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Bio-rad 680 Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Instruments Microplate Accessory
Molecular Devices Softmax Pro 6.2 Microplate Analysis Software Cd Only No Code
5 Pack Large 96 Deep Well Microtiter Storage Plates 1.2 Mlwell Microplate
Molecular Devices Spectramax Microplate Reader Softmax Pro Connector Cable N2c
Ab Bio-tek Biotek Elx405 Select Instruments Microplate Washer Elx405rs
Turner Biosystems Glorunner Microplate Luminometer Model 9000-000
Microplate Rotor Sigma 09100f Qiagen Sigma 4-15c Centrifuge 4 Bucketts-09336
Biotek Kc4 Microplate Software Package
Biotek Instrumentsnanoquot Microplate Dispenser
Bio-rad Ultramark Microplate Imaging System No Software Included
Tecan Columbus Plus Microplate Washer Pro Basic
Molecular Devices Vmax Kinetic Microplate Reader
Biotek Nanoquot Microplate Dispenser W Air Compressor - 0.1ul-40ul
Molecular Devices Spectra Max 190 Microplate Reader Spectrophotometer
Tecan Genios Microplate Reader
Cambrex Elx808 Cambrex Absorbance Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Instruments Elx808 Absorbance Ultra Microplate Reader Tested Working
Warranty Tecan Infinite F200 Fluorescent Microplate Reader Software Laptop
Bio-rad Microplate Reader Benchmark Laboratory Unit Lab 30 Day Guarantee Used
Biotek Instruments El 403 Microplate Auto Washer R16
Biotek Elx405 Select Cw Microplate Washer
Biotek Elx800 Elx800uv Microplate Reader Excellent
Molecular Devices Spectramax 250 Microplate Reader With A Pritner
Turners Veritas Microplate Luminometer Model 9100-102
Bio-tek Instruments El40112 Microplate Washer Head
Dynatech Model B Miniwash Lab Microplate Manual-operated Elisa Washer 2-315
Tecan Powerwasher Pw 384 96 Microplate Plate Washer Liquid Handling System
Molecular Devices Emax 400750nm Tabletop Lab Precision Microplate Reader
Titertek Microplate Washer M96v Flow
Benchmark Platefuge Microplate Micro Centrifuge Great For 96-well Pcr Plates
Integra Viafill Microplate Dispenser 5600
Molecular Devices Versamax Tunable Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Instruments Powerwave X340 Microplate Reader Spectrophometer
Bio-tek Valve Module For Microplate Washer
Microplate Nest With Screws Replacement Nest For Mtp Rack Deckware For Tecan
Bio-tek Elx405 Laboratory Benchtop Automated High-density Microplate Washer
Fisher Scientific Incubating Microplate Shaker 02-217-757 Brand New
Arrayit Microarray Microplate 384-well 10 Pc
Ctc Analytics Pal Triple Drawer Ambient Stack For 6dw Microplatepal.stk6-r
Bio-tek Instruments El310 Microplate Autoreader
Lot Of 8 Zymark Sciclone Deckware Microplate Holders
Turner Biosystem Veritas Microplate Luminometer 9100-102 Luminescent Fluorescent
Skatron Embla 384 Microplate Washer Free Shipping 30 Day Warranty
Tecan Spectrafluor Plus Microplate Reader With Tecan Xflour Software
Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini Microplate Spectrofluorometer
Biotek Instruments Powerwave 200 Microplate Reader With Manual Software
Tecan Sunrise Absorbance Microplate Reader
Microplate Memowell Matrix Technologies
Molecular Devices Emax Kinetic Microplate Reader
Micro Lumatplus Microplate Luminometer Lb96v
Labsystems Multiskan Plus Model 355 Microplate Reader - Titertek Thermo
Thermo Labsystems Fluoroskan Ascent Fl Microplate Reader Parts Only
Tecan Wallac M122r Columbus Plus Microplate Washer
Dynatech Laboratories Microplate Reader Mdl. Mr700 Free Shipping
Labsystems Luminoskan Ascent 392 Luminescence Microplate Reader 3 Dispensers
Biotek Elx405 Microplate Washer With Warranty See Video
Biotek Synergy Ht Microplate Reader Siafr With Warranty See Video
7860 Bmg Labtechnologies Fluostar P Fluormark Microplate Fluorometer
Beckman Microplate Sealer Pn041-03-00043 Itemun-inv
Bio-tek Instruments El311 Microplate Autoreader With Manual
Bio-tek Instruments - Powerwave X Select Microplate Reader
Tecan Pn60-322 Unkown Deckware 96 Well Microplatesmall Vial Incubation Block
Nunc Vertical Microplate Storage Racks 3 Racks
Dynex Technologies Ultra Wash Plus Microplate Washer 12582
Biotek Elx800nbabsorbance Microplate Reader
Molecular Devices Spectramax Plus 384 Microplate Reader
Biotek Elx405 Uv Microplate Washer Sn 192036
The Lightone Pro Led Microplate Illuminator To Aid In Pipetting Pipette Aid
Thermo Scientific Rapidstak Automated Microplate Stacker
Gilson Fc-204 Fraction Collector - With Microplate Platform Missing Trays
Labsystems Wellwash 4 Microplate Washer 162175
Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini Fluorescence Microplate Reader With Softmax
Molecular Devices Mds Flexstation 2 384 Microplate Fluorescence Reader Great
Packard Multiprobe Microplate Microtiter Tip
Dynex Dynatech Laboratories Mrx Microplate Reader Revelation
Tecan Microplate Carrier 3 Position Low Profile Fixed Position Deckware 10612624
Dynex Technologies Opsys Mw Microplate Strip Washer
Molecular Devices E Max Precision Microplate Reader.   12645
Molecular Devices Spectramax 250 Microplate Spectrophotometer
Qiagen Zymark  Microplate Stack Holder
Labsystems Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fl
Biotek Nanoquot Microplate Dispenser Liquid Handler Nanoliter Analytical
Tecan Spectra Fluor Plus Microplate Reader
Bio-tek Instruments Microplate Autoreader El311
Biotek El404 Microplate Autowasher Bio-tek Instruments
Labsystems Titertek Multiskan Plus Mkii Mk Ii Type 314 Microplate Reader
Warranty Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini Xs Fluorescent Microplate Reader
Jx-234 Microplate Bio Kinetics Reader El-340
Labnet Vortemp 56 Evc Microtube Microplate Shaking Incubator 56evc
Skatron Embla 1238 8 5022 Microplate Washer Voltfuse 85v-264v-t2a
Biotek 405 Select Ts Microplate Washer 405tsuvs Unit2
Bio Tek El800 Microplate Reader
Molecular Devices Fmax Type 374 Fluorescence Microplate Reader
Alpha Innotech Novaray Microplate Reader
Thermo Scientific Catalyst - 5 Crs Robot Arm Catalyst Express Microplate Hotel
Molecular Devices Emax Precision Microplate Reader
Biotekfill Microfill Microplate Reagent Dispenser
Slt Spectra Shell B 039.053 Microplate Reader Location - Rack 15