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Leica Dm

Leica Dm 750 Microscope With Led Illumination 4 Objective Lenses
Leica Dm1000 Microscope
Leica Dm4000b Microscope
Leica Leitz Microscope Dm Il Inverted With Phase Contrast And Trinocular Head
Leica Dm Lb 2 Binocular Microscope.
Leica Dm4000m Microscope With Dfc490 Camera Voltage 90-250vac 50-60hz
Leica Dm6000 B Motorized Fluorescence Phase Contrast Microscope Dm6000b
Leica Leitz Dm Il Dmil Inverted Trinocular Microscope
New Leica Dm750 Microscope Base Only
Leica Microscope Dm6 B Fluorescence Illuminator W. Nosepiece 11888891
Leica Dm2500 Led Phase Contrast Microscope
Leica Dm5000b Microscope  Fa2
Leica Dm5500b Microscope  Fa1
Leica Dm Ire 2 Microscope Base Motorized Nosepiece Excellent Working Dmire2 Ire2
Leica Dm2000 Dm5000 Nomarski Dic Condenser Prism Analyzer Polarizer Microscope E
Leica Dme Upright Phase Microscope With 3 Objectives And S1 Condenser
Leica Dm5000b Dic Excellent Shape Fluorescent Light Motorized Microscope
Leica Dm4000 B Fluorescence Motorized Microscope Unit2
Leica Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope Dm-irb
Leica Dm4000 B Fluorescence Motorized Microscope
Leica Dm-ire2 Inverted Microscope Vertical Lamphouse Condenser Arm 12v 100w
Leica Dm Microscope Reflected Light Illuminator Intermediate Filter Cube Turret
Leica Dmls 020-518.500 2.5x 4x 10x 40x Clinical Research Binocular Microscope
Leica Dm4000 M Microscope Dfc420 Digital Camera
Leica Dm-irb Inverted Microscope With 4 Objective Lep Power Supply
Leica - Dm-rxe Fluorescence Microscope
Leica Dmls 020-518-500 Hematology Binocular Microscope With C Plan Objectives
Demo Leica Dm6000 Fs Fixed Stage Fluorescence Microscope
Leica Dm Lmp 11888500 Microscope Body
Leica Dm Sl2 Phase Contrast Microscope Plan 10x 20x 40x New Cosmetic Tested Deal
Leica Dm-ire2 Inverted Microscope Vertical Lamphouse Condenser Arm 12v 100w
Leica Microscope Dm1000 Led With Hi Plan 4x 10x 20x And N Plan 2.5x Objective
Leica Dm Lb2 30tl Research Pathology Microscope System
Leica I3 Filter Cube Large For Dm L Series Microscopes 11513808
Leica Leitz Dmil Dm Il 090-131.001 Trinocular Microscope With 3 Objectives
Leica Magnification Changer For Dm Series Microscopes 1x 1.5x 2x - 11505072
Leica Dm Rm Microscope For Ac110 Or Ac220v
Leica Leitz Dm Rbe 301-371.011 Fluorescence Trino Microscope
Leica Filter Cube N3 Large For Dm L Series Microscopes 11513841
Leica Microscope Dm2000 For Pathology Cytology In-vitro-diagnostics Ivd Uk
Leica Tx2 Filter Cube Large For Dm L Series Microscopes 11513843
Leica Dm Il Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope Type 090-135.001 Objective Ec3
Mint Leica Dm2000 Histology Laboratory Microscope Serviced Till 0920
Leica Microscope Condenser Leica 11521728 Motorized Filter Wheel Dmire2 Dm Ire 2
Leica Dm4000 M Microscope Power Supply And Controller Boards
Leicaleitz Dmrb 301-371.010 Fluorescence Trino Microscope W N Plan 51040100x
Leica Xy Stage Object Guide For Leica Dm Il Series - 11521248
