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Ratio Transformer

Radio Shack Audio Isolation Transformer 11 Coil Turns Ratio 273-1374 New
1pc Triad Magnetics Current Transformers 1500 Ratio 30a Cse187l Buy2get1free
Transfab Current Transformer Et 5841 Ratio 40001 New Take Out
Ge Type Jkm-5 Current Transformer 631x14 Ratio 505 15hkv 110kv Bil Used
Veris Split Core Transformer Ratio 12005a
Westinghouse Type Ptom Potential Transformer 249a616g07 Ratio 1001 110kv Bil
Abb Current Transformer Cbt-h Ratio 4005a 60hz Used
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer 360-402 Ratio 40005a Used
Square D 2nr-201 Current Transformer 2005 Ratio Window Used
Ge Type Jvm-5 Voltage Transformer 670x6 Ratio 601 110kv Bil Pri7200v 60hz
Crompton Current Transformer 816-943 Ratio 5005a Used
Allen-bradley Voltage Transformer 80025-238-01 Ratio 2400-120 50 Kv Bil
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer 139-302 Ratio 30005a 50-400hz
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 450-480 Ratio 41 Pri460v Used
Cutler-hammer Potential Transformer 4714a56h06 Ratio 411 Pri 480v 7.5va Used
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer 788-202 20005a Ratio 600v
Eil Current Transformer 189-010 Ratio 105a 50-400hz 600hz 10kv Bil Used
Electro Magnetic Potential Transformer Pt145-1.73 Pri 208v Sec 120v Ratio1.731
Ge Type Jvm Voltage Transformer 643x92 Ratio 351 Pri 4200v 50-60hz Used
Abbott Magnetics Corp. Potential Transformer 460-480 Ratio 41 600v 50-400hz
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 470-480 Pri 480v 41 Ratio 5060hz
Siemens Type Fp Voltage Transformer 61-300-010-072 Pri7200v Ratio 601 95kv Bil
Ge Type Jvm-5 Potential Transformer 670x43 Pri 7200v Ratio 601 110kv Bil Used
Bicron Current Transformer Eu1b6682-2005 Ratio 2000 5a Used
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 460-288 Ratio 2.41 Pr288v Used
Ge Jvm-3 Potential Transformer 763x21g52 Pri 2400 V Ratio 201 60 Kv
Square D Voltage Transformer 460r-120 Ratio 120120v 10kv Bil 600v 60hz Used
Pmc Potential Transformer 460-480 Ratio 41 Pri 480v Used
Flex-core Current Transformer Fc-8005-r Ratio 8005a Used
Square D Current Transformer 270r-302 Ratio 30005 Pri Turns 1 600v New Surplus
Fpe Ptm-6 Potential Transformer 2753a0663 Pri 288v Ratio 2.41 Used
Allen-bradley Current Transformer Plate 80025-158-08 Ratio 75-5 60kv Bil 60hz
Vintage Singer Ratio Transformer St-200a Calibration Lab Asset Instrumentation
Instrument Transformers Voltage Transformers T-0215 Ratio 351 Pri 4200v
Westinghouse Type Emp -0.6 Potential Transformer 254a476g03 Ratio 41 Pri480v
Fpe Type Ptm-6 Potential Transformer 2755a0663 10kv Bil Ratio 41 Pri 480 Used
D-k Electric Potential Transformer 3vt471-480-120 Ratio 41 Pri480v 60hz Used
Westinghouse Current Transformer 668c603h05 Ratio 3005 Bil 10kv Used
Crompton Current Transformer 811-943 Ratio 505a
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 2vt-460-480ff Ratio 41 Pri 480v
Astra Current Transformer 571 Ratio 100020005a 10kv Bil 60hz Used
Ge Jvm-3 Potential Transformer 643x87 Pri 2400 V Ratio 201 750 Va
Wicc Ratio 20005 Current Transformer B2000b1l48 Kv .6 Onan 302-0645
Westinghouse Current Transformer 757b429h03 Ratio 10005 10kv Bil Bussing Style
Ge Type Jvm-5 Voltage Transformer 670x44 Ratio 701 Pri 8400v 110kv Bil 60hz
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 3vt468-069ff Ratio .581 New Surpl
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 465-208 Ratio 1.731 Used
