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Starrett Gage

Starrett No. 267 Taper Gage Machinist
Starrett No.474 Screw Pitch Gage Wbox 28 Pitches
Vintage Starrett 11 Piece Radius Gage Set 164 To 14 No.s167a
Starrett S167chz S167c Radius Gage Set - New In Box
L. S. Starrett No. 246 Shaper Planer Gauge
Starrett No. 270 Taper Gage
Starrett 579a Telescoping Gage
Starrett Universal Surface Gage Gauge Large Base Machinist Toolmaker Tools
Starrett Vernier Height Gage No.454 Em 24 Inch With Scribe Inches Mm Metric
Starrett Radius Gage Set
L.s.starrett Co. No.56 Surface Gage 4 Mast
Vintage Starrett No. 124-b Depth Gauge Set
Starrett Metric Thickness Gage 467m
Starrett No. 250 Dial Height Gage 0-6 W Box
Starrett 452-b Cylinder Bore Gage.001boxindicatordialgaugejeweled
Starrett 599 Planer And Shaper Gage Good Condition..
Starrett 12 Vernier Height Gage 454
Starrett No. 579h Set Of Six Used Telescoping Gages
Starrett S167az Radius Gage Inch Set 16 Piece Wpouch
Starrett No.56 Surface Gage 4 Mast Vintage
Vintage L S Starrett Thickness Gage No. 467 With Original Box
Vintage Starrett No. 269a Tempered Steel Taper Gage 0.100 - 0.500 In 8 Leaves.
Starrett Dial Bore Gage 81-111-630 Cat. No. 82. .0001
Starrett 467 Thickness Feeler Gauge Gage Machinist Tool
Starrett S229g 5-pc Telescoping Gage Set
Starrett Telescoping Gage Sets - Model S579hz  Measuring Range 516 6
Starrett No.452b Cylinder Gage With Box And Paper Work
Starrett No. 270 Taper Gage 100 Authentic
Vtg. Starrett No. 286 Drill And Steel Wire Gage
Starrett No.22-c 59 Degree Drill Point Gage With No. 604r Tempered Steel Ruler
Starrett No. 447 Height Gage Attachment
Starrett No. 66 Tapered Leaves Thickness Gage Usa
The L.s. Starrett No. 5 Screw Pitch Gage Wbox Excellent Condition
Starrett Feeler Gage 18 Leaves 0.006 To 0.030
Large Starrett 257 Surface Gage Cleaned Restored Gauge 12 Spindle 9 Scribe
Starrett S830f Small Hole Gage Set
Starrett Radius Gage Set S167c Free Ship Conus Had Pen Holder Missing 1364
Starrett Radius Gage Set No S167 A Stainless Steel
Vintage Starrett No. 282 American Standard Wire Gauge 2-14
Starrett 452-b Cylinder Gage
Nice Old Vintage Large Starrett Surface Gage 12  Spindle Machinist Tools
Starrett Model 57 Surface Gage
Starrett C391 60 Degree Center Gage
L.s. Starrett Co. 237 Steel Ruler Depth Gage
Starrett 185 Tap Drill Gage
Starrett No 246 Planer And Shaper Gauge
Starrett S829e Small Hole Gage 4pc Set .125 To .500 Range In Case F4b7
Starrett No. 454 Vernier Height Gage 1 Of 2 - 24 X .001
Starrett Vernier Height Gage No.454 24 Inch With Case
Vtg. Starrett No.57a Universal Surface Gage With 9 Spindle
Starrett Vintage Toolmakers 56a Surface Gage In Original Box
Starrett 666 Thickness Gage Or Feeler Stock .010 Thick By 25 Ft. Fast Ship
Starrett No.227 Standard Screw Gauge Old Standard Wire New Standard Wire Gauge
Starrett Webber 81 Pc Rectangular Croblox Gauge Block Set
Starrett Drill Bit And Wire Gauge Index Number 186 Sizes 1-60
Starrett Midel No.454 Master Vernier Height Gage
Starrett Surface Gage 257c Machinists Tool
Starrett No.s167d Radius Gage Set
Starrett No. 391 Tempered Steel Thread 60 Degree Center Gage. Made In Theusa..
Vintage Starrett Depth Gauge Set
New Starrett 259-24 Digital Dial Height Gage
C444 Starrett No. 6 Screw Pitch Thread Gauge 4-42 Tpi Gage For Machinist Lathe
Starrett No.683-3z Internal Chamfer Gage 0-90 Degree .001 Dia. Excellent
Starrett Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel No. S167 A
New Starrett 752a-12 Digital Electronic Height Gage
New Starrett 252z-24 Height Transfer Gage
Starrett 6 50035 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
New Starrett 254z-12 Master Vernier Height Gage
Starrett 459 Cutter Clearance Gage
Starrett 18 Height Gage No 454 With Case And Extras
467 Starrett Thickness Gage .0015 - .200 With Box
Starrett Flush Reading Vernier Height Gage Model 255- 20 With Wooden Box.
Starrett Metric Stainless Steel Radius Gage Set No S167mc
Taper Gage0.010-0.150 In6 14 In L Starrett 270
Hermann Schmidt Surface Gage W Starrett .0001 Inch Dial Indicator
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage
Starrett No. 447 Height Gage Attachment In Box
Starrett 500mm Metric Height Gauge C454m Special Made In Usa
Starrett Height Gauge 354
Starrett No 599 Planer Shaper Gage
Starrett Thread Center Gage 390
Starrett 255 Flush Reading 0-12 Vernier Height Gage .001 Grad. Wood Case Box
New Starrett 254emz-24 Master Vernier Height Gage
L.s. Starrett Co. 237 Steel Ruler Depth Gage
Starrett Depth Gage Micrometer 445bz-6rl New In Box
L.s. Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage Box And Papers Engine Machine Shop
Vtg.starrett No. 257c Surface Gage With 12 Spindle
Starrett No. 257b Surface Gage With 9 And 12 Spindles In Box
Starrett Surface Gage Model 257a 9 Spindle
Starrett Surface Gage 3 Base 9 Spindle Gauge Machinist Tool
Starrett 452b Cylinder Bore Gage
5 Pc Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S229gz - Super Clean Used Tools
Starrett Thickness Gage 66
Starrett Model 454 Vernier Height Gage 12 In Original Box
Starrett 654 Inspectors Dial Bench Gauge Gage W .0001 X .025 Dial Indicator
Starrett Top Reading Dial Depth Gage 642 0-4 Micrometer Tool Missing 1 Rod
Starrett No 643 Dial Depth Gage .0005 Grad.
Starrett No. 57s Universal Surface Gage Sleeve
Starrett No. 57c Surface Gage - Machinist Tool Vgc
Starrett 272b Radius Gage In Original Box