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Starrett Gage

Starrett 270 Taper Gage0.010-0.150 In6 14 In L
Starrett 6 50035 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Starrett No. 445 Depth Gauge In Wood Case
Starrett No. 467 Thickness Gage Set With Original Box. Used
Starrett No. 392 Center Gage Attachment
Mint Starrett Radius Gage Set S167c Stainless Steel S 167 C
Starrett 270 Taper Gage Slightly Used
Starrett No.830 Short Small Hole Gages
Vintage Starrett Radius Gage Set No S167a Stainless Steel Orig. Case No Holder
Starrett 156m 50589 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Starrett S 831 E Small Hole Gage Set
Starrett Vernier Height Gage Attachment Depth 6 354c 454c Nos Usa Machinist
Starrett No. S830f Set Of Five Short Small Hole Gages Machinist Tools
Starrett No.4 Screw Pitch Thread Gage W24 Leaves 30-4 Tpi Machinist Tool Maker
Starrett No. 391 Tempered Steel Thread 60 Degree Center Gage. Made In Theusa..
Starrett S167a Radius Gage Set 17 Stainless Leaves 132-1764 Machinist
Vintage Starrett Telescoping Gages S579h Set Of 6 Machinist Tool 23d
Starrett 66 Feeler Thickness Gage
Starrett Flush Reading Vernier Height Gage No.255 -14 Wcase Depth Gage No.440a
Starrett Radius Gauge Kit
Starrett No. 391 Tempered Steel Thread 60 Degree Center Gage. Made In The Usa..
Early Vintage Starrett Planer Shaper Gage 246 With Dove Tail Box
Starrett No. 472 Screw Pitch Gage
Small Starrett Surface Gauge - Nice One
Starrett-51286 No. 267 Taper Gage
Vintage Starrett Planer Shaper Gage 246 In Dove Tail Box
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. Cylinder Gage No. 452b Wwood Case Instructions
Starrett Jobbers Drill Gage Gauge No.187
Starrett No.66 English Thickness Gage .0015 - .025
Starrett No. 604r Double Hook Rule No. 22-c 59 Degree Drill Point Gage Usa
Starrett Thickness Gages Tapered 173mat 66 Free Shipping
L.s. Starrett No.186 Drill Wire Gauge With Decimal Equivalents Machinist Tool
Vintage Starrett No. S 831 E Small Hole Gages Collectible Machinist Case Usa
Starrett Machinist No. 66 Thickness Gage With Locking Device Usa
Vintage No. 229 Starrett Telescoping Gages. 4 Pc Set
Starrett No.272b Fillet Or Radius Gage 932 To 3364 16 Leaves. Usa Made.
Starrett Thickness Gage Mgf Part 50652
Starrett Thickness Gage 66
Vintage Starrett No. 66 Thickness Gage In Maroon Box Machinist
Starrett Radius Gage Set S167c Vintage
Vintage Starrett 22 59 Degree Drill Point Gage On A 12 Combo Blade Machinist
Vintage Starrett No. 454 Vernier Height Gage 18 Gauge With Wooden Box Caliper
Vintage L.s. Starrett No. 257a Surface Gage 3 Base 7.5 Spindle Steel Usa Tools
Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S579gz
Starrett No S167b Radius Gage Set 8 Pieces
Starrett Case Hardened Base Surface Gage 3 12 X 3 Spindle 11
One Starrett 66 Thickness Gage Leave Only  Tool
Starrett 500mm Metric Height Gauge C454m Special Made In Usa
3 Starrett Rsa Gage Blocks 12 1 2 Free Usa Shipping
Starrett Electronic Bore Gage 781z-750 58-34 .625-.750
Starrett Vintage Pocket Dial Gage W Plastic Case No.1010
Starrett Set Of 4 Small Hole Gages Wpouch No. S831e Half Ball W Flat Bottom
Vintage Starrett No.46 Depth Gage With 6 Steel Ruler In 32nds 64ths Grad. Usa
Starrett Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel No. S167 A
The L.s.starrett Co. Thickness Gage 467
Starrett No. 229 Telescoping Gages 3 Pc. Usa
Starrett Telescoping Gage 579c 34 To 1-14 In Box
Starrett 272b Radius Gage
Starrett No.66 Thickness Gage With Box
Starrett No. 640-f Depth Gage With Original Box
Lot 5 Starrett Mitutoyo Lufkin Telescoping Gage Gages Set Machinist Tool Gauge
Starrett Telescoping Gages S579g New In Box
Starrett Hole Gage Set S829e - Small Hole Gages 4 Pc.
Starrett S579g Telescopic Gage Set
Starrett No. 579f Telescoping Gage
Starrett 257c Surface Gage With 12 Spindle Nos. Usa.
Starrett No. 257 Universal Surface Gage With 7  Spindle
Starrett Radius Gage Set S167c
Starrett 599 Planer Shaper Gage 599
Vintage Used Starrett Vernier Height Gage No. 454 With Wooden Box C-4
Starrett S829ez Small Hole Gauge Set Of 4
Starrett 272a Radius Gauge 72 Thickness Gauge Fb 2
Vintage Starrett Universal Surface Gauge No 257 W 12 Spindle Sleeve Scribe
L.s. Starrett 391 Center Gauge-satin Chrome
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage26 Tapered Leaves
Vintage Starrett Gauge Taper Wire Thickness 245
L.s. Starrett Small Hole Gages S831e
Machinist Tool Lathe Mill Machinist Starrett 476 Screw Pitch Gage Gauge
6 Pc Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S579h - 516 To 6 Inches
C607 Starrett S167d Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel Gauge 132 - 12 Machinist
Vintage - Ls Starrett Co No 72 Machinist Feeler Thickness Gauge
Starrett No. 250 6 Dial Height Gage .001 Grad New
2 Vintage Starrett Telescoping Inside Gages No. 229 A B In Box Usa
Starrett S829e Small Hole Gages
Starrett 269b Taper Gage
Starrett Hole Gages No. S831e Set Of 4 In Box New Old Stock
Starrett 2500 Gage
Starrett No. C391 Tempered Steel Thread 60 Degree Center Gage. Made In The Usa.
Vintage Starrett Surface Gauge 1 Spindle 2.5
Starrett 26 Piece 0.0015 To 0.025 Tapered Feeler Gage Set 3-132 Long X 1...
Starrett Small Hole Gages No. S 830 F 5 Piece Set W Case .125 To .500
Starrett Screw Pitch Gage Edp 50033
L.s. Starrett Wood Handled Rpm Gauge Dial Indicator Tool In Box
Starrett Craftsman Other Machinist Scales Ruler Protractor Radius Gage
Starrett Depth Gage 12 X 2 34 Wide Qty 1 Metal Working 31cm
Thickness Feeler Gage By Starrett 66t W Locking Device
Starrett 270 Taper Gage0.010-0.150 In6 14 In L
Starrett No. 252 14 Height Transfer Gage
Starrett 66b Thickness Gage
Starrett 56b Surface Gage