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Motorola Uhf

Motorola Xts3000 Model Ii Uhf 450-520mhz P25 S-split Two Way Radio
Motorola Ht1000 Uhf 438-482 Mhz 16-channel H01rdc9aa3an Two Way Narrowband Radio
Motorola Mototrbo Xpr 6550 Uhf 450-512 Mhz Wcharger Xpr
Motorola Cp110 Rdx Uhf 450-470mhz 16ch Security Portable Radio With Display
Motorola Xpr6550 Uhf Portable Aah55qdh9la1an 406-470 Mhz
Motorola Mt2000 Uhf 450-520 Mhz 160 Channel 4 Watt Portable Radio H01sdh9aa7an4
Motorola Remote Cdm1250 Mobile Uhf 450-512 Mhz 40w 64 Chan Aam25skd9pw2an
Motorola Mt2000 Uhf 450-520mhz 160 Channel 4 Watt H01sdh9aa7an Charger Battery
Motorola Mts 2000 Uhf1 403-470 Includes Charger Programming And New Battery
Motorola Cdm1250 Uhf Uhf Band 403 512mz Aam25rhd9aa2an Radio
Motorola Ht1000 Uhf 16 Channel Radio
Motorola Mts 2000 Uhf1 403-470 Radio Only Includes Programming
Motorola Mototrbo Xpr4550 Uhf 403-470 Mhz 1000 Ch Digital Used
Motorola Mcs2000 Uhf Model 2 100 Watts 403-470 Ham
Motorola Mcs2000 Uhf Model Ii 450-520 Smartzone
New Motorola Mcs2000 Model Iii Mobile Two Way Radio Uhf 450-512mhz M01skn9pw6an
Chicago Cta Rail Rcvr Motorola Ht1000 Uhf 16 Chan Radio D Series Narrowband
Motorola Xts3000 Uhf Model I 403-470 Mhz Radio Charger 2 Batteries Mic
Motorola Mt2000 Uhf 403-478mhz 160 Channel 4 Watt Portable Radio H01rdh9aa7an
Motorola Mcs2000 Uhf Model 2 100 Watts 403-470 Ham 3 M01rlm9pw6bn M01hx627w
Motorola Xpr 6550 Two Way Uhf Radio Model Aah55qdh9la1an W New Charger And Mic
Motorola Ht1250 Ls Uhf 450-512 Mhz 4w 16ch Waccs Used Refurbished
Motorola Xts3000 Uhf Model Iii 403-470 Mhz Radio
Motorola Cp200 Aah50rdc9aa1an Uhf Two-way Radio 403-470 Mhz 4 Channel 4 Watt
Motorola Mts2000 Uhf 450-520mhz Wbatt Charger
Motorola Cp110 Uhf 450-470mhz 16ch H96rcf9aa2ba Warehouse Business Radio Only
Motorola Cdm1250 Uhf 40 Watts 64 Ch 403-470 Mhz Ham
Motorola Rdx Rdu2020 Uhf Two-way Radio Refurbished. 2 Watts 2 Channels
Motorola Mt2000 Uhf Programmed To Recieve Chicago Police Zones City Wides
Motorola Astro Spectra Uhf 450-482 Imbe P25
Motorola Xts5000 Xts3000 Mt2000 Jedi Vhf Uhf Commander Ii Speak Mic Rmn5089a Nib
Motorola Pm400 Uhf 438-470mhz 64ch 40w Two Way Mobile Base Kit Aam50rpf9aa3an
Motorola Astro Spectra Uhf P25 Trunking Radio 450-482mhz Ham W Rib And Cps
Motorola Cdm1550ls Gmrs Uhf 25 Watt Base Radio Wfree Programming
Motorola Astro Saber P25 1 Meg Uhf 450-512mhz H04sdf9pw7an Gmrs Tested
Pair Of Motorola Sport 10x Gmrs Uhf Radios With Mics
Motorola Ht1000 Uhf H01rdc9aa3bn 403-470 Mhz 16 Chan Hampublic Svcs
Motorola Rdx Series Rdu4100 Cp200 Cp110 Uhf 2-way
Motorola Ht1000 Uhf 438-482 Mhz 16-channel Narrow Band Wide Band Two-way Radio
Lot 2 Motorola Cdm1550 Ls Uhf Mobile Radio 25 Watt 450-512 Mhz Aam25shf9dp5an
Used Motorola Ht1000 Uhf 16-channel Two-way Radio W Charger As-is Parts Only
Motorola M1225 Uhf 20 Ch 40 Watts 450-470 Mhz
Motorola Pm400 Uhf 438-470 64ch 40w Radio Hamconvltr Nb Aam50rpp9aa3an
Uhf Motorola Ht1000 Two Way Radio
Motorola Xpr6350 Uhf Radio W Charger
Motorola Xts5000 Xts3000 Mt2000 Vhf Uhf Commander Ii Speaker Mic Rmn5089bsp01
Motorola Pm400 64 Channel Uhf 2 Way Mobile Radio High Power Ltr Compatible
Motorola Xpr6550 Uhf Radio 403-470 Q Split 4 Batteries And Mic Capacity Plus
Motorola Ht 750ls - Uhf -no Battery
