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Starrett Used

Vintage Starrett Combination Square 12 No.1 Grad Rule Center Finder Usa
Starrett Precision No. 20 Solid Steel Square - 412 - Machinist Tool 6
Vintage Starrett No. 63 4 Square The L.s.s. Co Athol Mass
Starrett Center Punch Set No. S 117 5 Piece Set
Starrett Combination Square Set Protractor Center Head 12 In Blade 4r Grad
Starrett 3 No.20 Solid Steel Square With Box
L.s. Starrett No. 4 12 3 Combination Squares Machinist Metal Shop Carpenter
Vintage Starrett No. 49 Combination Bevel. Made In The Usa.
Starrett 1.5 - 8 Inside Micrometer Set 823a W Case.
Starrett 436-1 Micrometer Caliper
Starrett No. 129 Bench Block
Starrett No. C33h-4-4r  4 Long Blade Combination Square With Square Head. Usa
Starrett Inside Micrometer Stem Set 3 - 12 Machinist Tool Made In Usa
Vintage No. 229 Starrett Telescoping Gages. 4 Pc Set
Vintage L.s. Starrett No 21 4 X 6 Inch Thin Steel Try-square Made In The Usa
Used Starrett No. S 154 S Adjustable Parallel 4 Piece Set 154e - 5 Total Tools
Vintage L.s. Starrett 13 Bevel Blade Square.
Starrett 270 Taper Gage Slightly Used
Starrett No. S 154 L Parallels Set Of 4 Used Possible Rust Or Etchings
Vtg. Starrett No. 221 Hi-precision .0001 Outside Micrometer 0-1 Wbox
Starrett No.20 4-12 Vintage Square With Case Toolmaker Machinist Usa Squares
Starrett 823 A Tubular Inside Micrometer Set In Wood Case 1-12-8 Machinist
Starrett No. 436-1 In. Micrometer W Case.
Vintage Starrett Hardened Center Finder 11 Rule And Unmarked Protractor
Starrett Id Mics 2-7.5 Beautiful Condition Original Box
Used Starrett  Caliper American Made No120a 23d
Used Starrett S579hz Telescoping Gage Set In New Casebox 6 Pcs Good Used
Machinist Toolmaker Precision Level Block Plate Clamp Rule Divider Tool Lot Wow
Starrett No.277 5 Dividers With Box
Vintage Starrett No.220 Multi-t-anvil Micrometer
Starrett Protractor Head No.490
Starrett Outside Micrometer No. 436 3 - 4 Diameter
Used Starrett 721 Electronic Digital Caliper 6150mm R51
Starrett 6 No.20 Square With Box
Vintage The L.s. Starrett Co. No. 1025 Stainless 6slide Caliper
Vintage L.s. Starrett No. 4 Grad Hardened Combination Square
Starrett 453 Inch Diemaker Precision Square
Starrett No. 467 Thickness Gage Set With Original Box. Used
Starrett Center Punch Set No. S 117 5 Piece Set
Starrett Combination Set C434-18-16r In Original Box Cmp014185
Starrett No. 21 3x 4 Machinist Square. 4r 4 And 6 Tri
Starrett No.55 3 Square With Box
Vintage Starrett Inside Micrometer Set. Nice
Vintage Starrett No. 72 Thickness Feeler Gauge Good Used Cond.--usa
Starrett No.20 6 Inch Precision Square L178
Starrett 436 Micrometers Lot 3 1-2 2-3 And 3-4
Set Of 6 Starrett Telescoping Gages
Starrett Combination Square Rule Set 12 Center Head Scale Machinist L261
Starrett No. 226 Micrometer 1-2 .001
Starrett No.20 6 Inch Precision Square L143
Starrett Dial Indicator 25-2041 .001 Used Estate Find Works
Excellent Usa Made Starrett 12 Inch Combination Square Set Machinist T201
Vtg Lot Starrett Toolcombination Square500 12 Rule321 Thin Rulebarth Rule
Starrett 0-6 Micrometer Set Vintage Style Made In Usa
Starrett No.55 4-12 Precision Square
The L.s. Starrett Vintage No. 2 Micrometer In Case .0001
Starrett No 436 Micrometers W Wooden Box 2 Pc 1-2 And 2-3
Starrett No. 13f Double Square With 6 Machinist Rulecountersinkdrill Gage Bo
Vtg. Starrett No. 128 Micrometer 0 - 6 .001
Starrett 453-e Square Vintage Usa Diemakers Toolmaker 5 Pieces Red Plastic Case
Starrett No.446 Digital 3 Depth Gauge Micrometer Wratchet Thimble Lock Usa
L . S . Starrett No 449 Depth Micrometer
Starrett New Model T-230xfl 0-1 Micrometer Carbide Faces .0001 Usa Spectacular
Starrett 33 Hc-124r Combination Square
Starrett Digi Chek No. 258 12 Height Gage
Starrett No.20 6 Inch Precision Square Vintage
L. S. Starrett 603 6 Rule
Starrett No.576 0-12 Rounded Anvil Micrometers
Starrett No. 434 Vernier Height Gage In Case
Starrett No.20-3 Used Inspection Square Vintage Toolmaker Machinist Clean Tool
Starrett 445 Depth Micrometer. 0-3 Inch. 4 Inch Base.
Starrett Square Beveled Edge 4-12 Vintage Toolmaker Machinist Othr Usa Squares
The L.s. Starrett Co. No.4r Grad Athol Mass U.s.a. 12 Inch Combination Square
Starrett No. 220 Micrometer
Starrett No. 449 Depth Gage Micrometer Machinist Tool Athol Mass Usa
L.s. Starrett No. 2m Micrometer With Carbide Tips And Case- Used Excellent
Starrett 576 Rounded Anvil Micrometer 0-.5 12
Starrett Center Head For 6 Combination Square
Vintage Starrett No 20 Square 3 Inch Toolmaker Machinist Tool
Starrett No. 14 Die Makers Double Angle Bevel Square L158
L. S. Starrett 303 6 Rule
Starrett 640-431 Dial Depth Gage 0-.5 Range .0005 Graduation Used
Starrett No.20 Machinist Square 24
Starrett No. 20 - 4-12 Precision Square - Metrology Tool 24
Starrett Inside Micrometer In Case
Starrett 305r-24 Regular Steel Scale Full-flexible 24in 10ths100ths 32nds64th
Starrett 1 Micrometer Standard L159
Starrett Micrometer No. 436 1in
Vintage L.s. Starrett 11-12 Outside Micrometer 436 In Wooden Box
Vintage Starrett 12 Protractor Square - The L S Starrett Co Athol Mass
Starrett Outside Micrometer Parts
Starrett Center Head For 6 Combination Square
Starrett No. 448 Vernier Depth Gage
Starrett 6 Micrometer
Starrett Micrometers 6 Pc Set
Starrett Master Precision Square Set Of 4 No.20 Machinist Tool Die 234.56
Starrett C305r-24 Satin Chrome Scale Full-flexible 24in 10ths100ths 32nds64th
Starrett 6 Center Head
Starrett 1-2 Inch Micrometer No 436p W Box