Leica Dm1000 Medical Laboratory Microscope
Leica Motorized 4-position Reflector Turret Disk For Leica Dm40006000
Leica Dm Lb2 Microscope A2
Leica Microscope Dm 2500 Clemex 100x100mm Stage Hd Camera With Pc
Leica D Fluorescence Filter Cube For Dm 4000
Prior Scientific Motorized Xy Microscope Stage H107 Inverted H107dmrc Leica Dm
Leica 11505146 Trinocular Head For Dm4000 Dm6000 Microscope
Leica Dm750 Phase Microscope
Chroma Filter Cube Tritc 41002c For Leica Dm Series Microscopes
Leica Trinocular Camera Port Head For Dm Il Inverted Microscope - 521666
Complete Stand Base Electric Condenser Leica Dm Clean Laboratory Microscope Dmls
Leica Binocular Dm Tilting Head 11501504 W Hc Plan 10x22 507807 Eyepieces
Leica Digital Microscope Dm 4000b
Leica Trinocular Microscope Tube W Electric Light Trapshutter Dmdmr Confocal
Leica A Filter Cube Pn 513 804 For Dm L Series Microscope Great Condition
Leica I3 Filter Cube Pn 513 878 For Dm L Series Microscopes Great Condition
Leica 541537 Hc Dm Dmr Microscope Photo Port Adapter 0.67x 34.mm Dovetail To C
Micoscope Leica Dm Il Series 11521248 Bz00 Slide Holder
Chroma Filter Cube Blue 11001 For Leica Dm Series Microscopes
Leica Dm-irbe Inverted Microscope Head Dmirbe - Great Condition
Leica Dm Series Microscope Head Part Binocular For Eyepiece From Dmi8 Dm6000
Leica Dm Il Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope Unit2
Leica N2.1 Fluorescence Filter Cube 513812 11513812 From Dm Rbe Confocal
Leica Fluorescence Filter Cube Dapifitztexas Red - 61002 404 - For Dm Cube
Leica Xy Mechanical Stage For Dm Microscope
Leica Lamp Housing Led Dm6 Cable Longare
Leica Imc Integrated Modulation Contrast Slider For Dm Il Microscope - 521234
Leica Transmitted Light Path Aperture Diaphragm From Dm Dmr Confocal
Leica Magnification-changer 3x Mot. For Dm6
Leica Dm Dmr Transmitted Light Aperture Field Diaphragm Assembly With Optics
Leica Microscope 45 Bino Binocular Head Ez Tube  Dm 13613224 W10x20 Eyepies
Leica 11513812 Epi Fluorescence N2.1 Filter Cube Large Size For Dm Microscope
Leica Adjust Mirror Fluorescence Cube Microscope Dm4000
Leica Dm750 Phase Microscope
Leica 2 Pentax K Mk Ii Full Frame Leica Dm R I L 35 Mm Trinocular Tube All Camer
Leica Dm500 Microscope Stage W 0.901.25 Oil S1 Condenser Lens - Nice
Bioptech Leica Dm Irb Triple Plate Fcs2 Stage Adapter - 060319-2-12
Leica Dm-irbe Microscope Focus Motor Gear Assembly W Encoder And Limit Switches
Leica Dm500 1.25-0.90 Oil Condenser S1
Leica Dm4000 M W Noran Vantage Daq Spectra Physics Vsl 337 Nds-61 Laser
Leica Dm-irbe Inverted Microscope Head - 521517
Leica Dm-irbe Inverted Microscope Vertical Arm Field Lens W Pmt Photo Detector
Leica 11504070 Lamp Housing 12v 100w For Dm4000 Dm6000 Lmd6500 Lmd7000
Leica Dm 500 Microscope Light Switch Illuminator Assembly Bottom Panel Nice
Leica Microscope Circular Pol Rotation Stage 45 Click Stop Fdmr Dm4500 2500
Integrated Lamp Housing With Halogen Lamp 6 V30 W For Dm Il 521666
Leica Microscope 30 Bino Binocular Head Observation Tube Leica Dm 13613521