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Kontes Lab Glass Cold Trap Joint 2440glass Vacuum Trap
Kontes Reaction Vessel Lid Schott Flange 105mm Id 3 Neck 2440 St 612500-0021
New Kontes Pfizer-ct Brand 250ml 8oz Amber Glass Bottle Pack Of 12 Sealed
New In Box Kontes Gas Balloon Adapter 2440
Gelman Ace 7202 Midget Impingers 2440 125 Joint Air Sample Skc Kontes Glinsky
Kontes Glass Dimroth Reflux Coiled Condenser 1420
New In Box Kimble Kontes Distillation Column 3 Section 2440 Pn 503100-0003
Kontes Brand Bump Trap 2440 Joints 250ml Brand New
New Kontes Hollow Glass Medium Length Hex Head Stopper 1420 850400-1420
Kontes 1000ml Spinner Flask With Side Arms
Kimble Kontes Tissue Grind Pestle Tube 885451-0021 885452-0021
Kontes Tissue Grinder Set With Pestles Reusable Pyrex Homogenizers 1-19 3-18
Kontes 3 Neck Vertical 2440 St 2000ml Round Bottom Distilling Flask 606000-1924
Kontes 601000-0224 Round Bottom Flask100mlclear 2440 Joint - New In Box
Kontes Glass 1922 Joint 90 Flow Control Inlet Adapter With 2mm Ptfe Stopcock
Kimble Kontes Glass Straight Stopcock
Kimble Kontes Hi-vac T-type Extended Tip Valve W Adjustable Bore Stopcock Plug
Kimble Kontes Tissue Grind Comp
Kontes 250mlkuderna-danish Flask 2440 1922 New Item
Kontes Snyder Column 3-ball 2440 300mm
2 Kontes Kuderna-danish Kd Concentrator Tubes 10 Ml 1420 Top
Kontes Prepchrom Process Chromatography Column Acrylic Tube 13.75 X 6.5 X 14
Kontes Midi Vap 3000 Distillations Condensers
Kontes Adapter 15mm O Ring Joint To 2440 Outer Joint
Kontes 90 Degree Adapter Flow Control Stopcock 2440
Kontes Ultra-ware Microfiltration Assembly With Ss Support 4035
Kimble Kontes Glass 2942 Joint Vacuum Trap Stopper Only 180 Serrated Hose
Kimble Kontes Glassvertical Straight Vacuum Take Off Adapter Tube 1922 Joints
Kimble Kontes Electric Heated Distillation Column Molecular Still
Kontes Glass Cylinder With Large Flanges Top And Bottom Not Sure
Kontes 250mlkuderna-danish Flask 2440 1922
Kontes 250ml Cow Receiver W Hooks 2440 Chipped
Lot Of 3 Kontes Distillation Bulbs 500ml 2440 Kugelrohr
New 2000 Ml Kontes Ultra-wear Heavy Duty Filter Flask With Sidearm
Kontes Duall Tissue Grinder Pestle Size 25 Glass Excellent Condition
Kontes Reaction Vessel Apparatus 30 Chemistry Scientific Distillation Lot Of 4
Kontes Reaction Vessel Lid 6 Neck Center 4550 And 5 Straight Sides All 2440
Kontes 167500-2440 Distillation Adapter Transparent 2440 Joints New In Box
Lab Glass Kontes Vapor Density Apparatus With Stopper
Kimble Kontes 2440 Vacuum Pyrex Glass Vessel Stopcock Distillation Receiver
Baxter Kontes Cytostir 500 Ml
Kimble Kontes Electric Heated Distillation Column 2440 Joints Molecular Still
100ml Kontes Anti-splash Evaporating Trap Flask
Kontes 125ml Kuderna-danish Flask 2440 1420
Kontes Ultra-ware Funnel W Fritted Base Clamp For 25mm Apparatus
Kontes Jacketed Short Path Distillation Head 1420 1018
Kontes Silvered Vacuum Jacketed Hempel Fractionating Column 170 Mm 1420
