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Starrett 0-6 Max Range 6 Blade Mechanical Depth Micrometer No. 449
Starrett No. 440-a Depth Gauge Set Starrett Wood Case Vintage
Vintage Starrett Last Word Dial Indicator No 711 Lot W Case
Starrett 798b-6150 Digital Caliper
Machinist Tool Lot Micrometers Calipers Gauges Brown Sharpe Starrett
L.s.starrett Edge Finder 827a New In Box
Starrett Surface Gage Model 56
Vintage L. S. Starrett Co. No. 231 Micrometer Caliper
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer Set No 124b W Case - 2-12 Inches
Starrett 6 Precision Square No. 20
Starrett 25-441 Dial Indicator Jeweled .001
Starrett 4pc. 12 In.combination Square Set With 12 Rule
Starrett Flushreading Vernier Height Gage Model 255 -14 No. 255 14 Inch Wbox
Starrett No. 25-341-j 2 Dial Indicator
Starrett Case Hardened Colored Base Surface Gage 18-12 Spindle
Starrett 604r-6 Spring-tempered Steel Rule With Double Hook Inch Graduations
Starrett 98-6 Machinists Level With Ground And Graduated Vial 6 Length
Starrett 4 Piece Combination Square W 18 Rule Protractor Center Finder
Starrett Last Word No.711 Dial Indicator With Original Case And More
Very Nice Starrett T232rl 12 Micrometer .0001
Starrett Stainless Steel Radius Gage Set No. S167c
Starrett 2600-4 Electronic Indicator Usa
Nice Starrett 436 2-3.0001 Carbide Outside Micrometer With Std Case.
Very Nice Vintage Starrett No. 20 Solid Square 6
Nice Starrett No. 490 Protractor Head
Starrett 449 Blade Depth Micrometer 0-3 No Engraving 2.5 Base - Nice
Starrett 4 Piece Outside Micrometer Set 0-4 436 3 Sets Available
Starrett Yankee Divider 83b-6  New In Original Box
Starrett No. S579h Set Of Six Telescoping Gages Bore Gages
Starrett 196b1 Universal Dial Indicator Back Plunger
Starrett Co. Contact Points No. 25r Complete Unused But No Box.
Starrett 995 Universal Precision Gage Original Box Missing Some Parts
New Starrett 733xflz-4 Electronic Micrometer 3 - 4 Range
Starrett 26 Vernier Caliper No. 123 With Wood Storage Case
Starrett No.c391 Center Gage No.392 Center Gage Attachment. Made In The Usa.
Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage Box And Paper Work
Nice Starrett No. S 829 E Small Hole Gauges Set Of Four .125 - .500
Starrett Jack Screww Edp 50688 191a Machinist Tool
Vintage L. S. Starrett No 209 Outside Micrometer Measuring Tool Wcaseinstructs
Starrett No.22-c 59 Degree Drill Point Gage With No. 303 Tempered Steel Ruler
Starrett 711g Last Word Indicator Machinist Precision Tool
Starrett No 196 Dial Indicator Old Slide Top Box Vintage Tool Free Shipping
Starrett No. 120 Stainless Steel Dial Caliper 0 - 12 Made In Usa W Box
Starrett 4-5 Outside Micrometer 436
Nos Starrett 657b Deluxe Wooden Wood Case Only Magnetic Base Indicator Holder
Starrett 0-1 Blade Micrometer 486-1
Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Hardened Stainless Steel 0-6 Range 0.001
Starrett 440 Depth Micrometer 0-6 - 2.5 Base
Nos Starrett Dial Test Indicator Cat. No. 196 Wbox Paperwork
Starrett Outside Micrometer 436 3- 4 Lufkin No. 1915 1913
Vintage Starrett No. 203 1 Outside Micrometer
Starrett 1 Micrometer 436p
Starrett 12 Machinist Level No. 98-12
Starrett 12 Inside Caliper 27-12 3 New In Box
Starrett No. 436.1 1-2 Micrometer W Carbide Tips
Starrett No. 156 Metric Screw Pitch Gage
L2209- Vintage Starrett 18 Precision Machinists Level With Wood Box
Starrett No 13a Double Square With 4 Machinist 4r Rule With Original Box
Starrett No.c391 Center Gage
Vintage Starrett No. 246 Planer And Shaper Gagemade In Usa
Starrett No.14 Double Steel Square With Two 2 -12 Long Blades. Made In Usa.
New Starrett 0-6 Fractional Decimal Combination Dial Caliper 1202f-6
Starrett No. 129 Bench Block
L.s. Starrett Co. 8 Od Outside Calipers
Starrett No.230 0-1 Micrometer Carbide Face
Starrett Dial Indicator
Starrett No. 436 2-3 Vintage Micrometer
Starrett No. 463p Micrometer Head 12 Inch - Thousandths New In Box
Starrett 293 -rolling Mill Caliper Gage  - Edp 51325
6pcs Starrett Chrome Rule Cat. No. C331 In Sleaves
Starrett No. 210-a Screw Thread Comparator Micrometer
Starrett T1212rl Stainless Steel Micrometer Brand New
Starrett No. 734 1 Digital Mic
Starrett No. 812-1 Lever Type Indicator Gage Head
Nice Starrett 12 Inch No 98 Level With Ground Vial.great Condition.
Vintage Starrett Toolmakers Dividers 2-14
L.s. Starrett No.c604r 6 Long Spring-tempered Chrome Rule With 4r Graduation.
Vintage Starrett 457 Die Makers Square Machinist Tool
Starrett No. 711 F Last Word Dial Indicator Woriginal Case
Starrett 4r 4 Protractor Square Machinist Shop Tool
Starrett No.134 Cross Test Pocket Level And Plumb. Size 2 X 3. Usa Made
Starrett Magnetic Base With Starrett Indicator Connector- X Used Condition
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. Micrometer Depth Gauge Set W Case 10 Rods Up To 12
Starrett No.c19 Protractor Satin Chrome Round Head Toolmaker Machinist
Starrett No.263 1 Micrometer Head
Nice Starrett No. 436rl 0 - 1 Micrometer W Case Usa .0001 And Original Box
Starrett 220zz-2 Deluxe Case Only Wmfg Retail Box
Starrett No. 224 Micrometer Caliper Set Aa In Original Box
Vintage L.s.starrett 1 Inch Micrometer
Starrett S829e Small Hole Gage 4pc Set .125 To .500 Range In Case F4b7
Starrett Micrometer 436 1-2 Inch-in Original Case Nice
New Starrett 385-18 18 Steel Straight Edge Beveled No Grad 18 450mm 51456
Starrett Indicator 657 K04007925
Starrett No.823 Tubular Inside Micrometer
Starrett 185 Tap Drill Gage
Starrett No 436 Micrometer 1-2 Satin Chrome Excellent With Box
Starrett Combination Square Set No. 12 Inch
Starrett Machinist Shaper And Planer Gage