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Narda 769-30 High Rf Coaxial Attenuator 150w 30db Dc-6ghz
Narda 769-30 High Power Attenuator 150w Max Input Power Used
Narda-miteq Tb0440lw1 Triple Balanced Mixer 4-40 Ghz Sn 545277
Narda 765-3 Coaxial Attenuator Dc To 5.0 Ghz 50 W - New
Narda 4226-10 Directional Coupler 0.5 To 18ghz 10db Qty Available Guaranteed
3 Narda 70035 .3-18ghz Broadband Isotropic Electromagnetic Radiation Meter Probe
Narda 26737 Power Divider 6 Way 0.5-18.0ghz
New Narda 4491 Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor 0.1 - 26.5ghz 10mw 3.5mm
Narda 4436-4 4436-2 Power Dividers Lot Of 8
Narda 8616 Radiation Meter
L3 Narda Miteq Model Dn-w-6-1.2-inv-lc Test Translator
Narda 769-30 High Rf Coaxial Attenuator 150w 30db Dc-6ghz
Narda Sma Type In-line Attenuators
Narda 4436-8power Divide New Free Shipping
Narda 8718b Field Strength Meter And A8722d Fcc Shaped Probe
Narda 4798 Variable Attenuator 0 - 20db 7 - 18ghz
Narda Attenuator Model 791fm Type N Connectors 2 - 12.4 Ghz 0 - 37.5 Dbm
3041-30 Narda  Attenuator New Old Stock
Narda Model 491 Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor 50 Mhz To 18 Ghz Pwr 10
Narda 26298 20db 150w Fixed Attenuator Dc-1ghz Type N Connector Female
Narda Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor Model 466b
Nardal3 267344226-10 Coaxial Directional Coupler 0.5-18 Ghz 10 Db Mil-spec
Narda 060-d0-a3d Switch Rf Coxial Dc To 18 Ghz Sp6t 50 Ohm Opt. 4c2 28vdc
Lot Of 9 Narda Coaxial Switches Models Sem163t Sem123t W Connector
Narda Sem143 Rf Coaxial Switch Dc-18 Ghz
Narda Sem163t 18 Ghz Coaxial Rf Switch 28vdc Qty 6 Rackmount
Tested Narda 765-20 Power Attenuator 50w 20db
L3 Narda Miteq Model Veq-1-70 Variable If Equalizer
Narda 2- Way Power Divider Model5456-2 2-18ghz Apc7
Lot Of 17 Anaren Narda Balanced Modulator Coupler Power Divider Mixer
Narda Sem020-24 Coaxial Sma Rf Switch 24vdc Dc-18 Ghz
Narda 085-d3y-a1h-1c2 Rf Coaxial Switch Dc-18 Ghz 1 In 8 Out 15vdc
Narda 8820 Smart Series 0.5 To 18 Ghz Electromagnetic Radiation Sensor. Tested
25681-2 Narda Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor Attenuator New Old Stock
Narda 3045c-20 Directional Coupler Frequency 7-12.4 Ghz
Narda 3001-30 Directional Coupler 460 To 950 Mhz 30db Rf Type N
L3 Narda Miteq Model Dn-w-6-1.2-inv Test Translator Frq 6.175-1.2 Ghz
Narda S3 Like Specific Absorption Rate Sar Current Meter
Narda Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor 8616 Geiger
Narda Power Divider Model 3324-2 2 - 8 Ghz
Narda 369bnf High Power Coaxial Termination 0.7 To 18.0 Ghz 175 W
Narda Model 4015c-10 7 - 12.4 Ghz
Nu Narda Switch Fscm 99899 Rf Coaxial D62-b1237-a1d-1a1
Narda Assorted Power Dividers Couplers 4216-10 4242-10 4321c-4 Lot Of 10
Narda 40db 2w Fixed Attenuator Dc-12.4ghz Model 757c-40db Type N Qty.3
Narda Loral Cel8450rd Cellguard Continuous Power Vswr Monitor
Narda Switch Rf Coaxial Dc - 18.0 Ghz Sem143dt
