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New Starrett 269a Taper Gage .100 - .500 Range Nos Machinist
Starrett 436rl-3 Outside Micrometer 3 Inch
Vintage Ls Starrett Co Depth Micrometer No 440-a Original Box W Base
Starrett Dial Indicator No. 25-141 W Swivel Attachment .001 Machinist Lathe
Vintage Starrett Combination Square 12 No. 4 Grad Rule Center Finder Usa
2-3inc Starrett Micrometer
Starrett No.28 Grad 6 Combination Blade W Center Head
Starrett No.154 L Parrell Set Ec.
Starrett Tools 56-a Toolmakers Universal Surface Gage With Guide
Vintage Starrett Surface Gage Gauge
Starrett 1-2 Micrometer 226
Set Aa The Starrett Micrometer Caliper No 224 Automotive Vintage L.s. No.224
Starrett Kent Moore Dial Test Indicator J-8001-3
Starrett No.289c Height And Depth Gage Attachment Toolmaker Machinist
Starrett 13c Hardened Blade - Brand New Usa 61 Grooved
Starrett No. 224 Micrometer 0 To 4 With Case .
Vintage Starrett Dial Indicator 25-141s
Starrett Anvil Pin Micrometer No.220 1-2 Range
Starrett 569 Tube Tubing Wall Thickness Outside Micrometer 0 - 1
Starrett 671 Universal Indicator Attachment18 In 671
Starrett No. 124 Micrometer Head
Starrett 196b1 Universal Dial Indicator Back Plunger
New Starrett Pr-1224w Protractor Head In Box
Craftsman Dial Indicator Tool Set 9-3866 Orginal Case Starrett 936
Starrett New B12-4r Combination Square Blade Scale Rule American Made
Starrett 3-4 Inch Micrometer No 436p W Box - New Old Stock
Starrett Telescoping Gages Small Hole Mixed Lot
Starrett Micrometer No. 391 1 Standard Screwdrivers Wood Box
Starrett No.436 1 Micrometernice
L.s. Starrett No.440 Depth Micrometer Caliper W2 Rods And Wrench In Case
Starrett 599 Planer And Shaper Gage
Vintage Starrett Dial Indicator Tool Set In Original Box No 196a
Starrett T230xfl 0-1 Micrometer .0001 Graduations Carbide Faces Machinist
Starrett Last Word 711 Body Clamp Accessories 4 Ct.
Starrett 236ha Combination Steel Rule Depthangle Gage
Starrett Dial Indicator 0 To 0.250 25-141 New
Starrett Dial Indicator 25-141j Lug Back 0-0.25 Range 0.001 New
Starrett 224 6-12 Micrometer
Starrett 1-2 Od Micrometer No. 2 Machinist Tool Friction Thimble
Vintage Antique Starrett Caliper Set In Wooden Box Ci
Starrett Micrometer No. 220 Anvil Pin Ratchet 0-1
Vintage Starrett Outside Micrometer 226 2-3 Inches Made In Usa
Starrett No.14 Double Square With 2-12 Hardened 10 Blade
Starrett 4-5 Outside Micrometer 436 Lock Friction Thimble Carbide Anvil
Starrett Trammel Points Machinist Layout Steel Beam
Starrett No.20 3 Machinist Square
Starrett Inside Micrometer 124c. 8-32
Usa R811-5cz Starrett Dial Test Indicator With Swivel Head 811 811-5cz Red Face
Starrett No 711 Last Word
Starrett Machinist Level No. 133 15 Engineers And Plumber Inclinometer 3 Vials
Starrett No. 445 Depth Gauge Micrometer With 3 Rods Used
Vintage L.s. Starrett No. 12 Protractor Head Machinist Tool - Quality -usa Made
Starrett No.603 6 Long Hook Spring-tempered Steel Rule With 4r Graduation. Usa
Starrett No.2 1-2 Micrometer .0001 Carbide Face
Vintage Starrett Universal Dial Indicator Set Without Indicator Original Case
Starrett No. 569 Tube Micrometer In Box Good Condition
Starrett 910 Micrometer Case
Starrett Machinist Level No98 12 3 Bubble W Case
Starrett 1025-3 Stainless Steel Pocket Slide Caliper 3 Inch Nib
Starrett No.c604r 6 Spring-tempered Steel Rule With Satin Chrome Finish Usa New
Lot 4 Starrett 935120 Tools Nib
Starrett No. 267 Taper Gage Machinist
Nos In Package Starrett No C604re-6 6 Steel Rule 8ths 16ths 32nds 64ths
Vintage Starrett No.15 Steel Universal Bevel. Small Bevel Angle Tool. Usa Made
Starrett C604re-6 Spring-tempered Steel Rule With Inch Graduations
Starrett No. 644-441 Depth Dial Indicator .001 Usa With Case
Combination Square Starrett C33h-4-4r
Starrett 4 Pc. Combination Square - Complete Including Scribe
Starrett 156m 50589 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Vintage Nib Nos Starrett C391 60 Deg Center Gage - Hardware Store Closeout
Starrett Micrometer Caliper Set No. 224 Set Aa Range 0 To 4
Starrett No.22-c 59 Degree Drill Point Gage With No. 604r Tempered Steel Ruler
Set Of 5 Starrett Union Inside Outside Calipers
Starrett 3-4 And 1-2 Micrometer
Starrett 230 0-1 Micrometer
Starrett No. 995 Planer Gauge With Accessories Original Box
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.98 4 Precision Machinist Level With Box
Starrett Tools No. 436 Outside Micrometer 6- 7 .001 Friction Thimble
New Starrett 711gcsz Last Word Dial Indicator Set .001
Starrett 0-1 Hi-precision Mechanical Micrometer - .0001 - 221 Machinist Tool
Starrett Custom Trammel Points Made With Pin Vises Machinist Layout Steel Beam
Starrett Compass Scribe Speed Indicator Dividers Ruler Thickness Center Gauge
Starrett 222 Xrl-12 Sheet Metal Micrometer Carbide Faces Machinist
Starrett Depth Micrometer 445 W Wood Case 0-9 Gauge Tool Set
Starrett No. 436 5-6 Outside Micrometer .0001 Carbide Tip Wood Case Nice
Starrett C305r-6 Flexible Rule 6 Inch Scale 5r Graduations
Starrett Thread Pitch Micrometer 28-30 Tpi Screw Thread Pitch Model 575
Starrett Micrometer Head T468sp-2 Satin Chrome Nos Lower Z Limit Cnc Mill Use
Starrett 12 Inch Slotted Steel Rule - 4r Grad - Never Used
Starrett 12 Square Set C435-12-4r
Starrett 1010 Dial Indicator Pocket Gage Machinist Tool Vintage Class No.2 T.v.
Starrett Micrometer 230 In Box With Wrench 2d 1 Disc 247a Ball Attachment
Starrett No. 220 Mul-t-anvil Micrometer
Starrett C33h-12-4r Combination Square With Square Head
Starrett 721 6 Digital Calipers W0.0005 Precision Case New Batteries. Nice
Starrett No. S167 A Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel
Starrett No.6 Screw Pitch Gage 30 Folding Leaves 4 To 42 Tpi Range. Usa Made.
New Starrett Mechanical Outside Micrometer T436.1xrl-1