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Starrett 823 Tubular Inside Micrometer Set W Case
Starrett 124a Inside Micrometer 2-8 With 6 Rods - Nice
Starrett 196b1 Universal Dial Indicator Back Plunger
Starrett Last Word Indicator No. 711 With Case
Starrett Micrometer No436 2-3 Inch Machinst Caliper
Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper Hardened Stainless Steel 0-6 Range 0.001 Gradu...
Dial Test Indicator Starrett 3809a
Electronic Micrometer 0-1 Starrett3732xfl-1
Starrett Square No. 490
Starrett No. 436 Outside Micrometer Machinist Toolmakers Tools 1
Starrett 436 Outside Micrometer 1-2-range Nice
Vintage 711- F Starrett Last Word Dial Indicator Box
Starrett 700b Inside Micrometer Caliper
Starrett 445 Depth Micrometer. 3 Inch Base And 3 Inch Range. No Engravings.
Starrett 98-6 Precision Machinist Level 6 Machine Level 6 In Made In Usa
Roller Contact Starrett 25w
Starrett 98-8 Machinists Level With Ground And Graduated Vial 8 Length
Starrett 2-3 Micrometer No. 436
Starrett 0-6 Depth Gages440z-6rl
Starrett 450e-12 Base Extension
Starrett Dial Indicator With Kanetsu Magnetic Base
Starrett 98-4 Machinists Level With Ground And Graduated Vial 4 Length
Starrett 98-6 Machinists Level With Ground And Graduated Vial 6 Length
Starrett No 579 B Telescoping Gage New In Box 12 To 34 Range
Starrett 436 3- 4 Outside Micrometer W Wood Case Box
Starrett 53295 25-441j Dial Indicator Universally Fitting New In Box
Vintage Starrett Micrometer Caliper No. 436-1in
Starrett 25-441j Dial Indicator 1 Inch In Box
Starrett Dial Indicator 25-141j Lug Back 0-0.25 Range 0.001 New
Starrett 0-.100 Dial Indicator 3 Each As Lot
Starrett Scales 6  C 305r--c604re And No. 4r
Starrett No. 657 Magnetic Indicator Base With Onoff Switch
Starrett Depth Micrometer 0-9 Range W 6 Base No. 445 Case
Starrett 2-3 Inch Micrometer No 436rl
Starrett Telescoping Bore Gages
Starrett No. 199 Master Precision Level 15 With Original Wooden Case
Starrett No.13c Double Square With 6 Graduated Hardened Blade Bevel Blade.
New Starrett Button Indicator Set Hole Attachment 196f Millwright Machinist Mic
0-8 .001 Dial Caliper Wcase Starrett Old1202-8 New3202-8 Edp61468
Starrett 2-3 Micrometer No.226 With Adjusting Wrench
Starrett S579gz Telescoping Gage Set
Mint Starrett Magnetic Base W Box 657aa Machinist Tools Millwright 196 Indicator
Starrett 463rl Micrometer Head 12 Range 38 Stem Diam. Lock Ratchet
Starrett 98-6 Precision Machinist Level 6 Machine Level 6 In Made In Usa
Starrett No. S191 Jack Screw Set In Box
Starrett 575bp-1 Screw Thread Micrometer
Starrett 4 Inch Long 4r Double Square 164 132 116 And 18 Inch Graduati...
Starrett No. 436 1-2 And 2-3 2 Pc Micrometer Set Usa
Starrett 436.1p-1 0-1 Micrometer
Starrett 721 Electronic Digital Caliper
Clean L.s. Starrett Micrometer No. 436 R 0-1 One Inch Machinist Tool
Starrett T436.1xrl-1 Outside Micrometer 0-1 Carbide Faces
Starrett No. 196 Universal Dial Test Indicator Set
Starrett Micrometer No436 1-2 Inch Machinst Caliper Lot A
Starrett T436xfl-1 - 0 - 1 Vernier Micrometer - New In Box - Made In The Usa
Starrett Micrometer Storage Cases 1 2 3 4 5 6  6 Cases  New
Starrett 3020-3 Precision Steel Square
Starrett Dial Indicator-model 25-b -range.125 - .0005 Divisionspackage 19
Starrett 226xfl-2 Outside Micrometer
Starrett No. 700 Inside Micrometer
Starrett 1010 Thickness Gauge With Case Excellent Condition Look
Starrett Micrometer Caliper No. 224 Set A 2 To 6 Range
Starrett 270 Taper Gage 0.010-0.150 In 6 14 In Long New
New Starrett 0-6 Fractional Dial Caliper 1202f-6
Starrett No. 11h-6-4r 6 Long Blade Combination Square With Square Head. Usa
Vintage Starrett Last Word Indicator No 711-f In Original Box Paperwork
Starrett No.33hc-12-4r 12 Inch Combination Square With Square And Center Head.
Starrett Machinist Tool Speciality Micrometer 1 0.0001
Starrett S-828h Wigglercenter Finder Complete With Case And 4 Attachments. Usa
Vintage 711 F Starrett Machinist Measurement Tool Last Word Dial Indicator Box
Starrett 20-3 Master Precision Square
Starrett 33jhc-6-4r Junior Combination Square Center Head W Box Look
Starrett Machinist Outside Micrometer Model 209-c  0-1 In Case
Starrett 436p Micrometer 0-1 And 436p 1-2 Outside Micrometers
L S Starrett No 711-f Last Word .001 Dial Universal Test Indicator With Case
Starrett C11hc-4-4r Cast Iron Square And Center Heads With Satin Chrome Blade
Starrett No. 496 Micrometer 5 - 6
Vintage Machinist Tools Lot - Starrett Browne Sharpe Others Lot 2
Vintage Starrett 1-2 Micrometer 2 Inch - No. 436
Starrett Micometer No 436 4-5
Starrett Micrometer Standards 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Starrett No 20 Square--3
Starrett T436.1xrl-1 Outside Micrometer 0-1 Range .0001 Graduation
Starrett T230xfl 0-1 Micrometer
Starrett 3 To 4 Micrometer 436
Starrett Dial Depth Gage Model No. 640-e  0-1 Inch Range.0005
Vintage Starrett 58s Universal Snug Sleeve 14 516 38 Holes Good Condition
Starrett Back Plunger Dial Test Indicator 196a1z Wbox Case
12 Double End Edge Finder Starrett 827b More Look Machinist Tool Lot
Vintage Starrett 486 1-2 Blade Micrometer Made In Usa
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.63 3 Long Blade Graduated Hardened Steel Try Square.
Starrett - 78xtz-500 - Micrometer Inside 38-12in Range
Starrett Precision Small Hole Gage Set 829-a 829-b 829-c 829-d
Starrett No.483 0.093 To 1 Measurement 0.0001 Inch Graduation 3 Flute
Starrett 177a Plumb Bob Nos New
Starrett 4 Inch Combination Mini Square 4 Blade -- One Owner
Starrett Micrometer Head T468sp-2 Satin Chrome Nos Lower Z Limit Cnc Mill Use
Nice Starrett S167c 25 Piecesholder Stainless Steel Radius Gage Set Complete
Starrett 1202f-6 Dial Caliper Wcase Fractional 6 In
Starrett 1 - 2 Outside Micrometer