Motorola Radius Sm120 Uhf 450-470 16 Ch Mobile Radio M34dgc20c2aa Complete B1
Motorola Xpr4350 Uhf
Motorola Radius P1225 Portable Uhf Radio 4 Watt 2 Channel Gmrs
Motorola Radius M1225 Uhf 450-520mhz Mobile Radiowastron Sl-15sm Cabinet
Motorola Pr400 Uhf Portablehandheld Two Way Radio With Screen And Clip
Motorola Ht1000 Uhf Narrowband 16 Channel 403-470mhz Wcharger Batt Ant Gmrs
Motorola 2-way Uhf Radio Radius P1225
Motorola Spectra Mobile Radio Uhf 450-470 Mhz 128 Channels 100w T84fwa7ha9ak
Motorola Mts 2000 Iii 800mhz Uhf H37 Smartnet Trunking Police Fire Ems Radio Kit
Motorola Ht1250 Uhf 450-512 128ch Two Way Radio Aah25sdf9aa5an W Charger Mic
New Motorola Cm200 4ch 40w Uhf 438-470mhz Mobile Radio Police Ham Aam50rpc9aa1an
2 Motorola Gp350 Uhf 438-470 16 Ch Radios
Motorola Cp185 Uhf 16 Channel Radio With Charger Base
Motorola Cp200 Aah50rdc9aa1an Uhf 4 Channel Portable Radio 438-470mhz
Motorola Sm120 Uhf Model M34dgc20c2aa With Power Supply
Motorola Cp200 Uhf Two-way Radio Aah50rdc9aa1an 403-470 Mhz 4 Channel 4 Watt
Motorola Ex500 Radio Uhf 16 Channel Talkie Ex 500 450 - 520 Mhz
Motorola Cdm1550 Ls 40-watt Mobile Uhf 403 - 470 Mhz
Lot 3 Motorola Radius P110 Uhf 2-channel 438-470 Mhz Two-way 4.5 Watt Lot 5
Motorola Saber Uhf
2 Motorola Radius Gp350 Gp300 Uhf Two Way 16 Channel 403 To 470 Mhz Dtmf
Motorola Vhf Gp300 Uhf P110 Radio Oem Programming Cable Free Shipping A49
Set 5 Motorola Radius Gp300 Uhf Radios P94ypc20a2aa- 4 Chargers 3 Ac 1 Pouch
Qty 5 Motorola Radius P110 Uhf 8-channel 438-470 Mhz Two-way 4.5 Watt Radio
Motorola Xts3000 Ii Uhf 450-512mhz P25 Digital Wbattery Gmrs
Motorola Aah03rdf8aa7an Cp185 Uhf 435-480mhz Two Way Radio 2818 X
Used Motorola Cdm750 Mobile Uhf Radio W Bracket Power Cable Palm Mic Two Way
New Motorola Pm400 Uhf 64ch 25w 438-470mhz Police Ltr Ham Mobile Aam50rnf9aa3an
Motorola Xpr 6550 Two Way Uhf Radio Model Aah55qdh9la1an W New Charger
Motorola Cp200 Aah50rdc9aa1an Uhf Two-way Radio 4 Channel 4 Watt No Battery
Motorola Mt2000 Uhf 450-520mhz 160 Channel 4 Watt H01sdh9aa7an Charger Battery
Motorola Ht1000 16ch Uhf Narrow Band Radio H01rdc9aa3cn 438-482mhz Bare Radio D
Motorola Pr1500 Radio Aah79qdc9pw5an Uhf 32 Channel Portable Radio New
Motorola Radius P1225 Two Way Radio Uhf 16 Ch
Police Gmrs P25 Digital Uhf Radio Astro Xts3000 Iii Motorola W Programming Lapd
Used Motorola Pm400 Mobile Uhf 40w Radio Bracket Harness Palm Mic Base Two
Motorola Xtl2500 P25 Digital Uhf Radio M21qsm9pw1an - Remote Mount
Motorola Xpr 6550 Radio Digital Uhf 403-470 Aah55qdh9la1an Xpr6550
Motorola Mt1000 Uhf 438 To 470 Mhz 99 Channel Radio
Motorola Maratrac 100 Watt Uhf Model T74xta7da2bk
Motorola Bpr40 Mag One Portable Two Way Radio Uhf
Motorola People Finder Uhf Base Station
Motorola M1225 Uhf Ls 40 Watt Ltr Trunking 450-470 Mhz M44dgc90j2aa
Motorola Radius M100 2ch Uhf 30 Watt Fully Bench Tested Model D44lra73a5bk
Motorola P040 Motorola Ct250 4w 16ch Uhf 403-470mhz Portable Radio
Motorola Ht1000 4w 16ch Uhf 450-512mhz Radio Radio Police Fire Ems H01sdc9aa3dn
Motorola Radius Gm300 Uhf Two-way Radio M44gmc29c1aa Unused
Motorola Mototrbo Xpr 3500e Two-way Uhf Radio W Remote Speaker Mic 4071a
Motorola Mt500 Uhf 450-470mhz No Programming Available
Motorola Mcs2000 Uhf 450-520 25w 160ch Model 2 Rear Mount Mo1shm9pw4an
Motorola Xts5000 Uhf M3 Iii Fpp Radio Wencryption And Spare Battery