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Starrett Used

L.s. Starrett 440 Depth Micrometer With Box Good Condition
Ls Starrett Athol Ma Micrometer Model No.577
Starrett 436- 1in. Micrometer
Starrett Vintage No. 2 Micrometer With Leather Case
Starrett 449 Depth Micrometer Set W Wood Box 5 Flat Rods
Starrett No-230 Micrometer Machinist
Starrett 823 Tubular Inside Micrometer Range 1.5-8 In Machinist Tools .001
Starrett 230rl 50935 Micrometer Exceptional Used Cond.
Ls Starrett Athol Ma Micrometer Model No. 203-c 0-1
Vintage General 99s Starrett Telescoping Gauges Made In Usa
Starrett Outside Micrometer Parts For No. 436 Barrel Assembly Lock Ring 2924
Vintag Starrett Cylinder Bore Gage
Starrett 436- 1in. Micrometer
Vintage Starrett No.230 0-1 Micrometer W Case And Instructions Ratcheting Type
Starrett No 210a 0 - 1 Thread Micrometer Measurement Inspection Tool
Starrett No. 436 Outside Micrometers 4- 5 .0001 2919
Starrett 0-1 Micrometer
Used Small Starrett Scriber Clamp For A Starrett Height Gage As Pictured
Starrett No. 823 Tubular Inside Micrometer Set In Case
Starrett 1230xrl0-1 Stainless Micrometer. This Mic Is Super Rare Mint Con
Starrett Rounded Spherical Face Outside Micrometer No 211 1
Starrett Depth Gage W 5 Rods In Case 440
L. S. Starrett 0-1 Micrometer No. 230 M
Starrett No 569 Tube Micrometer .001 Tubing Wall Gage Measurement Tool
Starrett Model 263 Micrometer Barrel 0-1 .001 Micrometer
The Ls Starrett Co No 230 Satin Outside Micrometer 32nds 64ths
Starrett Newport 13mm Micrometer Head
Starrett 1 2 Outside Micrometer 436 Machine Tool Shop Military Surplus Used
Used Starrett No. 303-6 Regular Steel Scale Spring-tempered 4r Gradsend Grads
Starrett No. 436 Outside Micrometers 4- 5 .0001 2918
Vintage Starrett Outside Micrometer No.436-1in Free Shipping
0-1 1-2 Starrett Micrometers
Starrett 436 1-2 Od Micrometer
1 One Lightly Used Starrett Height Gage Attachment With Dovetail Body Clamp
Starrett No. 226 Outside Micrometer Caliper 2 To 3 Ratchet Stop Made In Usa
Nice Prewar Vtg Starrett No. 446 Ma Depth Gage Micrometer In Original Case
Starrett Screw Pitch Gage No.474 - Used.
Starrett Co. Last-word Universal Test Indicator
Starrett Micrometer No.t-1212rl 1-2 Outside
Starrett 445 Micrometer Used Padded Box
Starrett Micrometer 436 1-2 Made In The Usa
Starrett No. 436 2in. Micrometer
Starrett 1463 Micrometer Head .500 Range
Used Starrett Depth Micrometer No 440 With Wooden Case
Starrett Long Micrometer Head----new Never Used
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.63 3 Long Blade Graduated Hardened Steel Try Square.
Starrett Combination Set C434 12 4r Never Used
Starrett 178b Fillett Radius Gauge Used Condition
Antique Starrett No 3 Micrometer In Original Box W Manual
Starrett 178a Radius Gauge Used
Vintage Starrett Surface Gauge - 11 Spindle Scribe16 Spindle - 1896 Pat
L.s.starrett Micrometers No.1230no.436 1
Slightly Used In Box Starrett 216rl-1 Digital Outside Micrometer 1
Vintage L S Starrett Micrometer No. 231 Made In Usa
Starrett Micrometer 0-1 .0001
Used Starrett Electronic Micrometer No 796
Starrett 436 8-9 X .001 Outside Micrometer Used In Good Condition Made In Usa
Starrett S226brlz Micrometer Set 0-6 .001 No Engravings Read
Used Starrett Outside Micrometer 5-6
Starrett No. 436 Outside Micrometers 4- 5 .0001 2917
Starrett Micrometer No. 436-1 In
L S Starrett Thickness Gage Used
Starrett 731 Electronic Micrometer. This Item Is In Very Good Condition
Starrett Digital Micrometer Model 216xfl-1 Never-used
 Starrett Micrometer Lot Of 3 W 6-8 10-11 And 11-12 D
Used Starrett 749 Electronic Micrometer Depth Gage With Case
Used Starrett Inside Micrometer W 2-3 34
Starrett Micrometer Head----new Never Used
Used Starrett 1-2 V Anvil Micrometer
Brown And Sharpe Micrometer 0-1 .0001 Mitutoyo Starrett
Starrett 3-4 Inch Blade Micrometer No 486
Starrett 33jhc-6-6in Junior Combination Squarecenter In Box Machinist Toolmaker
Starrett No.t230fl 0 - 1 Inch Outside Micrometer
One Used Starrett 8 Inch Inside Micrometer Head
Starrett 796.1xrl-1 Electronic Micrometer Digital Bd1057136
Vintage Machinist Tool Micrometer Measuring Tool Starrett No 436 I Inch 1
Used Starrett Outside Micrometer No 2 With No. 212 Attachment
Used Starrett No. 256 Dics Outside Micrometer
Starrett Tubular Id Inside Micrometer Set No 823a
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer No 124a W Red Case
Starrett 1-2 Inch Micrometer No 436-2rl
Starrett 0-10 Outside Micrometers Set
Starrett No. 436 - 1 Micrometer
Starrett 0-1 Inch Multi Anvil Micrometer No 220rl W Case
Starrett No. 488 1-2 Inch Anvil Micrometer.
Starrett Standard 3 Inches Machinist Gage
Starrett Depth Micrometer 923386 Light Used
Starrett 2 1-2 Micrometer Lock Ratchet End
Starrett Tools 436 Set References Wooden Case Wrench 1 Thru 5 4 Pcs Micrometer
Starrett Depth Micrometers. 445. 1 To 6 Depth. Used. With Case.
Starrett Micrometer No 224 Outside Micrometer 6-9 Inch Range Preowned A3
Starrett Tubular Micrometer No 569
Starrett 464 Micrometer Head .250 Range
Starrett Micrometer None-misc Tool Ao3016028
Starrett 2-3 Inch Micrometer No 436rl
Starrett 1-2 Inch Blade Micrometer W Case
Starrett Top Usa Brand 6 Deep Throat Used 222axr-1 Sheet Metal Micrometer
Starrett No.223rl Paper Gauge Micrometer 0-1132
Used Starrett Sries 436 4-5 Outside Micrometer Jt