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Terrasat 80w Ku-band Ibuc Ibuc140145-04080 Terrasat Power Supply Psui-948-1200
Terrasat 25w C-band Buc Intelligent Block Upconverter Ibuc058064-148025c
Terrasat 16w Ku-band Ibuc
Terrasat 8w Ibuc 140145-048008 14-14.6ghz
Terrasat Ibuc Intelligent Block Upconverter Ibuc079084 -048025 7.0 - 8.4ghz 25w
New Terrasat Communication Intelligent Block Up Converter Ibuc140145-0ac008
Terrasat Muc5865-045 Block Upconverter
Terrasat Mc Cable For Buc - Amphenol Connector Pt06e-14-19p And Ethernet 50ft
Terrasat Muc5865-043 Block Upconverter
Terrasat Muc140145-039 Block Upconverter
Terrasat Muc5865-04-12v Block Upconverter
New Terrasat C-band Ibuc058066-149020 L-band 10mhz 5.850-6.650ghz Ibuc058066
Terrasat Rf Mixer Transceiver Mtr7477-02lb
Terrasat Comunication Rf Microwave Module Mtr7785-023 8.029-8.5ghz
Terrasat Microwave Ed-0278-4 Power Amplifier Transmitter 6.4-7.1ghz 6w Rf
Terrasat Microwave Ed-0128-7 Power Amplifier Transmitter 12.750-13.25ghz
Terrasat Rf Mixer Transceiver Ed-0129-4 14.5-15.35ghz Mtr145154-021 Wr62
Terrasat Power Amplifiers 14.400-15.355ghz Pa1029-24-050 397-015001-001
Terrasat Pa5336-13-058 Ed-0278-3 Microwave Mdc6471-035 Ed-0280-1 Rf Mixer
Terrasat Rf Microwave Rx Tx Mixer Transceiver 17.70- 19.70ghz Ed-0053-01
Terrasat Microwave 6.4 - 7.1 Ghz Rx Rf Mixer Sma Ed-0280-1 Mdc6471-035
Terrasat Rf Microwave 7.7- 8.5 Ghz Transmitter Power Amplifier Ed-0197-9
Terrasat Ed-0128-8 Rf Mixer Transceiver 12.75-13.25ghz
Terrasat Microwave Rf Mixer Transceiver Ed-0129-7 14.5-15.35 Ghz Wr62 Sma
Terrasat Pa4934-15-060 7.70-8.50ghz Microwave Ed-0197-5 Rf Mixer
Terrasat Pa4834-15-056 7.70-8.50ghz Microwave Ed-0197-0 Rf Mixer
Ceragon Ed-0129-7 Terrasat Rf Microwave 14.5-15.35ghz Mixer Transceiver Wr62 Sma
Terrasat Ed-0053-1 Rf Microwave Mtr177197-021 Mixer Transceiver 17.70-19.70ghz
Ceragon Ed-0129-7 Terrasat Rf Microwave 14.5-15.35ghz Mixer Transceiver