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Starrett Gage

Starrett 6 50035 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Starrett 56 Series Surface Gage
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage
Starrett 72m Thickness Gage
Starrett No.s579hz Set Of Six Self Telescoping Gages Red Case Box See Details
Starrett No. 572a Euc Thickness Gage
L S Starrett Thickness Gage Used
L.s.starrett Co. No.56 Surface Gage 4 Mast
Starrett Chamfer Gage
Starrett No.s167d Radius Gage Set
Starrett Radius Gage No 279 With Box Usa
Starrett 452b Cylinder Bore Gage
Starrett 72m Thickness Gage
Starrett Vernier Height Gage 454
Nice Starrett Feeler Gage No. 66b ....5-4-3
Starrett Surface Gage Model 56
Starrett Surface Gage Sleeve No. 57s Spindle Holes 516 38
L.s. Starrett Co. No. 66 26-leaf Imperial Thickness Gauge Usa
Starrett 269b Taper Gage
Starrett No. 270 Taper Gauge 6in Machinist Tools.
Starrett Micrometer Depth Gage No. 449
Starrett No 66 Thickness Gage .0015-.025 26 Straight-leaf Feeler Gauge Tool
Starrett Gage Holding Rod Vintage New In Box
Starrett 4 Toolmakers Universal Surface Gage 56a - Original Box
Starrett 272b Radius Gage Set
Vintage Starrett Telescoping Internal Gages 6 Piece Set In Wooden Box
Starrett No. 454 18 Vernier Height Inspection Gage Gauge W 454k Attachment - U
Starrett No. 257b Surface Gage With 9 And 12 Spindles In Box
Starrett Screw Pitch Gage Edp 50033
Starrett Thickness Gage Wlock In Orig Box 172 A. Vintage Tool. Machinist. Mech.
Starrett Model 454 Vernier Height Gage 12 In Original Box
Starrett S167b Radius Gage Set - Stainless Steel - 932-12
Starrett No. 66 Thickness Gage With Locking Device In Box Machinist Tool
Starrett 57s  Universal Surface Gage Sleeve In Original Box Machinist
Vintage Starrett No. 31 Inspectors Gauge Quite Rare.
Starrett C391 60 American National Center Gage - New
Starrett No. 995 Universal Precision Gage
Starrett Thread Screw Pitch Gauge Set. D-8
Nos Starrett 466 Angle Gage Gauge In Box
Starrett Toolmakers 56 Surface Gage With Guide 4 Spindle
Ls Starrett 1102-1 Dial Indicator Diameter Idod Gage
Starrett No.56 Toolmakers Surface Gage 4 Spindle
Starrett 270 Taper Gage0.010-0.150 In6 14 In L
467 Starrett Thickness Gage .0015 - .200 With Box
Mint Starrett Depth Gage 440z-3rl. Set2
Vintage Starrett Surface Gauge Scribe 7 12 Post 4 34 Scribe
L. S. Starrett 6 Screw Pitch Gage
New Starrett No.4 Screw Pitch Gage With Locking Device 4 - 30 Threads Per Inch
Starrett Drill And Wire Gauge 185 Time Saver Vintage
L.s. Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage Box And Papers Engine Machine Shop
Vintage Starrett Fillet Or Radius Gage - No. 272a Wbox
Starrett No.475 Screw Pitch Gage 3-12 - 32 V Threads - 26 Leaves. Made In Usa.
Starrett S229f  Telescoping Gages Set Of 3. Priced To Sell
Starrett No. 272b Radius Gage Set Concave Convex 932 To 3364
Starrett Webber Gage Blocks
Starrett Depth Gage 440z-3rl Read Description Set 1
Starrett 156m 50589 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Starrett Dial Indicator Pocket Gage In Case No 1010 Range 0 To 38
Starrett No. 995 Ez Universal Precision Planer And Shaper Gage With Accessories
Vintage L.s. Starrett No. 40 Thread Screw Pitch Gauge
New Starrett 155 Screw Pitch Gage 27 Leaves 2.75 - 28 Tpi
L.s. Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage With Box
Starrett No.473 Thread Gage In Box
Starrett No 156m 156 Metric Screw Pitch Gage Per Thd 28 Leaves Gauge Exc
Starrett No. 827a Single End Edge Finder Machinist Tools Gages
Starrett 248 Planer Gage Ctam 3024
L.s. Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage Engine Machine Shop Machinist Bore
Starrett No. 257 Surface Gage With 7.5 12 Spindles 2 Scribes
Starrett Telescoping Gage Set Type Nr S579gz
Starrett S579gz Telescoping Gage Set
Starrett No. 454 Vernier Height Gage 11 With Depth Probe W Wood Storage Box
Starrett 280 Piano Tuners Gage New In Box Satin Finish 12-28 Gauge Wire
Starrett 71 Thickness Gage 50329
Vintag Starrett Cylinder Bore Gage
Starrett Standard 3 Inches Machinist Gage
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. Rpm Counter Gauge
Starrett 667 Seven Pcs Feeler Stock Gages 005 To 035
Starrett Drill Bit And Wire Gauge Index Number 186 Sizes 1-60
Starrett Telescoping Gages S579h Set Of 6 W Case Slightly Used Free Ship
L S Starrett 454 Height Gage 12 With Case Vintage Machinist Tools
Nos In Package Starrett No 806 Thickness Gage Gauge Holder
Starrett Thickness Gauge 66t Tapered Leaves And Locking Screw
Rare 1940s Vintage Starrett Inside Bore Micrometer Gage .8125 To 1.000 Inch
Starrett No. C454 Me Vernier Height Gage
Starrett 666 Thickness Gage Or Feeler Stock .003 Thick By 25 Ft. Fast Ship
Starrett 24 Height Transfer Gage No. 252
Starrett 237m Depth Gauge 6 New
Starrett No. 472 Screw Pitch Gage With Box
Starrett No. S 579 G Telescoping Bore Gages Used In The Box
Starrett S167b Radius Gage Case
Starrett Thickness Gage 66
Starrett 185 Drill Gage
Vintage Starrett Surface Gage Gauge
Starrett No. 66b Thickness Feeler Gage Edp57097 Machinist Measuring Tool
Starrett No. S589h Telescoping Gages In Case B-x
Starrett N0.155 Screw Pitch Gage Wbox
Starrett No. 257 Universal Surface Gage With 12 Spindle
Starrett No 643 Dial Depth Gage .0005 Grad.
Nice Mtg Bore Gage 6 Cap W Starrett Indicator .00005