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Optem Zoom 70 .75x Optical High Resolution Inspection Lens 29-95-91fiber Cable
Optem Motorized Optical Zoom Lens System With Genwac Camera
Optem Zoom 70 29-96-91
Optem 25705456 - C-mount .38x 13 Chip Camera
Optem 80-01-08-000 A-zoom2 40x Microscope Head
Optem 200 70xl Objective Lens
Nikon Microscope Optem Hf-65 Bench Scope
Optem Zoom 65 Microscope Inspection Lens 29-60-13
Optem Dc50nn Microscope 0.5x C-mount Coupler New
Optem International 80-00-81-000 29-90-72 Hf Video Microscope
Optem Zoom 70 Optical Zoom Lens
Optical Microscope Inspection Optem Beam Splitter Tw033099 Optics Binq1-14
Optem 65 Zoom Microscope 0.7-4.5 Factor W 0.5x Lens C Mount
Optem 29-60-73 Illuminator
Optem Zoom 100 Zoom100 301310 301110 301703 Microscope Magnification System
Optem A-zoom 2 Microscope Model 48-40-42-16
Optem Zoom 70xl 71 Micro-inspection Zoom Lens System
Optem 29908629-90-86-000 Tv Tube 0.5x Right Angle
Optem 29-90-10 Zoom 65 Video Microscope With 25-70-83 Camera Coupler
Optem Dc50lp Microscope 0.5x C-mount Coupler New For Leica Scopes
Microscope Part Optical Optem Ftm200 Video Inspection Optics As Is Binq1-16
Optem 29-65-19.6x Industrial Zoom 70 Microscope System
Optem Zoom 125 Automated Motorized Modular Lens System Module
Optem 29-60-02 Illuminator Light Source
Optem International Dig1003 Assembly Two Sony Ccd Color Cameras 4207
Optem 28-90-77 Hv Video Microscope Stage
Optem - Adapter Right Angle Tv Tube
Optem 25701756 - C-mount 1x C To C
Optem 29-60-73 Illuminator Light Source
Optem Zoom 100d 2 Attachment Lens Units
Optem 29-95-84 Zoom 70 Lens
Optem International 29-60-31 Fiber Optic L-cam Ring
Optem Ftm 250 Industrial Lab Black Video Microscope Attachment Optical Lens Unit
Optem 1x Dc10ln Leitz Leica Lab Microscope Head Lens Camera Coupler Adapter Unit
Optem Zoom 70xl With Vexta Motor And Allied Firewire Camera
Optem Zoom 70 Optical Zoom Lens With 90 Degrees Optical Angle Look Ref. G
Optem International 25-81-01 Hf Video Microscope Electroglas 4085x Horizon Used
Optem Zoom Lens 70xl Micro Inspection 71
Optem International Microscope Coupler 1x Sc10 25-70-17 F Clamp 25-70-13
Optem Laboratory 29-90-90 Adjustible Optical Zoom Beam Tube Lens
Optem 29-90-81  Set Of 2
Optem 29-69-02 Micro-inspection Fiber Optic Lamphouse Polarizer Lens C-mount
Optem 25-80-49
Optem Zoom 65 Microscop Inspection Lens
Optem 29-96-91 Zoom 70 .75x Optem 29-90-72 Unit
Nikon Optem Coarse Fine Focus Drive Assy Good Fully Useable Condition
Optem Hf-165 Microscope Body Wfiber Nob 28-90-21 In Original Box
Optem Fc30 - Module Focuscoax With 30mm W.d.
Optem Zyg1003 Zoom
Optem Microscope Hr50 257158 Focusing Camera 6 Clamp Adapter 25-70-77 Zeiss
Optem Zoom 70xl 29-60-31 Lau1070 A 49373 Lens
Optem International Lens Optical System C14160
Nikon Optem Coarse Fine Focus Drive Assy Nice Condition
Optem Zoom 65 Wat-902a
Microscope Part Camera Optem Adapters Optics V9-01
Optem - Focus Internal
Industrial Vision Source Video Microscope Api Zoom Lens With Optem Fo Illuminato
Optem 25-70-49 Video Inspection 0.5x Attachment Microscope Part Optics 33-b-16
Optem 29-90-71-000 - Tube Tv .67x
Photon Gear Scan Lens Pn 130006 Pulnix Navitar Optem Nikon Lu Plan
10060 Optem Zoom 125 Microscope Head Lens W 2.0x 299080 301310
Optem Zoom 70xl
Optem Hrt33 257155 3 Clamp 25-70-94 S 256020 Lens With 7 Day Warranty
Microscope Optem Camera Adapter Optics Binj5-12
Optemexcelitas Zoom 70xl With .375x Tube Lens And .5x Aux Lens C-mount
Optem Zoom 70 W Watec Wat-202b Camera
Optem Zoom 160 With Teli Full Hd Camera 1.5x Objective Lens 331220 303111
Optem Zoom 65 Lens W Optem Rl102596 Adapter
1139 Used Optem Zoom 70xl
Optem Zoom125 Case
Optem Zoom 70 29-96-91 Microscope Attachment Thorlabs Optics 316
Optem Microscope Assembly 02anp440 With Optem Xl Sn 006729-90-71arg0
Optem Zoom 100 30-11-11 Microscope Head Iris 301111
New Optem Zoom 100d 29-69-11 Camera
Optem Microscope C-mount Camera H Clamp Adapter 25-70-22 Inner Lens 25-70-03
Optem Sc38nf 0.38x C-mount Coupler For Nikon Microscopes
Optem M Plan Apo 2x 0.055 F200
Optem 0.5x Zoom 70xl 0.25 Lens Sony Xc-hr70
1pcs Used Optem Zoom 70xl Microscope Machine Vision Lens 0.1875-1.3125 Times
Optem Lamp Link2
Optem Zoom 70 25-70-58 W Optem Clamp 25-70-89
Optem Ga061504 A-45387 Lens Sensor
Used Optem 330200 331230 304510 Coaxial Optical Zoom Telecentric Lens
Optem Hf Video Microscope Camera 25-81-01 Zoom 65
Optem Orb1019 Microlens Adapter
Optem 25-81-01 Hf Video Microscope W Ccd Camera Power Supply Cable
1pcs New Optem Dual.exe3-month Warrantyship Dhl
Optem Dig1003 Optics Module Assembly Unit For Two Microscope Cameras
Optem Dig1003 Optic Module From Veeco Uvx210
Optem 30-47-39 304739 Motorized Lens
Optem Zoom 70 Lens 29-66-91
Optem Model Number 37-15-07
1pcs Optem Zoom 100d Zoom Lens
Optem Hf-165 Microscope Used Working 90 Day Warranty
1234 Used Optem Zoom 70xl 29-90-72
Optem 2.0x Ra Zoom 70xl 39-65-15 0.25 Lens
Optem International Hf-65 Microscope Parts