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Starrett Case

Starrett No. T230 Micrometer With Wood Case
Starrett 956 Case For 0-6 And 0-150mm Micrometer Set
Starrett Dial Test Indicator Model196 W Case
Starrett No. 120 6 6 Inch Dial Caliper Hard Case Made In The Usa
Starrett 124 Solid Rod Inside Micrometer Set 2-12 W Millers Falls Case
Starrett 384 Parallels Set Of 6 With Case No Etchings
Used Lss Starrett No. 445 Micrometer Depth Gage W 6 Rods In Original Wood Case
Starrett Vernier Depth Gage No. 448 With Wooden Case - Free Shipping
Empty Starrett Micrometer Clamshell Box Case
Starrett No. 708ma .002mm Test Indicator Set With Case 15a
0-6 .001 Dial Caliper Wcase Starrett 3202-6 Edp61467
Starrett No. 230 Micrometer 0-1 .0001 With Case And Box
Vintage Starrett Dial Indicator Set In Wooden Case
Starrett No. 199 Master Precision Level 15 In Wooden Case
Starrett 449 Blade Depth Micrometer 0-3 .001 W Case Complete No Etchings
Starrett Micrometer Storage Case 0-1 Micrometer Case 1 Case Only  New
Vintage Starrett No. 440 Micrometer Depth Gage W Red Case. Made In Usa
Starrett 124-c Micrometer With Case
Starrett No. 443 Half Base Depth Micrometer 4 Pc. Measuring Rods Wooden Case
Starrett No.436 Outside Micrometer Set W Central Tool Co. Case
Starrett 673 Precision Bench Micrometer W Case
1 New Starrett 1202f-6 Fractional Dial Caliper With Case 0-6
Starrett 196a1z Dial Test Indicator Kit Universal Back Plunger W Case Usa
Starrett 436 Outside Micrometer Set 0 To 6 In Wooden Case Great Condition
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer W Wood Case
Starrett 700a Inside Micrometer .200-1.200 W Case .001 Machinist Tools
Starrett Micrometer Storage Case 1-2 Micrometer Case  1 Case  New Sale
Starrett 912 Micrometer Case. Fits 22m5851212 Mics. Case Only New In Box
Starrett Depth 445 Micrometer In Wood Case Set 0 To 3
Starrett Depth Micrometer Wooden Case Only No Micrometer
Starrett Metric Depth Blade Micrometer 449m 0-75mm In Foam Lined Case
Starrett 445 0-6 Depth Mic Micrometer Kit With Case
Starrett 436 Outside Micrometer Set 0 To 6 In Beautiful Wooden Case
New Set Of 12 Starrett 436 Standard Outside Micrometers 0-12 Standards Case
Starrett Micrometer Storage Case  5-6 Micrometer Case  1 Case  New
Starrett Pocket Micrometer Model 1010 With Carrying Case No Signs Of Use
Vintage L.s. Starrett Machinist Outside Micrometer No. 231 W Case Tool Usa
Starrett No. 700a Inside Micrometer - .200 To 1.200 With Protective Case
Starrett Inside Micrometercase 10 Extensions
Starrett Depth Micrometer Wooden Case Only No Micrometer
Vintage Starrett No. 201 Micrometer With Case Made In Usa
Starrett 436mlr-50 Outside Micrometer With Case
Starrett N0. 210-a----0-1----point Outside Micrometer Wcase
Starrett 436 Micrometer 2-3 With Wood Case
Starrett Micrometer Storage Cases 123456 Cases 1 Each  6-cases New
Starrett 436p-2 Outside Micrometer New In Plasticwith Case
Starrett No. 224 - 2 To 6 Outside Micrometer Set - 2 - 6 Box Case Etc.
