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Tektronix Cmc251 1.3ghz Frequency Counter - Used
Agilenthp 773d 2-18 Ghz 20 Db Directional Coupler Opt 001
50mhz Rf Signal Generator Ghz Function Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Sma Attenuator 12-18 Ghz0-30 Db Continuously Variable Bracke Bm10095
35m-4.4ghz Pll Rf Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Adf4351 Development Board
Sma Dc5ghz Rf Microwave Resistance Power Divider Splitter 1 To 2 Combiner
Atm Microwave Pnr P1407 30dghz Phase Shifter Line Stretcher
Narda Sma Directional Coupler 10db 1-2ghz 4012c-10
18 Ghz Comb Generator Herotek Gca1000a-15 Harmonic Generator With Preamp Sma F-f
High Power Directional Coupler 500mhz-18ghz 30w 10db
Agilent Hp 53310a Modulation Domain Analyzer 10hz- 2.5ghz Opt 031
Nucomm Model Rx-3 Portable 8ghz Microwave Receiver Rx3
Narda Crystal Detector 4503 0.01-18ghz Smabnc
100mhz To 6ghz Broadband Rf Microwave Amplifier
Narda 4243b-10 1.0-3.5ghz Directional Coupler 10db
Adf4351 Rf Signal Generator Module Development Board 35m-4.4ghz Sma
Hp 8559a Spectrum Analyzer Plugin 100khz1.5ghz Hp 853a Spectrum Display
Power Divider Splitter 4-way Wilkinson 2-8ghz 30w Sma
Sma Female To N Male Adapter Max Vswr 1.151 18 Ghz Bracke Bm50026
1.85mm Femalejack 2-hole Southwest Microwave 65ghz 1814-04sf
35m-4.4ghz Pll Rf Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Adf4351 Development Board
Bnc Rf Attenuator 50 Ohm 2 W 0-6 Ghz Options 1 3 6 10 20 30 40 Db
Narda 3020a 0.05 To 1 Ghz 20 Db 500 W Type N Bi-directional Coupler.
Krytar Directional Coupler 1-20ghz 101020010
Hp Packhard 11742a Dc Blocking Capacitor 26.5 Ghz
Wr-90 8-12.4ghz X Band Waveguide Couplersplitter Assynos
1mhz10ghz -500dbm Rf Power Meter Can Set Power Attenuation Value
Sma Female Transfer Dpdt Switch Dc-18 Ghz 12 Vdc Bracke Bm14064
Cpi Rf Up Converter Multiplier Transverter 13 To 40 Ghz Model Cma382400aup
Nos Narda Sma Attenuator Model 4778-3 - 3db 12.4 Ghz Dc 2 Watt Low Vswr
Esp32 Esp-32s Nodemcu Development Board 2.4ghz Wifibluetooth Dual Mode Cp2102
Rf Active Probe 0.1-1500 Mhz-1.5 Ghz Analyzer Oscilloscope Rf Cable Included
Great Scott Gadgets Ubertooth One 2.4ghz Open Source Research Tool W Antenna
Horn Antenna With Waveguide Flange Wr-90 X Band 8-12 Ghz
2.4ghz Usb Wifi Handheld Wireless Laser Cordless Barcode Scanner Scan Gun Reader
800mhz-8ghz Frequency Doubler Rf Multiplier Hmc187 Hmc189 Hmc204 W Aluminum Case
Bracke Bm80427 1 To 4 Ghz 10db Directional Coupler Sim To Pasternack Pe2209-10
Tested Hp Agilent 5086-7248 Limiter Sma 0-1.8 Ghz
Fieldsense Personal Rf Monitor 380mhz-2.7ghz
5m6ghz Rf Broadband Signal Amplifier Power Amplifier Gain 20db Vfh Uhf Tr
Rf Spectrum Analyzer Arinst Ssa Tg Lc With Tracking Generator Up To 3 Ghz
Usb Rf Spectrum Analyzer 3.3ghz
