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Starrett Inside Micrometer Set 2-12 Vintage Machinist Tools
1-2 Starrett Od Micrometer
Starrett No. 449 Blade Depth Micrometer 0-6 .001 2 12 Base
Starrett No S579h Six Piece Telescoping Gage Set W Original Case Lightly Used
Starrett No. S229g Telescoping Gage Set
Starrett No 575 0-1 Thread Gage Micrometer Used
L.s. Starrett No.t436xrl 0-1 Inch .0001 Carbide Tipped Micrometer - New
Starrett 164b Clamp
Starrett 12 Combination Square Rulers  No. C434-1-2-4r C331 C309r C604re
Starrett C33h-12-4r 12 Combination Square With Square Head New
L. S. Starrett Precision Square Tool Steel 20-3 In Box
New Starrett 0-6 Fractional Dial Caliper 1202f-6
Starrett C305r-6 Flexible Rule 6 Inch Scale 5r Graduations
Vintage Starrett Last Word Indicator 711 - F . In Case
L. S. Starrett Precision Square Tool Steel 20-1 12 Newold Stock Edp50128
Starrett 239rl-4 3-4 Outside Heavy Duty Micrometer
Starrett No. 436-1in Micrometer In Case C-x
Starrett 164b-3 A  Clamp 2 Brand New In The Box
Starrett No. 57a Universal Surface Gage With 9 Spindle
Starrett No. 124-a Inside Micrometer 2-8 .001
Starrett No.226 1 - 2 Micrometer
Starrett 33h-12-4r Combination Square Tool Woriginal Box
Starrett No S167c Radius Gage Set
Vintage Starrett No.14 Toolmakers Double Square In Box.
Nos Starrett 466 Angle Gage Gauge In Box
Usa Made Starrett No.25-241 Dial Indicator - Mint Condition- Free Shipping
Starrett 436 1-2 Micrometer
6 Starrett Digital Caliper No. 721
Starrett 216-1 Digital Micrometer Used
Starrett Tool Blade Outside Micrometer Large Special Machinist Gauge Precision
Starrett No. 124-a Inside Micrometer
Starrett No. 25-118 Dial Indicator 2 Face
Outside Micrometer Starrett 436 3-4
Starrett Inside Micrometer
Starrett Center Finder Head
Starrett No. 711 Last Word Universal Test Indicator With Magnet Base
Starrett 440 Depth Micro Meter Machinist Tool
Starrett 577 Spherical Micrometer
Starrett No 436 1 - 2 Mechanical Outside Micrometer Loc2706a
Vintage L S Starrett Co. Micrometer No. 221 In Box Machinist Tool
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. 5 Pocket Slide Caliper No. 425-5
Starrett 657aa Magnetic Base Indicator Holder
Starrett 0-3 Inch Blade Depth Micrometer Set No 449 - Made In Usa
Starrett 4 Inch Long 4r Double Square 164 132 116 And 18 Inch Graduati...
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage
Rare 1940s Vintage Starrett Inside Bore Micrometer Gage 1.310 To 1.500 Inch
Starrett 120 Dial Caliper Stainless In Wood Case 12
Starrett Drive Pin Punches No. S 248 With Vinyl Case 5 Piece Set
Starrettgroove Micrometer Model No. 260
Starrett Cross Test Level No.134
Starrett No S579h Telescoping Gage Set W Original Case
Starrett 644 Indicator Depth Attachment
Starrett Surface Gage Model 56
Starrett Taper Gage No 270  Mr608
Starrett No. 98 8 Machinist Level -- Probably New
L.s. Starrett No. 436 1 - 2 Inch .0001 Outside Micrometer W. Wrench New In Box
L.s. Starrett Co. No. 230 Outside Micrometer.
Vintage Starrett 3 Spring Divider Round Leg Machinist Tool
New Starrett Universal Indicator Attachment 671 Machinist Tools 436 657 196 Mic
Starrett No.21 - 3 By 2 Square
Vintage Starrett Precession Machinist Level - Free Ship
Starrett New B12-4r Combination Square Blade Scale Rule American Made
Starrett No.700 Inside Micrometer
Starrett Vernier Height Gage 454
Starrett .0001 Inch Last Word Dial Indicator Set No. 711 W Case Attachments
New Starrett Pt22428 Swivel Post Snug With Dovetail Indicator Clamp
Starrett No. 448 Vernier Depth Gage 0-12 In And 0-6
Starrett 2-3 Inch Disk-flange Micrometer No 226 .0001 In Case With Standard
Starrett 196a1z Back Plunger Dial Test Indicator Set
Starrett No.c391 Center Gage No.392 Center Gage Attachment. Made In The Usa.
Starrett 196b1 Universal Dial Indicator Back Plunger
Starrett No.237 0-4 Rule Depth Gage
Vintage Starrett No.423 Small Tempered Steel Rule With Holder- Complete Set. Usa
Starrett 700a Vernier Inside Micrometer Caliper Type 0.200-1.2 Range 0.001
Starrett 0-1 Outside Mircrometer 436.rl-1 Machinist Tools Millwright 196 657
Starrett Micrometer Caliper 436 - 1 With Box
Starrett No.135a Pocket Level With Satin Nickel-plated Finish 2-12 Long. Usa
L S Starrett No. 196 Dial Indicator
Starrett 436 3-4 Outside Micrometer
Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Hardened Stainless Steel 0-6 Range 0.001
Starrett 226 3to 4 Outside Micrometer
L.s. Starrett 436 6 - 7 Outside Micrometer W Ratchet Stop Lock-nut Wrenches
Mint Starrett Depth Gage 440z-3rl. Set2
Electronic Micrometer 0-1 Starrett3732xfl-1
Starrett C604r 3 Tempered Satin Rule
Starrett 230rl 50935 Micrometer Exceptional Used Cond.
Starrett 436 Micrometer 2-3 Range Carbide Faces Ratchet Stop Lock Nut Free S
Vintage Starrett Inside Micrometer Set 2 - 12
Starrett No.56 Toolmakers Surface Gage 4 Spindle
Starrett No.2rl Micrometer
Starrett No 260 0 - 1 Groove Micrometer .001
Starrett No. 599 Planer And Shaper Gage
Vintage New Starrett No. 57c Surface Gage - Machinist Toolmakers Tools
L.s. Starrett No.436 And No.3 0-4 Outside Micrometer Set Ratchet Thimble Usa
Starrett No. 1015-a-431 Portable Thicknes Gauge .500 Range .0005 Accuracy Microm
Starrett 657 Magnetic Base Wflex Post Dial Indicator 0-2 .001
Ls Starrett Inside Micrometer Gauge Set - Vintage In Case
Starrett 641 Bottom Plunger Dial Indicator .200 Range .001 Resolution
Starrett No 449 Depth Gauge Complete Set Micrometer Machinist Tool In Box
Starrett Outside Mic 2-6 In