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Starrett Used

Vintage Starrett Divider With Square Legs 5 - 14 Size Capacity. Usa Made.
Used Starrett 6 Dial Calipers No. 120
Starrett Micrometer No. 1230 Stainless
Starrett Micrometer Gently Used No.663 With Mount Nice
L. S. Starrett No. 203 - F Micrometer In Original Box.
Starrett No. 230 Outside Micrometer 0-1 Range .0001
Used Starrett Scriber Clamp For A Starrett Height Gage As Pictured
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.63 3 Long Blade Graduated Hardened Steel Try Square.
Starrett Telescoping Gage 1-14 - 2-18 Snap Gage No. 579d Used
Starrett Micrometer No. 224 2-6
Starrett Telescoping Gage No. 229a 12 To 34 Range 13 To 19mm
Used Starrett Telescoping Gages Machinist Tool Set S579g Free Shipping
Starrett Telescoping Gage No. 579b 12 To 34 Range 13 To 19mm
Starrett 22 Drill Point Gage Complete With 12 Rule 1922 Pat Date Machinist
 Vintage Starrett 221 Hi- Precision Micrometer
Vintage L.s.starrett American Standard Wire Gauge No.281
Starrett 449 0-1 Depth Micrometer Without Any Attachments
Used Starrett Scriber Clamp For A Starrett Height Gage As Pictured
L.s. Starrett T230xfl 0 - 1 Outside Micrometer No Box
Starrett 445 Micrometer Used Padded Box
Vintage Starrett No 440 Depth Micrometer Machinist
Starrett 436 4 -- 5 Outside Micrometer
Vintage Starrett Micrometer Wrench-micrometers Manual- Vernier Gages-tap Drill
Vintage Starrett 440 B Depth Micrometer 4 Base
1pc Starrett Sleeve Only 196k Or 645k R11755 516 And 14 Holes
Used Starrett Electronic Micrometer No 796
Starrett No. 57s Universal Surface Gage Sleeve Machinist
Starrett 657 Indicator Magnetic Base Holder. Free Shipping
Starrett  No 657 Mag Base
Starrett Us Made 445bz-9rl 0-9 Depth Micrometer Case
Starrett No.711 Last Word Universal Dial Test Indicator Machinist Usa
Starrett Narrow Rule C610n-6 5269 Nos Never Used New 10 Grad
Used Starrett 436rl-8 Outside Micrometer 7-8 Range Part Number 51712
Vintage Starrett 120 Dial Caliper
Starrett Small Hole Gage 831d Range .400 - 500 Never Used Nos Orig Box
Used Starrett No. 256 Dics Outside Micrometer
Starrett S167c Radius Gage Set
Used Small Starrett Scriber Clamp For A Starrett Height Gage As Pictured
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.425 3-inch Steel Pocket Slide Caliper. Made In The Usa
Vintage L.s. Starrett 9-10 Outside Micrometer 436 In Wooden Box
Used Starrett Groove Micrometer 260
Used Starrett 786 4-5 Digital Blade Outside Micrometer
Used Starrett Depth Micrometer 445 With Case
Starrett 57 Full Sized Surface Gage Good Used
Used Starrett Micrometer Bench Head T465
Starrett S226brlz Micrometer Set 0-6 .001 No Engravings Read
Used Starrett 0.0 To 1.000 Micrometer 230rl
Starrett Depth Gauge No 440
Used Starrett No. 483 Tipped 3 Flute Micrometer
Nos Never Used Machinist Tool Starrett Gage Holding Rod 665 C 657 J
Starrett Master Storage Set Tool Setter Pre-setter
Starrett C391 Satin Center Gage Machinist Tool
Starrett 505a-12 Contractors Protractor Slightly Used
Starrett Micrometer 0-1 No 436.1 Made In Usa Barely Used
Used Starrett Micrometers Lot Of 8 S 175222228232256443576 700
Starrett T230fl Micrometer With Box Paperwork Wrench 0-1 Outside Receipt
Starrett N0. 154 L Set Of Six Adjustable Parallels Machinist Tools
Vintage Lss Starrett 12 In. Combination Square
Used Starrett Sries 436 4-5 Outside Micrometer Jt
Starrett Bench Inspection Micrometer No. 673
Starrett Groove Micrometer No 260
Starrett No.s 830 F 5-piece Small Hole Gages
Used Starrett 440z-3l Vernier Depth Gauge Lock Nut Micrometer Type
Starrett 436.1 0- 6 Micrometer Set New Never Used
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer No 124b W Case Box
Starrett Thickness Gage Feeler Gage No. 66 With Box Athol Ma. U.s.a.
Vintage Starrett Height Gauge  Kit Used Not Abused Cond Free Shipping
Starrett No. 445
Starrett 25420 Used
Starrett 43612 Used
Starrett 4361617 Used
Starrett 43614 Used
Starrett Micrometers 1 - 2 Barely Used. All Micrometers In Box. 4 Avail.
Used Starrett 0-1 256 Disc-type Micrometer Jt
Vintage Starrett Micrometer No. T230 - Excellent Condition - Barely Used
Starrett No. 815 Hammer For Tool And Die Makers
Used Starrett Micrometer Head 22 501
Vintage L.s. Starrett 11-12 Outside Micrometer 436 In Wooden Box
 Starrett No 436m Micrometer 150 Mm
Starrett 446maz-150rl Micrometer Depth Gage Used But In New Condition
Used Starrett 436rl-2 Outside Micrometer
Starrett Micrometers 1-4
Starrett Rods Used
Starrett Precision Micrometer 5- 6 In. No. 436 Used
Starrett 0-10 Outside Micrometers Set
Starrett 0-6 Inch Blade Depth Micrometer Set No 449 - Made In Usa
Vintage L.s. Starrett 10-11 Outside Micrometer 436 In Wooden Box
Vintage L.s. Starrett 4 Pc. No S 829-e Small Hole Gauge Set Nice Machinist Tools
Starrett 2 1-2  2m 25-50m Micrometers  2 Mics. Used
Starrett 43616 Used
Nos Starrett 466 Angle Gage Gauge In Box
Vintage Starrett No. 575 Micrometer B C And D Set Of 3 Wbox Plus
6 Pc Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S579h
Starrett Used 1-2-3 Single Block In Case Engraved Toolmaker Machinist Inspection
Starrett 1150-8 Dial Snap Gage Never Used
L S S Starrett  21 Try Square Old Rule Tools Tool Antique Toolmaker Vintage
Starrett 436 Micrometer 2-3 Range Ratchet Stop Lock Nut Caliper
Starrett 54a Vintage Hold-downs Boxed Usa Machinist Toolmaker Other Usa Made
Starrett Micrometer In Wooden Box
Starrett 43617 Used