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Railroad House Jacks

Antique R. S. I. Mfg Co 2-12x16 Railroad House Barn Lifting Screw Jack Tool
2 Vintage Antique Giant 3 X 24 Screw Lifting Railroad House Barn 30 Ton Jack
Vintage Antique Cast Iron Screw Type Railroad House Barn Jack Yard Decor Heavy
Buda Cast Iron Ratchet Railroad House Barn Jack
Duff Barrett No. 519 House Railroad Truck 15 Ton Jack Simxplex Swett Screw Jack
Vintage Antique Huge Cast Iron 2 X12 Screw Type Railroad House Barn Jack
Vintage Simplex 2 X 14 Screw Jack House Barn Railroad
Vintage B.c.i Co Screw Jack Cast Iron Bridge Railroad House Antique Large 57 Lbs
Simplex Cast Iron Jack 1 14 Screw By 12 Railroad House Barn Foundation Tool
Screw Jack 1-14 X 8 Truck House Railroad Tractor
Rail Road And House Screw Jack 8 -10 Height
Nice Simplex 2-12 X 18 Screw Jack 24-ton House Barn Railroad
Duff-norton 3510-g-1 Jack 35 Ton 5 Stroke Steel Jack House Raise Railroad
Rare Vintage Antique Cast Iron Ratcheting Gear Railroad House Barn Jack Japan