Vintage Starrette Dial Sheet Gauge No. 170 With Original Case
Starrett No. 232 Miniature 12 Outside Micrometer W Case .0001 No Engravings
Starrett 0-1 Inch Micrometer No 436xfl W Case - .0001 - Carbide Faces
Starrett 124a Solid Rod Inside Mic Micrometer 2-8 W Case
Starrett No. 2 Outside Micrometer 1-2 .001 Ratchet Stop Lock Nut With Case
Vintage Starrett No. 213 1-2in. Outside Micrometer W Case
Vintage L.s. Starrett No.2 Micrometer Kit With 1 Inch Std Disc Usa In Case
Starrett 823 Tubular Inside Micrometer 12-6 W Case
Vintage Starrett Machinist Micrometer No. 436 1 1 Inch Mitutoyo Case
Starrett Id Inside Micrometer No 124b W Case Box
Starrett Micrometer Storage Case 4-5 Micrometer Case  1 Case  New
Starrett Blade Depth Micrometer Set No. 449 With Case He1027981
Starrett 449 Depth Blade Micrometer Non Rotating 0-6 W Fitted Case Ex Cond
Starrett 0-1 Inch Micrometer No 436xrl W Case
Starrett 436 0-1 Micrometer In Case
Vintage L.s. Starrett Co. Micrometer 0-1 No. 230-f Friction Thimble Hard Case
Starrett 2m Micrometer With Fitted Case In Excellent Condition
Starrett Outside 0-12 Micrometer No.576 Woriginal Case Nice
Starrett T230rl-1 Micrometer Wcase .0001 No Engravings Machinist Tools
Starrett 5 To 6 Micrometer In Case
Starrett 436 10 - 11 In Micrometer Used Tested Working No Case
Starrett 0in To 1in 0-1 .0001 Micrometer No. 436-1in W Wooden Case
Starrett 942 Case Fit For 0-1 Digital Micrometer Range
Starrett 724 Interchangeable Outside Micrometer 18 - 24 With Original Case
Starrett 436mlr- 25 Outside Micrometer With Case
Vintage L.s. Starrett Micrometer Case With 247b Ball Attachment-no Micrometer
Starrett Micrometer Wcase 12 No. 122 122
Starrett Outside Micrometer No. 436 14-15 In Original Wooden Case
Starrett 6 Piece Standard Set 6-11 In Wooden Case.
Starrett 436 Outside Micrometer Set 0 To 6 In Brown Sharpe Wooden Case
Starrett Me Metric Vernier Caliper 300mm Wwood Case No.122m
Starrett No.436-1 In Outside Micrometer In Custom Wood Case
Starrett No. 436.1 1-2 Inch Micrometer With Custom Wooden Case
Vintage Starrett No.436 1 In Mechanical Machinist Micrometer 0001 With Case
L. S. Starrett 443z 0-6 Micrometer Depth Gage N Case
Starrett 230 0-1 Micrometer Carbide Faces .0001 Grad Ratchet Stop W Case
Large Starrett Outside Micrometer 48 To 54 In Case New Old Stock List 3562
Vintage Starrett 440-a Micrometer Depth Gauge With Case.
Starrettt 436 Micrometer Set 0-6 Inch With Factory Leather Over Wood Case
Vintage Starrett 209 1 Inch Caliper Micrometer Case
Used Starrett 1-2 T2 Outside Micrometer In Case
Starrett 0-1 Outside Digital Micrometer No. 734xfl Electronic Case
Starrett Inside Micrometer No. 436 1 Inch With Case And Wrench
Vintage Ls Starrett 445 Depth Micrometer Gage With Case And 4 Rods
Starrett 673 Direct Reading Bench Micrometer 0-2  Wadaptors.  In Wood Case
Vtg Starrett No. 445 Micrometer Depth Gage Set In Original Case Box Paperwork
Machinist Tools Lathe Starrett 124 Inside Micrometer Gage Gauge In Case Ui
Vintage Starrett Blade Depth Micrometer Original Wood Case
Used Starrett No. 823 Inside Micrometer With Case
Starrett 1 Mic No. 436-1 Along With What Appears To Be A Excellent Case 589
Starrett 128czz Wood Case Only For Inside Micrometer Set In Stock
Starrett 436 Micrometer 10 - 11 With Case