Adf4351 35m-4.4ghz Pll Rf Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board
Sma Equalizer 2-18 Ghz 3db Bracke Bm13800.3
Motorola Vp22 Motherboard 1.0ghz 512mb Microatx Intel 815e
Carnel Labs 533x-11m Impulse Generator 10khz-1ghz
Hp Rp7 Pos 15 Intel I5 2.5ghz 6gb With Cc Reader
Rf Active Probe 0.1 - 1500 Mhz - 1.5 Ghz Analyzer Oscilloscope
Rf Microwave Amplifier Ghz Assembly For Communication
Hp Agilent Attenuator Dc-18ghz 33321h 70db
N Type Rf Attenuator 50 Ohm 5 W 0-6 Ghz Options 1 3 6 10 20 30 Db
Sma Equalizer 2-18 Ghz 6 Db Bracke Bm13800.6
Hp Agilent 110db Attenuator Dc-18ghz 33322h
New Ubertooth One 2.4ghz Bluetooth Sniffer Development Device Rp-sma To Sma
Agilenthp 33340c Coaxial Attenuator 20 Db Dc-26.5 Ghz Hp 8493c
Rf Active Probe 0.1 - 1500 Mhz - 1.5 Ghz Hf Vhf Uhf Shf Analyzer Oscilloscope
Boonton 92ea Rf Millivoltmeter With Probe 10khz-1.2ghz
5m-6ghz Rf Lna Broadband 50-4000 Mhz Spf5189 Rf Signal Power Amplifier Receiver
Agilent 87303c 1-26.5 Ghz Hybrid Power Divider
Sma Phase Shifter 18 Ghz Bracke Bm12000
Narda Sma Directional Coupler 4015c-10 10db 7-12.4ghz
Weinschelaeroflex 1550a 4-way Power Divider 3 Ghz
Narda Power Divider 25710 6-18 Ghz
Krytar 2610 Microwave Directional Coupler 3.5 Mm 10db 26.5ghz
Narda 4203-6directional Coupler 2-18ghz Nos New
Jca Technology 10ghz Ca911-212psta Amplifier
20ghz Amplifier 17db Gain 20dbm P1 Saturation
Oplink 50ghz Interleaver C-band
Hp 33336c 0.01-26.5ghz Directional Detector
Anaren 2a0759 Phase Discriminator 12-18ghz
Agilent 87415a 8 Ghz Microwave System Amplifier
Tektronix Cmc251 1.3ghz Frequency Counter Cda
Hp Hewlet Packard 2-4.2 Ghz Yig Oscillator
Hp Agilent Keysight 5086-7231 26.5 Ghz 3.5mm M 4 Ports
Anritsu Wiltron Detector 5400-71n50 1 Mhz - 3 Ghz
Narda 4031c Coaxial Hybrid Coupler .5-1ghz 90 Degrees -3db
Tektronix P6243 1 Ghz 10x Active Probe
Siemenssitrans Lr 460 4-wire 24 Ghz Fmcw Radar Level Transmitter7ml5426-0bh0
Rf Microwave Power Divider Splitter 1 To 2 Combiner Sma Dc5ghz 6db
Agilent 8565ec 30hz-50ghz Spectrum Analyzer Options 001006007008
New Nortel Microwave Nt1h63bf Power Amplifier Rd-6 Transmitter 6.4-7.1ghz Amp Rf
Wiltron Rf Detector Model 75n50b 18ghz
Phase Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator Pdro 12.0 Ghz
Beehive 150a Emc Probe Amplifier 100 Khz - 6 Ghz
Exalt Extendair G2 11 Ghz Diplexer Filter Hl Band 3 Ad1104903
Agilent Hp Keysight 5356a 18 Ghz Frequency Converter
Agilent 5086-7653 Pre-amplifier 50 Ghz
Agilent 5086-7518 50ghz Coupler
1mhz-3ghz Wideband Rf Transformer Biaser Bias Tee Rf Isolator Bias Feeder 50vdc
Midwest Microwave 452 3 Db 12.4 Ghz Fixed Attenuator
Arra 3814-10 1-2 Ghz 10 Db Adjustable Attenuator Sma - Used
Hp 33330c .01 - 26.5 Ghz Coaxial Detector Neg
Agilenthp 8493c Coaxial Attenuator 10 Db Dc-26.5 Ghz