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Stancor Transformer

Transformer Tube Filament Pri. 115v. 60 Hz. Sec. 6.3 Volts 12 Amps Rms
Power Transformer Ct Bobbin Stancor P-8180 Primary 110v Secondary 24v E0131
New Stancor P-8645 Controlrectifier Transformer Primary 117v Secondary 25.2v
Stancor Pc-8406 Power Transformer New In Box
Stancor Swinging Choke Transformer C1404
Stancor Power Transformer P-8151 117v 60hz
Stancor P-6461 Control Transformer Pri 117vac Sec 10vct 10a
P-6376 Stancor Transformer 115-230 Volts 50-60 Hertz New Old Stock
Stancor P-6411 Isolation Transformer 115v 5060hz 15va New In Box
Stancor Transformer P-8609
Stancor Rt-202 Nsfp Rt202 Transformer 117 To 12 To 29.8 V 4 Watts Or
Stancor Isolation Transformer Gisd-150 230 V 5060 Hz 1197b
Stancor Pm-8406 325-0-325 650v Ct 5v 6.3v Ct Tube Power Transformer - New Os
Stancor Transformer P-8672
Stancor Transformer P-8664 Used
Stancor P-8666 Transformer Pri 117vsec 24v 12a - Made In Usa
Stancor Control Transformer P-6456 117107 V Primary 6.3 Center Tap New In Box
Stancor P-8642 Control Transformer
Stancor Transformer P-8623 115230v Volt 2 A Amp
New Stancor Sw-428 Transformer Pri 115v Sec 1428 V
Stancor Transformer Tg30-20 Pri 115230v 5060hz
Vintage Stancor Transformer P-6289 420v 40ma 6.3v 2a 5v 2a All Ct New In Box
Stancor P-8662 Transformer Pri 117volt 50-60hz 1500v Rms Sec 24v Ct 2a
Essex Stancor P-8664 Control Transformer 117v Primary 24v Secondary
Stancor Transformer 12v X 3 0.5a P-8364 Nos 12ax7 Tube Heater Qty 20 Pcs Lot
Stancor Control Transformer P-8662 Pri 117 Volts Sec 24 Volts C.t 2 Amps New
Stancor Transformer P-8364 117vac In 3x12v Out Ham Amateur Radio Tube Nos
Stancor Control Transformer P-6387
Stancor Transformer P-8388 117v Volt 25.2v 2.8a Amp
Ttpc-6 Stancor Telephone Coupling Transformer..nos In Box
Stancor Rectifier Transformer Rt-204 117v 5060
Stancor Control Transformer P-8691 18vct 1.0a
Stancor P-8639 Transformer Auto Config Enclosed 1 Freq 5060hz Pri 115vac
Stancor P-8647 Transformer 117 Volt Primary 50-60 Hz To 24 Volt Secondary 10a
Stancor Control Transformer P-6378 Pri 115230v Single Phase Sec 12v 4a New
Stancor P-8622 Isolation Transformer 115v 5060hz
Stancor P-8609 Transformer 117v New No Box
2x Stancor P-8388 Control Transformers - New Old Stock Nos
Stancor Power Transformer Rt-401 Pri. 117v Sec. 24-59v C.t New
Stancor Pc-8406 Power Transformer New In Box
P-8618 Stancor Transformer Power 96va 115230v 24vct 2a 1 Unit Nib
Stancor Filament Transformer P-8385 New
Stancor P-6465 Control Transformer
Stancor Transformer P-8612 117v 5060hz Lot Of 3
Stancor Control Transformer P-8357
Vintage Nos Stancor A-8105 Speaker Matching Transformer
Stancor Transformer 9551a2 115v230v
Stancor Dsw-532 Transformer 115-230v 5060 Hz 1ph. 5678 16v. 375 A
Stancor Transformer P-6378 115230v
Stancor P-6429 Filament Transformer Used
Stancor P-8394 24vct 85 Ma Filament Control Transformer - Pulls
Stancor Isolation Transformer Gisd 100va Stepdown 115 Volt 5060hz
Stancor Transformer P-8664
New Stancor Controlrectifier Transformer  P-8670 117v To 28v Sec 6a
Stancor 8403 Control Transformer
Vintage Nos Stancor P-6412 Isolation Transformer 4190
Vintage Stancor Model P-8621 Rectifier Power Transformer W Box
Stancor Rectifier Transformer Rt-204 117v 5060
Stancor P-6461 Control Transformer W Terminal Strip 117 Vac Primary
1 Used Stancor P-5016 Transformer Make Offer
Stancor P-8666 Transformer Used
Stancor Control Transformer P-6134 New In Box
New Stancor P-6433 Transformer P6433 117 Volt Pri. 50-60 Cy 5 Volts Sec. 15 Amps
Stancor Ta-12 Miniature Audio Transformer
Stancor - P-8663 - Transformer - 24sec 5060hz Pri 117 3.13in
Stancor Transformer P-8641 117v 5060hz
Vintage Stancor P6134 Filament Transformer Pri 117 Vac Sec 6.3v1.2a Nos
Stancor P-8150 Transformer Nib Surplus
New Stancor Transformer Cv-8120 494c7 Eia 831 8520 831-b Cv8120 Eia8315820
Stancor Transformer 12vac P-8391
Stancor P-8193 Transformer
New Stancor P6406 Transformer Pri 115240v Sec 115v
Stancor Step-up Transformer P-8640 120240 Vac 500va Free Shipping
Stancor Power Transformer 12.6 Vac Model P-8130
Stancor Gis-150 Isolation Transformer
Stancor P8666 Rectifier Power Transformer 24 Volt 12 Amp
Stancor P-8666 Rectifier Power Transformer Chassis Pri 117v 5060hz
Stancor P-8363 Control Transformer 117v New In Box
Stancor P-8678 Power Transformer New No Box
Stancor Tp-3 Power Supply Transformer New No Box
Stancor Isolation Transformer Side Winder 12 Va 2 X 18v 700 Ma 1 X 115v
Stancor Control Transformer P-8364
Stancor P-8659 Control Rectifier Transformer
3pcs. Stancor Controlrectifier Transformer P-8673 117v 5060hz Free Shipping
Stancor Power Transformer Universal Rectifiers Rt-202
Essex Stancor P-8664 Control Transformer 117v Primary 24v Secondary
Stancor Auto Transformer Gsd-350 230v 5060hz P9608
Vintage Stancor P-6461 Filament Transformer Power Amplifier
New Stancor Gisd-100 Control Transformer 230 Volt X 115 Volt 100 Va
Stancor P-8665 Control Transformer P8665 117 Vac Primary 24 V Secondary
Stancor P-8384 Transformer 117 Vac
Stancor P-8150 Power Transformer New In Box
Stancor Filament Transformer P-6469
Stancor P-6134 Filament Transformer. New In The Box 6.3 Volts 1.2 Amps Ham Radio
Stancor P-6133 Filament Transformer
P-8652 Stancor Transformer Pri 117v 50-60 Hz Sec 10v Ct 1amp
Stancor P-6466 Control Transformer New In Box
New Stancor Control Transformer P-8560 Fast Shipping Warranty