Gertsch Ac Ratio Standard Transformer Model 1009 Vintage
Hammond Type Vm50 Voltage Transformer 133432 Ratio 4800120 50kv Bil 60hz Used
Electromagnetic Industries Current Transformer 180-101 Ratio 1005a Bil 10kv
Astra Type Tab Current Transformer 209 Ratio 8005a Used
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 456-120f Pri 120v 11 Ratio 500va
Instrument Transformer Potential Transformer 460-480 Ratio 41 Pri 480v 50-60hz
Cutler-hammer Potential Transformer 460-480 Pri 480 Ratio 41 Used
Cutler-hammer Potential Transformer 42-3525-7 Pri 480 Ratio 41 Used
Square D Voltage Transformer 450r-288 Ratio 288210v 750va 600v Used
Westinghouse Viy-60 Voltage Transformer 77525a52g01 Ratio--201
Process Measurement Co. Potential Transformer 456-288 Pri 288v 2.41 Ratio
Allen-bradley Current Transformer 80025-159-09 Ratio 100-5 60 Kv Bil Used
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 468-480 Pri 480v 41 Ratio 7.5va
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer 130-302 Ratio 30005a 600v Used
Ailtech 4137 Ratio Transformer Br
Ge Current Transformer 631x29 Ratio 2005a Used
Westinghouse Type Pc-60 Potential Transformer 2780a96g02 Ratio 351 1 Pair
New Current Transformer Ratio 5005a 10 Kv 600v 194-501
Kato Current Transformer 858-86538-80 Ratio 1505a Used
Instrument Transformer Ptw5-1-110-123s 1001 Ratio Potential Transformer
Cat - 560-302 - Instrument Transformers Ct 30005 Ratio 30005 A 3.25x4.25
19sht-102 Current Transformer Ratio 10005 A Rf 1.33 Acc B0.2 50-400hz 600v
Square D Current Transformer 270r-252 Ratio 25005 Bil 10kv Used
Instrument Transformers Current Transformers 120-302 Ratio 30005a 10kv Bil Used
Ratio 8005 A. Current Transformer 76 Rl-801 Onan 302-1866-13 Nos
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 465-300 Pri 300v 2.51 Ratio
Instrument Transformers Potential Transformer 450-240 Ratio 21 Pri 240v
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer 139-502 50005a Ratio 600v 50-400hz
Spang Transformer Dcct2 120v 60hz Ratio 40001a Used
Current Transformer Ratio 30005 3 In 1 Or 3 Phase 20.5 X 7.5 X 1.75 New
Kele Current Transformer 500t-041x071-162 Ratio 16005a 50-400hz 600v Used
W.i.c.c Current Transformer 546-100t Ratio 1005a Used
Instrument Transformers Current Transformer Y25645-006-01 Ratio 1005 Used
Instrument Transformers Ground Fault Sensor 75a105929p103 Ratio 40005a 600v
Wicc Current Transformer D100b3 Ratio 1005 50-400 Hz Used
Westinghouse Type Cla-10 Current Transformer 605a061g03 Ratio 12005a Used
Iti 2505 Ratio Current Transformer
Westinghouse Type Ptm-110 Potential Transformer 882a603g06 Ratio 701 60hz Used
Bicron Current Transformer Eu1b2719 P117 Ratio 40005a Used
Wicc Current Transformer D150b3 Ratio 1505 50-400hz Used
Ge Type Jah-0 Current Transformer 837x69 Ratio 30005a 600v 25-400hz Used
Ge Jct-0 Current Transformer 750x23g102 Ratio 2005a Bil 10kv Used
Ite Current Transformer Mcs21-c71-1344-118 Ratio 75-5a 14 Kva
Instrument Transformer Current Transformer 76rbl-251 Ratio 2505 50-400hz Used
Allen-bradley Current Transformer Plate 80025-158-10 Ratio 150-5 60kv Bil 60hz
Isolation Frequency Transformer Turns Ratio 11
Transformer Potential 480v Type 467 Ratio 41 10kv By Instrument Transformer
Cutler-hammer Current Transformer 7494a73h17 Ratio 40005 Used
Ge Type Jvm-3 Voltage Transformer 643x90 Ratio 351 Pri 4200v 60kv Bil Used
Instrument Transformer Current Transformer 56rbl-151 1505a Ratio 60-400hz Used
Westinghouse Type Emp -0.6 Potential Transformer 254a476g02 Ratio 2.41 Used