman J2-hc Super-speed High-capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge
Fisher Scientific Accuspin 24c Clinical Centrifuge With Warranty
Eppendorf 5430 Laboratory Tabletop Centrifuge
Beckman J2-hc Centrifuge
Evodos 10 Centrifuge Used Very Nice
Eppendorf 5810 R Refrigerated Centrifuge No Rotor
Beckman Spinchron Kr Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge W Gh 3.7 Rotor Inserts
Bd Clay Adams Triac Combination Centrifuge 420200
Sorvall Rc-5c Refrigerated Superspeed Floor Centrifuge 20000 Rpm
Thermo Scientific St 40 Benchtop Centrifuge W Swing Bucket Rotor 750ml Bottles
Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend X1 Centrifuge W Rotor
700 Mm Rousselet Basket Centrifuge Ss Model Sc70-3
Unico Powerspin Lx C856 Centrifuge
Roche Lightcycler Centrifuge Adapters 1 909 312 1-909-312 Excellent Condition
Hettich Rotanta 460 Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Beckman Allegra X-14 Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Eppendorf Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge 5702r Rotor Buckets Read
Eppendorf Vacufuge Vacuum Heated Tabletop Centrifuge W Rotor Model 5301
Beckman Avanti J-25 Refrigerated Centrifuge -20c With 17000rpm Ja-17 Rotor
Vwr Galaxy Mini Centrifuge
Forma Scientific 5681 Benchtop Centrifuge 201501
Beckman Microfuge E Centrifuge - Fully Functional
Eppendorf 5417r Refrigerated Centrifuge Rotor F45-30-11 Lid Tested And Working
Sorvall Discovery 90 Ultra-speed Centrifuge Up To 90000 Rpm With T-1270 Rotor
Dupont Sorvall Rc5c Plus Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge For Parts Only
Du Pont Sorvall Benchtop Centrifuge Model Glc-2bla Glc2b W Hl4 Swing Rotor
Eppendorf Refrigerated Centrifuge 5804 Rotor A-2-dwp
Eppendorf 5424r Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Eppendorf 5810r Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge W A-4-62 Rotor Buckets
Cepa-schnell - New Brunswick Scientific - Continuous Flow Centrifuge Model Gle
Sorvall Legend Rt Quick-set Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge W Rotor Kendro
Alfa Laval Alfapure 2000 Centrifuge Separator
Warranty Beckman Coulter Allegra X-30 Centrifuge Sx4400 Rotor
International Equipment Company Centra-hn Centrifuge R888
Labnet Prism R Refrigerated Centrifuge With 24 Place Rotor For 1.5ml Tubes
Labconco Centrivap Concentrator Heated Vaccum Centrifuge
Sorvall Legend Rt Refrigerated Centrifuge With Warranty See Video
Unico C816 Powerspin Vx Variable Speed Centrifuge 211202
Heraeus Biofuge 13 Microcentrifuge 13000 Centrifuge
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415 R With Rotor F-45-24-11
Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Mach 1.6 Tabletop Centrifuge
Clay Adams Ct-2900 Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge Tested Working
Microhematocrit Capillary Centrifuge Iec Micro-mb Centrifuge
Sorvall Biofuge Stratos Refrigerated Centrifuge With Heraeus 3332 Rotor
Jouan Cr 4-22 Refrigerated Centrifuge With Rotor And Adapters
Warranty Eppendorf Refrigerated Centrifuge 5810r No Rotor