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Starrett Used

Starrett No. 445 Depth Gauge Micrometer With 3 Rods Used
Starrett Outside Micrometer 0-1 Used Working Condition
Starrett V-anvil 3 Flute Micrometer 0.093 - 1 Usednice Working Condition.
Starrett 6 No.47 Universal Bevel Square
Starrett 445 Micrometer Used Padded Box
Starrett No. 721 Electronic Digital Caliper W Hard Case Battery 6 Long
Starrett 224 Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer 6-12 Lightly Used Wood Box
Starrett 4 Pc. Combination Square - Complete Including Scribe
Starrett Micrometer Large Wood Box Size 16x 4 12 Empty Used
Vintage Starrett No 436 Micrometer 2-3 Precision Tool Made In Usa Used
Vintage Starrett Outside Micrometer 226 2-3 Inches Made In Usa
L.s. Starrett 449 Depth Micrometer
Starrett 6 Inch Long Blade Combination Square With Square Center Heads. Usa
Starrett Button Indicator Contact Point Set 196 Millwright Machinist 436 657
L.s. Starrett Co. Combination Square - No. 4 R Grad - 12 No Scribe
Starrett Micrometer No. 220 Anvil Pin Ratchet 0-1
Set Aa The Starrett Micrometer Caliper No 224 Automotive Vintage L.s. No.224
Starrett Outside Micrometer Set 6-12 With Standards And Box
Nice Starrett 569 Tube Outside Micrometer 0 - 1 X .001 Carbide Anvil W Case
Starrett Micrometer Caliper No. 224 Set Al-kno Ppj006810
Vintage Ls Starrett 299 Rule Clamp Join Two Rules Together Free Shipping
Starrett Micrometer Model 230 Free Shipping
Vintage Ls Starrett 001 Hub Micrometer 228 Ratchet Lock Carbide Nice Shape.
Starrett Inside Micrometer 124c. 8-32
Starrett Micrometer No. 391 1 Standard Screwdrivers Wood Box
Vintage Ls Starrett Co V-block 567 Clamp Free Shipping
Starrett 11h-6-4r 6 Inch Combination Square Wsquare Head
Starrett 436rl-3 Outside Micrometer 3 Inch
Starrett 0-1 Hi-precision Mechanical Micrometer - .0001 - 221
6 Piece - Japan Nsk L.s Starrett Micrometer Set In Wood Box Outside
Used L.s. Starrett C607r 6 Steel Rule Tempered With Clip Pocket Pouch Usa
Vintage Starrett Combination Square 12 No. 4 Grad Rule Usa
Starrett Anvil Pin Micrometer No.220 1-2 Range
Starrett No. 823 Micrometer 4 To 5
Starrett No. 212 1 In Od Micrometer Attachment For 1-2 Micrometer Machining Tool
Vintage L.s. Starrett 9-10 Outside Micrometer 436 In Wooden Box
Starrett No. 224 Micrometer 0 To 4 With Case .
Starrett 0-1 Hi-precision Mechanical Micrometer - .0001 - 221 Machinist Tool
Used Starrett 0-1 256 Disc-type Micrometer Jt
Used Micrometers 5 Pc. Lot Starrett Browne Sharpe Fowler Machinist
Vintage Starrett 436-1 Micrometer Nice
Starrett No.569axp Tube Micrometer Carbide .001 No Engravingsread
Used Starrett Inside Micrometer 12 Mm Sleeve Metric Metric
Used Starrett 0.0 To 1.000 Micrometer 230rl
Starrett Micrometer Head----new Never Used
Vintage L.s. Starrett No. 4 Grad Hardened 9 Combination Square
Used Starrett Electronic Micrometer No 796
Used Starrett Outside Micrometer No 2 With No. 212 Attachment
Starrett Collectible Vintage Micrometer Dial Indicator Gauge Measurement Tools
Used Starrett 1 Outside Micrometer 436xp-1 51579
Die-makers Starrett 453 Square Vintage Usa Machinist 2 Pieces Used In Inspection
Starrett 640-431 Dial Depth Gage 0-.5 Range .0005 Graduation Used
Starrett 1-2 Inch Multi Anvil Micrometer No 220 Package 31
Starrett No. T230rl 0 - 1 Micrometer .001 Resolution
Starrett Used Outside Micrometers 3 With Calibration Bars 5 Wrenches Qty 10
Starrett No.453 Inch Reading Diemakers Square Graduation 32nds 64ths. Usa.
Used Starrett No. 256 Dics Outside Micrometer
Starrett Long Micrometer Head----new Never Used
Starrett Digital Micrometer Model 216xfl-1 Never-used
Starrett 436.1xrl-2 Outside Micrometer 1-2 Range
Starrett 436 9-10 X .001 Outside Micrometer Used In Good Condition
Antique Starrett Combination Square W12 Inch Blade No. 94 Old Machinist Tool
Starrett 1-2 Inch Micrometer No 436-2rl
Starrett Outside Micrometer Set 0-6
Starrett 0-1 Inch Hd Micrometer No 238rl W Case - .0001 Inch Graduations
Nice Starrett Depth Micrometer Model 445 0- 6 4.0 Base Never Used Ratchet
Starrett Micrometers 0-1  Barely Used. All Micrometers In Box.
Starrett Micrometer Almost Complete Set Barley Used Condition
Used Starrett Outside Micrometer 5-6
Starrett 575 0-1 X .001 Outside Screw Thread Pitch Micrometer 7-9 Tpi Usa Used
Starrett 1 To 2 Blade Micrometer No. 486. Calibrated
Starrett 12 Inch Slotted Steel Rule - 4r Grad - Never Used
Starrett 486p-2 Blade Type Micrometer W Cert Papers Box Manual  Wrench
Starrett Micrometer 230m Buy It Now Free Shipping Bin Fs
Starrett 436.1 Micrometer Outside Machinist 1-2 Inch Instrument Tool Shop Used
Starrett 384e Parallels 2 14 X 34 X 6 Machinist Toolmaker Grind Mill Inspect
Starrett 569axp Tube Micrometer 0-1 Carbide .001 No Engravingsread
Starrett No.20 6 Square Red Paper Box Toolmaker Machinist Other Usa Squares
0-1 Starrett Micrometer Model 436
Starrett S226brlz Micrometer Set 0-6 .001 No Engravings Read
Starrett No. 823 Micrometer 1-12 To 2
Starrett Model 796xfl-1 Micrometer In Original Case
Starrett No. 124-c Inside Micrometer Set 8 To 32 With Wooden Box
Used Starrett 575dp Screw Thread Micometer 20-24 Tpi
Starrett B300-36 12 Hardened Blade English Metric
Starrett Mul-t-anvil Micrometer Caliper 1 Inch Used And Working Condition
Starrett 4-5 Outside Micrometer 436 Lock Friction Thimble Carbide Anvil
Vintage Ls Starrett No. 12 Protractor Head Machinist - Made In Usa
Used Starrett Micrometer Head 22 501
L.s. Starrett No.124a Inside Micrometer Set With Rods - Machinist Tool
Micrometer Set Vintage Starrett S226 0-6 Inches
Starrett Depth Micrometer
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer Set No 124a
Used Starrett 786 4-5 Digital Blade Outside Micrometer
Used Starrett Sries 436 4-5 Outside Micrometer Jt
Starrett 443z-6rl 0-6 Depth Micrometer Set Ec
Starrett No. 244 Precision Rod Measuring Set
Starrett Micrometer 436 5-6
Starrett Micrometer 224 G 6-12
Starrett 269a Taper Gage Used Fast Free Ship