Kontes 1420 Vigreux Distilling Column With Two 1018 Thermometer Joints
Kontes Chromaflex Chromatography Flow Adapter 420836-0040
1 Kontes Cytostir Stirred Bioreactor Flask 8000ml 882911-8000
Kontesround Bottom Glass Flask 4 Neck 2550 24402000ml
Kontes Button Style 20 Solid Ground Glass Stirring Shaft With Blade 10mm Od
Kontes Reaction Vesselflask 5000ml
Kontes 606000-1624 High Quality 1000 Ml Borosilicate Three Neck Round Flask
Kontes Type-a Mcleod-lippincott Vacuum Gauge
Kontes Reaction Vesselflask 3000ml Wlid 2440 And 2942
Kontes 2440 Glass Coil Condenser Tube Very Clean
Kontes Glass 34 Id 25 L 250ml Reservoir Globe Chromatography Column 2 Stop
Giant Kontes Separatory Funnel With Coiled Condenser And Teflon Plug Stopcock
Kontes Vacuum Ball Joint Connector 3520 Ball Joints
Kontes Kimble Chase Kimax 601000-1024 Heavy Wall Round Bottom Flask 5000ml
Kontes Bantamware Reaction Vessel 250 Ml 4 Neck Head.
Kimble Kontes Distillation Condenser Lab Glassware Assembly
Kontes Flow Watchman 626250 Liquid Flow Meter For 14 Tubing New Lot Of 4
Kontes Schlenk Reaction And Storage Tube 2440
Kontes Cytostir Flask 1000ml 882911-1000
Kontes 50ml Round Flask 1420 W Stopcock Septum Inlet
Custom Kontes Glass Schlenk Vacuum Apparatus W 2 Threaded Joints Medium Frit
Hach Kontes West Condenser 235 Mm Length 20-400 22650-00 Screw Threads
Kontes Molded Glass Rectangular Tlc Developing Tank With Lid 4 X 11.75 X 10.75in
3 Kontes Kuderna-danish Conc.tubes 12ml Graduated 0.2 Ml Divisions 1420 Top
Kontes Adapter Flow Control 2mm Stopcock Size 2440 Inner Joint Lot Of 3
Kontes Ultra-ware Vacuum Filtration Funnel 47 Mm Base Cat 953761-0000
Kontes Glass Tissue Grinder 15 Ml W Pestle
Kontes Glass 40ml Tenbroeck Tissue Grinder Mortar W Poor Spout Pestle 885000
Kontes 75 Degree Distillation Adapter Thermometer Joint 2440 1030 167000-2440
Kontes 125ml Addition Funnel W Pressure Equalizing Arm
Kontes 2440 125ml Graduated Pressure-equalizing Addition Funnel 2mm Stopcock
Kontes Glass Co. 2.5cm I.d. X 30cm 147ml Chromaflex Column 32cm Overall Length
Kontes 2 Piece Vacuum Trap With 180 Degree Connections 4550 926300-0024
Kontes Flange Reaction Vessel Lid 4 Neck 2440 2942 Joints
Kimble Kontes Glass 10mm Bore 4550 Vacuum Jacketed Stirrer Bearing W Lube Cup
Kontes Cytostir Stirred Bioreactor Flask 8000ml 882910-8000
Kontes Bantam-ware Distilling Head 1420 1435 Joints
Kontes West Condenser Column 200mm Jacket Lgth 2440 St 38 Hose 452000-2420
Kontes Thick Walled 500ml Round Reaction Vessel Base Non-indented
Kontes Anti-biotic Moisture Content Flask 2.2ml
Kontes Tissue Grind Pestle Tube 885300-0015 15ml All-glass
Kontes Bantam-ware Reaction Vessel Lid 4-neck 2z-7.5
Kontes Tissue Grind Pestle Tube 885300-0040 40ml All-glass
Kimble Kontes Glass 500ml Pressure-equalizing Addition Funnel 4mm Stpk 2440 Jnt
Kimble Kontes Glass Tight B Pestle For 7ml Dounce Tissue Grinder Pestle Only