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Starrett Clamps

Starrett Parrallel Clamps 161c Pair
Lot 5 Vintage Toolmaker Machinist Parallel Clamps Starrett Brown Sharpe Etc
Starrett Clamps 161a Pair Mint Condition.
Starrett Parrallel Clamps 161c 1 Pair
Starrett Parallel Clamps 161e Mint
Starrett - No. 161a Parallel Clamps - One Pair Original Box
Starrett 161a Parallel Clamps 1 Pair Original Box
Starrett Parallel Clamps No. 161-e
Starrett No. 161 B Parallel Clamps
2 Vintage Starrett Co. 161-c 3 Inch Machinist Clamps
Starrett Parallel Clamp 161b 50595
Assorted Starrett Tools Parallel Clamp Revolution Counter Thread-pitch-gage
Starrett 161 E Clamp One Piece No Box
Starrett Clamps 161b Vintage Toolmakers Parallel Clamps In Box 1 Pair
Starrett Parallel Clamp 161-b 161-c 3 Total
L. S. Starrett Co. No.298 Key Seat Clamps Pair
Starrett Vintage 161a Toolmakers Parallel Clamps With Box
One Pair Starrett No. 161a  Parallel Clamps  2
Starrett Parallel Clamps 161-b 910c
Machinist Parallel Clamps Lot Of 4 Clamps 1 Starrett 3 Unmarked Usa
Starrett Machinist V Block Clamp No. 271
Lot Of 5 Machinist 3 Parallel Clamps Starrett Lufkin General Hardware
Vintage Ls Starrett Co V-block 567 Clamp Free Shipping
Pair Of L.s. Starrett Co. 161-c Parallel Machinist Clamps Used Tool
Starrett V Blocks With Clamp 268c With Box
Starrett No.161-c Parallel Clamp
2 Starrett No. 161-b Toolmakers Parallel Clamps As Pictured Free Shipping
Vintage Starrett No. 160 Toolmakers Steel Clamp And Parallel Clamp No 161 D
Misc. Machinists Lot Of Indicator Knuckles Clamps Starrett And Others
Two 2 L.s. Starrett Co. Parallel Clamps 161-a And One 1 Rule Scale Clamp
Pair Of L.s. Starrett Co. 196g Or 645g Machinist Clamps Tools
Machinist Parallel Clamps Lot Of 4 Clamps Starrett General Others. Usa
Vintage Set Of 2 Starrett No. 161-d - 2 34 Opening Clamps - 4 Long
Starrett - 161b Toolmakers Clamp 1.34in Capacity
Starrett Machinists Parallel Clamp Toolmaker Early Design
Starrett No. 161-d Parallel Clamps See Pictures For More Inf
Starrett 161c - Parallel Toolmakers Clamp Each 2-14 Capacity
Lot Of Starrett V Block Clamps 268a
Starrett 567 V Vee Block 2 Clamps Machinist Toolmaker Tool Tools
Vintage Starrett No.271 Drill Blocks Clamps-very Nice
Micropositioner Line Tool Co. Model B With 2 Starrett Heads
Vtg. Machinist Made Matched Vee Blocks Wstarrett 568 Clamps Nice Set
Starrett 568 Precision Ground V Blocks With Clamps Machinist Mill Fixture
1 Starrett Clamp W A Vee Block As Pictured Used
Vintage Lot Of 3 Machinist Clamps Including L.s. Starrett Co No 161 Aa
52591 Clamp - Model 568b
2 Starrett No. 161-e Toolmakers Parallel Clamps As Pictured Free Shipping
2 Starrett No. 567 Vee Blocks W Clamps As Pictured Used
Starrett Clamp As Pictured 3 Inch Throat Vee-groove Knurled Handle
Ls Starrett Co Pair Of Trammel Clamps
Starrett Parts Dovetail Body Clamp Plus Collet Adapter For Use In Chucks Snugs
Starrett No. 278 Set Of Matched V-blocks As Pictured Used W Clamps As Pictured
Starrett 38 Inch Body Clamp With 316 Inch Swivel Shank
Starrett Height Gage Attachment With Swivel Dovetail Body Clamp
52590 Vblock Clamp Set - Model 568a  Maximum Capacity Of Vee 2 Round 1-7
Starrett Matched Set Of No. 278 V-blocks As Pictured Used W Clamps As Pictured
Mint Starrett Dial Indicator Clamp Stand With .464 X 5-34 Post. 665g Usa
Starrett Dovetail Body Clamp With Fixed 14 In Rod For Dial Test Indicators
Starrett Matched Set Of No. 568 V-blocks As Pictured Used No Clamps As Pictured
Starrett V-blocks W Clamp No.268 Usa
Starrett 278 V-blocks And Clamps 1 Capacity Brand New
Starrett Dovetail Body Clamp With Collet Adapter For 708 709 811 Indicators
Used Starrett Body Clamp For No. 711 Last Word Dial Test Indicator As Pictured
Starrett V-blocks 1 Pair No. 278 Nos In Box With Clamps
The L.s.starrett Steel Machinist Parallel Clamps 16i-e
3 Starrett 161d Hardened Toolmaker Parallel Clamps
Starrett 657 Push Button Magnetic Base W Rods Pivot Clamp K19
Antique Ls Starrett Co Two No 271 V Blocks W Rod And Clamp
Starrett Swivel Snug Post Holder W 14 Hole 532 Hole Clamp Openings
Steel Machinist Parallel Clamps
Beautiful Starrett 278 V-blocks W Clamps P105
Starrett 161 C Parallel Clamp Set R73
Starrett Dovetail Clamp No. Pt22429 Body Clamp Indicator Attachment New In Box
L.s. Starrett No. 657 Push Button Magnetic Base With Rod Pivot Clamp Damaged
Starrett No.567 Toolmakers V-block And Clamp
Starrett 657 Push Button Magnetic Base W Rods Clamps
Starrett 161a Toolmakers Parallel Clamp
New Machinist Starrett 271 C Drill V Blocks And Clamp
Nos Machinist Tool Starrett No 711 No 28 29 30 Body Clamp 4 Dial Indicator
Starrett 3 Piece Rule Clamp Lot Machinist All For One Money
Starrett 298 Vintage Key Seat Rule Clamps 1-pair Nos Original Packaging
Starrett 161c Toolmakers Parallel Clamp
Starrett S668cz Shaft Alignment Clamp Set With Fitted Case
Vintage Starrett No. 299 Rule Clamp
Dial Indicator Clamp Bundle 3 Starrett 57s Snugs Lot Of 6 Large Free Shipping
Vintage Starrett 299 Rule Clamp No Owners Marks Machinist
Starrett 278 V-blocks With Clamps And Rod
New Starrett Button Indicator Clamp 196g 645g Machinist Tools 196 436 Millwright
L. S. Starrett 299 Rule Clamp
Starrett No.567 Toolmakers V-block And Clamp Machinist Vee Block
Vintage Lot Swivel Post Surface Gage Dial Indicator Clamp Starrett Bs Lufkin
F.e. Clugston Steel Machinist Parallel Clamp
4 Lot Machinists Toolsstarrett 4 Caliperunmarked V-block Small C Clamps
Starrett Webber Hda 4 Eccentric Clamp
Starrett Magnetic Indicator Base Swivel Post Snug With Clamp Use With 57 257c...
Shaft Alignment Clamp Starrett 668
Starrett 278 Precision V-block Set And Clamp Machinist Tool Milling Fixture Usa
Starrett Pt22428 Swivel Post Snug W Dovetail Indicator Clamp For Test Indicator