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Starrett Granite

Starrett Granite Inspection Plate
Starrett Crystal Pink Granite Surface Plate Grade Aa Wfactory Stand 12x18x4
Starrett Pink Granite Surface Plate 24 X 36 X 6 Grade B Tool Room Mobile Base
Starrett Granite Surface Plate 18l X 12w X 2d
Starrett Tri Square Pink Granite 12 X 18 X 4
Starrett 24 X 24 X 6 Granite Surface Plate Grade A Light Damage
Grade A Crystal Pink Granite Surface Plate 24x24x6 2 Ledges
Starrett Laboratory Grade Aa Black 27-12x19-58x9-78 Granite Surface Plate
14 X 6 X 28 Starrett Granite Surface Plate
L.s. Starrett 96 X 48 X 12 Grade A Pink Granite Surface Plate W Stand
Starrett Tru-stone Granite Surface Plate 63 X 32 X 4 With Stand And Wheels
Surface Plate Pink Granite 48 X 48 X 12 Starrett With Air Cushion
Starrett Laboratory Grade Aa 32 X 35-12 X 8-14 Black Granite Surface Plate
Starrett Granite Surface Plate 48 X 36
Starrett Black Granite Plate 48x96x12 Inv.19951
Starrett 546638 Granite Surface Plate 12.88 X 13.50 X 3 Impala Grey
Starrett Pink Granite Surface Inspection Plate 12 X 12 X 4 Grade A
Starrett Granite Surface Plate With 11 38 Column
Starrett Granite Surface Table Good Condition. Pinkgray Color.
Starrett 81803 8 X 12 Crystal Pink Granite Toolmakers Flat
Starrett Granite Surface Plate 48x96x12
Starrett Crystal Pink Granite Surface Inspection Plate 18x12x4 Toolmakers Flat
Starrett Crystal Pink Granite Grade B Surface Plate 12 X 12 X 4 G-80607
Starrett Granite Right Angle   B-0406-60
Starrett 653g Comparator Wgranite Base8 X 12 X 2 In
Starrett Master Pink Granite Plate 18x12x4 W Mitutoyo 192-656 Height Gage
Starrett 56646 653g Comparator Stand Granite Base 12 X 8 X 2
1 Used Starrett Vab-10 Granite Surface Plate Division 17100
Granite Comparator Gage Stand 6 X 6 X 2 8 Post W Starrett 25-611 Indicator
Starrett Waterless Granite Surface Plate Cleaner Samples - 10 2 Oz Pouches
Starrett Crystal Pink 48 X 72 X 12 Thick Grade Aa Granite Surface Plate
Starrett 36 X 24 X 6 Pink Granite Surface Plate  W0008
Starrett 81802 8 X 12 Black Granite Toolmakers Flat
Four 4 Starrett 2 Oz Sample Waterless Granite Surface Plate Cleaner -bin 1
1 Used Starrett No. 25-631 Dial Indicator W Granite Stand Make Offer
Granite Surface Plate Brown With Steel Stand 36 X 72 X 10
Starrett 15 X 7.5 X 2 40 000 Lbs. Granite Table B38225
Granite Surface Plate W Stand 49 X 78 X 12  Starrett   G-605
Starrett No. 25-631 Dial Indicator With Granite Stand 1.000 Range .0005
Crateship 8 Granite Optical Inspection Table Newport Rigid Legs Starrett Lab
Xyratex 37915-02a Granite Inspection Surface Plate 15 X 15 X 6
Large Granite Surface Plate With Table Height Steel Stand 71 X 48 X 8
Industrial Machine Catalog Starrett Precision Granite Surface Plates 1970
Starrett 80623 Granite Surface Platepinka18x18x4
Starrett 80631 - Granite Surface Plate Pink A 18x24x6
Starrett 80613 Granite Surface Platepinka12x18x4
Starrett 80610 Granite Surface Platepinkaa12x18x4
Starrett 80616 Granite Surface Platepinkb12x18x4
Starrett 80619 Granite Surface Platepinkaa18x18x4
Starrett 81570 Granite Angle Platepink2-facea6x9x12
Starrett 80646 - Granite Surface Plate Pink Aa 24x24x6
Starrett 80604 Granite Surface Platepinka12x12x4
Starrett 80708 Granite Surface Platepinkb36x36x6
Starrett 80714 Granite Surface Platepinka36x48x8
Starrett 80705 Granite Surface Platepinka36x36x6
Starrett 80777 Granite Surface Platepinka48x96x12
Starrett 81860 Granite Inserted Angle Platepink4x4x4
Starrett 80605 Granite Surface Platepinka12x12x4
Starrett 80617 Granite Surface Platepinkb12x18x4
Starrett 80608 Granite Surface Platepinkb12x12x4
Starrett 80607 Granite Surface Platepinkb12x12x4
Starrett 80611 Granite Surface Platepinkaa12x18x4
Starrett 80892 Granite Surface Platepinka48x48x8
Starrett 80614 Granite Surface Platepinka12x18x4
Starrett 81864 Granite Inserted Angle Platepink6x6x6
Starrett 80720 Granite Surface Platepinkaa36x60x10
Starrett 80622 Granite Surface Platepinka18x18x4
Starrett 80626 Granite Surface Platepinkb18x18x4
Starrett 80625 Granite Surface Platepinkb18x18x4
Starrett 81972 Granite Tri-squarepink3-facea24x36x6
Starrett 81861 Granite Inserted Angle Platepink4x4x4
Starrett 81539 Granite V-blockpinkaa12x12x12pr
Starrett 80650 - Granite Surface Plate Pink A 24x24x6
Starrett 81579 Granite Angle Platepink2-face12x12x12
Starrett 81581 Granite Angle Platepink2-face12x12x12
Starrett 80717 Granite Surface Platepinkb36x48x6
Starrett 80620 Granite Surface Platepinkaa18x18x4
Starrett 81933 Granite Master Sqpink5-faceaa36x36x6
Starrett 81971 Granite Tri-squarepink3faceaa24x36x6
Starrett 80774 Granite Surface Platepinkaa48x96x16
Starrett 80723 Granite Surface Platepinka36x60x10
Starrett 81571 Granite Angle Platepink4-facea6x9x12
Starrett 80601 Granite Surface Platepinkaa12x12x4
Starrett 81614 Granite Straight Edgepinkaa3x12x72
Starrett 80602 Granite Surface Platepinkaa12x12x4
Starrett 81572 Granite Angle Platepink2faceaa6x9x12
Starrett 80886 Granite Surface Platepinka30x48x8
Starrett 80890 Granite Surface Platepinkaa48x48x10
Starrett 80888 Granite Surface Platepinkb30x48x6
Starrett 80762 Granite Surface Platepinkb48x72x8
Starrett 80726 Granite Surface Platepinkb36x60x8
Starrett 80894 Granite Surface Platepinkb48x48x6
Starrett 80711 Granite Surface Platepinkaa36x48x8
Starrett 80735 Granite Surface Platepinkb36x72x8
Starrett 81920 Granite Master Sqpink5-facea12x12x3
Starrett 81869 Granite Inserted Angle Platepink6x9x12
Starrett 81653 Granite Straight Edgepinka3x10x60
Starrett 81573 Granite Angle Platepink4faceaa6x9x12
Starrett 81868 Granite Inserted Angle Platepink6x9x12