Narda 376bnm 40 Watt Termination Dc 12.4 Ghz Type N Coaxial Termination
Narda 5082-01 Precision High Directivity Bridge 2-18 Ghz With Stand
Narda 3024 Bi-directional Coaxial Coupler 4.0 To 8.0 Ghz 20 Db
Narda Mod 26280b Integrated Thermocouple Power Monitor 9526
L3 Narda-miteq Model Dcb4000 40ghz Dc-block
Narda Coaxial Directional Coupler 3039-20 125-250 Ghz
Narda 765a-6 6 Db Attenuator 50 Watts Dc-5 Ghz Nmf Type N
Narda Model 768f-10 Coaxial Attenuator 0-11ghz P-20w
Narda Microline Model 5293 Broadband High Directivity Coupler 1 - 12.4 Ghz
Narda 3022 Bi-directional Coaxial Coupler 1.0 To 4.0 Ghz 20 Db
New Narda 309623379 7mm Precision High-directivy Directional Coupler 8.5-18 Ghz
Narda Lnr L3 Cel30403 Rf Coaxial Power Divider Combiner
Narda Microwave Coaxial Directional Coupler 3044-10
L3 Narda 5-c58047-1 Reference Oscillator Assy. Rf New
Narda Coaxial Directional Coupler 3042-10 Vintage
Narda Switch Rf Coaxial Dc-18ghz 28vdc -- Sem143dt -- Used
Narda 8718 Field Strength Meter And A8722d Fcc Shaped Probe
Narda A8722d E-field Probe
Narda 20db 50w Fixed Attenuator Dc-5ghz Model 765-20 Type N
Narda 4772-20 20db Weinschel 32j 10db Rf Attenuator Lot Of 9
Assorted Narda 4321c Splitters Amplifier Meca Cs-0.750 Circulator Lot Of 4
Narda A8722d E-field Isotropic Probe
Narda 120a4 Precision Calibrated Attenuator Kit
Narda Model 4244-20 Directional Coupler
Narda Model 30238 Sn 0037 Coaxial Directional Coupler .460-.950 Ghz
Narda 3324-4 Power Divider 2-8 Ghz 30 Watts Type N F With Warranty
Narda Model 4324-2 Power Divider 2-8ghz
Narda 4016d-10 Directional Coupler 12.4-18 Ghz
Narda 3000-10 Coaxial Directional Coupler T46423
Narda 765-10 10 Db Coaxial Fixed Attenuator 50w Dc-5 Ghz Type N Mf Rf
Narda 3042b-30 0.92-2.2 Ghz 30db Coaxial Directional Coupler
Narda Model 30238 Sn 0041 Coaxial Directional Coupler .460-.950 Ghz
Narda Microline 8315a Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor With 8321 Probe
Narda 4324-4 Coaxial Power Divider Splitter 2-8 Ghz Rf
Narda Model 30238 Sn 0047 Coaxial Directional Coupler .460-.950 Ghz
Narda Model 30238 Coaxial Directional Coupler .460-.950 Ghz
Narda Switch Rf Coaxial 24vdc 6060-d0-a1c-7c2 Blocking Matrix
Narda 27127 Directional Coupler 4 To18 Ghz -29.5 Db
Narda 410-10 Standard Reflection Wr90 8.20-12.4ghz 1.222vswr Free Shipping
Narda Nar1950 Nar-1950 Brand New
Narda Afd41a8020-07 Npn-941415 Antenna Module
Narda Sem133 Rf Coaxial Switch Dc-18 Ghz
Narda Power Divider 2 - 8 Ghz Model 4324-2
Narda Broadband Isotropic Radiation Monitor
L3 Narda Miteq Model 4314-2 Microwave Rf Power Divider 2-way 4-8ghz Smaf
Narda 3042b-30 0.92-2.2 Ghz 30db Coaxial Directional Coupler
Dc-36 Narda 3202b-20 1-12.4 Ghz 16 Db N Type Coupler  Tested With Plot
Narda Coaxial Directional Coupler 0.125-0.250ghz -- 3039-20 -- Used
Narda 201b-2 Directional Coupler Wr187 3.95-5.85ghz Nf Avco Free Shipping
Lnr L3 Narda Up Converter 70 Mhz To L Band 875-1450 Mhz