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Scherr Tumico Square

Scherr-tumico Tubular Solid Rod Inside Micrometer Set .001 Machinist Tools
Scherr Tumico Interchangeable Solid Rod Inside Micrometer 1.5-12.5 Range
Vintage Tumico St. James Minn. Combination Square.
Scherr Tumico Solid Frame Micrometer Set Of 2 Pieces 3-4 5-6
Scherr Tumico 0-1 Solid Frame Ratcheting Outside Micrometer 0.001
Scherr Tumico 4-5 Solid Frame Outside Micrometer 0.0001 Grad W Woode Case
Scherr Tumico F-362 8 Squaring Right Angle Fixture 11 Adjustable Post