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Starrett Gage

Starrett 110 Gage Holder
.vintage Starrett No.40 Screw Pitch Gageorig. Box
Starrett Micrometer Depth Gauge 440b
L.s. Starrett Co. No. 186 Drill Wire Gauge W Decimal Equivalents Gage
Starrett Drill Point Gage 22c
Starrett 156m 50589 Screw Pitch Gage Newunused
Starrett Taper Gage 270 Excellent Condition In Box With Sleeve Free Shipping
Starrett Dial Indicating Depth Gage 643 Micrometer
Starrett No. C454 Me Vernier Height Gage Machinist Tool 25
Starrett Vintage Toolmakers 56a Surface Gage In Original Box
New Starrett Thickness Feeler Gage By Starrett 66t W Locking Device
Starrett No.4 Screw Pitch Gage 24 Folding Leaves 4 To 30 Tpi Range. Usa Made.
Vintage Starrett Surface Gage 3x2 12 Base 9 Spindle Stamped Starrett
Starrett No. S167 A Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel
Starrett 6 Screw Pitch Gage 4-42 Tpi Nat Us Standard P141
L.s. Starrett Vernier Height Gage No. 454 12
Starrett 66b Thickness Gage New In Box
The L.s. Starrett No. 272a Radius Gage
Starrett Master Hight Gage Excellent Condition
Vintage L.s Starrett Co. Screw Pitch Gauge No. 155
Starrett No. 245 Engineers Wire Thickness Gauge Mighty Mag Extras Machinist
Starrett 269a Taper Gage .100 - .500 Range Machinist P151
1 Unit Starrett 579f Telescoping Gage Brand New In Box
Vintage L. S. Starrett Co No. 246 Planer And Shaper Gauge Made In U. S. A.
Starrett 269b Taper Gage .500-1 Range Machinist P152
Starrett No.472 Screw Pitch Gage 51 Folding Leaves 4 To 84 Tpi Range Usa
Starrett C391 - Center Gage
Starrett S831e Small Hole Gage Stainless Steel Set .125 To .500 Pouch
Starrett Self-centering Telescoping Gage Set S579 Gz
Vintage Starrett 454 Vernier 18 Height Gage Large Wooden Storage Box Onlyusa
Starrett Screw Pitch Gauge Gage No. 6 Free Shipping
Starrett S229g Set Of 5 Telescoping Gages With Pouch In Box
Starrett No. 275 B Surface Gage Two Spindles 12 And 9
Starrett Radius Gauge Set No. S167c Stainless Steel W Storage Case
L.s. Starrett No.452b Improved Cylinder Gage With Wooden Box
Vintage Starrett 178-b Fillet Or Radius Gage In Original Box Made In Usa
Starrett No. S167c Radius Gage Set
Starrett No.s167d Radius Gage Set
Vintage Starrett No. 286 Drill And Steel Wire Gage
Vintage L.s Starrett Co. Depth Gauge Angle Finder No. 236
Starrett Telescoping Gages S579gz In Original Box
Starrett No. 644 Depth Gage With Case
Starrett No.22-c 59 Degree Drill Point Gage With No. 604r Tempered Steel Ruler
Vintage Starrett No. 599 Machinist Planer And Shaper Gage
Starrett No. 172a English Thickness Gage W 9 Leaves From .0015 To .015
Starrett Drill Point Gage W604r 6 Ruler
Starrett Flush Reading Vernier Height Gage No. 255 14.5
L.s. Starrett No. 7 Pocket Thread Gage Gauge Set
Vtg. Starrett No.257 Universal Surface Gage With 7.5 Spindle
Starrett 500mm Metric Height Gauge C454m Special Made In Usa
Starrett 621 Surface Gauge W12 Arm And A 9 Arm And A Scriber
Starrett 187 Jobber Drill Gage
Machinist Tools Small Hole Gage Starrett 829a
Starrett Radius Gage Set Stainless Steel No. S167 A
Vintage L.s. Starrett Surface Gauge Pat. 1896 Machinist Tool
Starrett Radius Gage Set No.s167c
Starrett No. S579h Telescoping Stainless Steel Gage Set
6 Pc Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S579h
Starrett 66t Thickness Gage
Starrett No.s579 Set Of Six Telescoping Gage.
Starrett No. 270 Taper Gage New
Starrett No. 454 12 Vernier Height Gage Gauge
Starrett No. 155 Screw Pitch Gage
Starrett Machinist Radius Gage Set S167c - Excellent
Vtg. Starrett No. 57 Universal Surface Gage With 12 Spindle
6 Pc Starrett Telescope Gage Set No S579h - 516 To 6 Inches
Hermann Schmidt Surface Gage W Starrett .0001 Inch Dial Indicator
Starrett No 643 Dial Depth Gage .0005 Grad.
Vintage Starrett No. 454 Vernier Height Gage 18 Gauge With Wooden Box Caliper
Starrett No.466 Angle Gage
New Starrett 259-24 Digital Dial Height Gage
Starrett No. 447 Height Gage Attachment In Box
Starrett No. 254 Master Vernier Height Gage 26 W Box
Starrett Model 257 Surface Gage 12 Rod
Starrett Height Gage Foot 24062-0  Stk 16793
Starrett Metric Stainless Steel Radius Gage Set No S167mc
Starrett 448 Vernier Depth Gage 6 12 Bars
Starrett Thickness Gage 66
L.s Starrett 448 Vernier Depth Gage
Earlier L.s Starrett Gage
Starrett Flushreading Vernier Height Gage Model 255 -14 No. 255 14 Inch Wbox
Starrett No. 454 24 Vernier Height Gage Gauge
Starrett 579d Telescoping Gage New
Starrett No 269mb 269a Taper Gage Set
Starrett 995 Planer Shaper Gauge W Accessories Of 2 Posts Handle Case
Starrett No. 272b Radius Gage
Starrett Od Chamfer Gage 2090-em
Starrett Depth Gage Micrometer 445bz-6rl New In Box
Starrett Depth Gauge 0.0005-0.125
Vintage Starrett Planer Shaper Gage 246 With Box
Starrett Thickness Gage 66b
Starrett No. 246 Planer And Shaper Gage
Starrett 18 Vertical Vernier Gage No. 454
Vintage Starrett Radius Gage Set No.s167c Complete
Vtg.starrett No. 257c Surface Gage With 12 Spindle
Starrett 12 Vernier Depth Gage Model 448
The L.s. Starrett No. 5 Screw Pitch Gage Wbox Excellent Condition
Starrett No 599 Planer Shaper Gage With Wooden Case
Starrett - Digi - Check - Height Gage - No.258 - 24
Starrett 579e Telescoping Gage New