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Germanium Transistor

3pcs 3x Ac128 Nos Pnp Germanium Transistors Audio Fuzz Face Tonebender Oc74
Mullardphilips Ac125 Nkt275 Pnp Germanium Transistors Premium Set Fuzz Face
Mp35 Npn N40 Pnp Russian Germanium Transistors Us Seller
Amperex Philips 2n2429 Pnp Germanium Transistors Qty 2 Nos
2n699 Rohm Germanium Transistor
2n342t Jccab Germanium Transistor
10pcs 2n345 Germanium Pnp Low Power Transistor
151-121 Rca Vintage Germanium Transistor
Honeywell H4a2 Germanium Pnp Transistor Qty 10
2n1301 Rca Germanium Transistor
2n585 Etco Germanium Transistor
Lot Of 100 Pcs Mp16a Germanium Transistors Ussr Amplifier
2n2431 Holland Germanium Transistor
8 Pcs Transistors Germanium Ge Gt402b Ac132 Pnp Ussr Nos
Jan2n404a Germanium Transistor
2n217 Rca Germanium Transistor
Jan2n1303 Germanium Transistor
Mullard 950 Germanium Npn Transistor Oc140
2n335t Jccab Germanium Transistor
2n445a G.i. Germanium Transistor
Delco 2n1535 Germanium Power Transistors Qty 2
Bendix 2n1535 Germanium Power Transistors Qty 2
Amperex Philips 2n3399 Pnp Germanium Transistors Lot Of 10 Nos Af139
2n247 H.t.c. Germanium Transistor
Mullardphilips Ac128 Nos Germanium Pnp Transistor Selected Set For Fuzz Face 3
Lot Of 50 Pcs. Mp16a Germanium Transistors Amplifier Military Acceptance
Amperex Padt50 Germanium Pnp Transistors Qty 5 Nos Unmarked
Matched Set Of Ac125 Pnp Ge Germanium Transistors For Fuzz Face
Gt309a Pnp Germanium Transistor Nos 5 Each
Qty 2 Motorola 2n174 Germanium Power Transistor To-36 Package Nos Tested New
Mullardphilips Oc44 Vintage Nos Germanium Pnp Transistor Hfe 137 To 147
Amperex Au103 Germanium Pnp Transistors Qty 4 Nos
10pcs Germanium Transistors Belsony To-1 Can-3 Ac128 100 Genuine And New
Vintage Germanium Transistors - 4 Types. 7 Total
Lot Of 50 Pcs Mp40a Germanium Transistors Amplifier Ussr Military Acceptance
Amperex Philips 2n3588 Pnp Germanium Transistors Qty 10 Nos
2n44 Pnp Germanium Transistor 100-741
Nos Lot Of 19 Germanium Transistor Sylvania
2sb405 Original Sanyo Germanium Transistor 2 Pcs
1x Oc44 Dsi Germanium Pnptransistor
Fuzz Face Matched Pair Lot Of 2 Pnp Germanium Transistors Q1 Q2
40pcs X Mp42b Germanium Transistor. P-n-p Ussr
20 Pcs Transistors Ge Germanium Gt308v 1t308v Af109 2n2048 Pnp Fuzz Face Ussr
Ecg131mp Matched Pair Pnp Germanium Transistors C1
Ac188 Pnp Germanium Nos Transistor X1
Lot 100 Pcs Mp42b 42 Pnp Germanium Transistors Amplifier Ussr
2n1306 Vintage Germanium Npn Transistor - Nos To5
Qty 2 Delco Ds-515 Nte121 Germanium Power Transistor To-3 Package Nos Tested
4 Lot Vintage Black Philco 2n2048 Germanium Pnp Transistor Extras Cinch
Lot Of 25 Pcs. Mp16b Germanium Transistors New Military Acceptance
Lot Of 6 Used Germanium Vintage Pnp Transistors
20 Ge Germanium Transistors 4jx1d610 Tested Good
4pcs Vintage 2n1303 Germanium Pnp Transistor Texas Inst.
Lot Of 50 Pcs Mp11 Germanium Transistors Rare Military Acceptance
10x Gt404b New Transistors Germanium Alloy N-p-n Amplifying
Amperex Germanium A2z21 4 Vintage Transistors Nos
20 Pcs Germanium Ge Transistor Pnp Mp40 Oc75 Oc76 2n45 2n215 Ussr Nos
10x Gt402v Germanium Transistor Low Frequency Amplifier
100 Mp40 42b Ussr Germanium Pnp Transistor
Ge-8 Ge Original Npn Germanium Transistor To-5 Gold Leads
8 Pcs Gt402v Ac128 Germanium Pnp Transistor Vintage Russian Nos
Amperex Philips Ad162 Ad162p Transistors 3 Nos Germanium
Vintage Nos 2n2654 Germanium Pnp Low Power Transistor - Unused
Tesla 102nu71 Germanium Npn Transistor - Used Tested
Lot Of 100 Pcs Mp15 Pnp Germanium Transistors Amplifier Ussr
20 Pcs Germanium Ge Transistors Pnp Mp41a 2n2428 2n361 2sb175 Ac542 Ussr Nos
Oc42 Cv8252 Mullard Germanium Transistor X1pc
10 Pcs Tm5g Germanium Micromodule Transistor Ussr
Lot Of 90 Pcs Mp39 Germanium Transistors Ussr Amplifier
Transistors Germanium Gt108a 2n130a Ussr Lot Of 25 Pcs
Mp16 Vintage Russian Germanium Pnp Transistors Nos In Box Qty- 25pcs
Lot Of 50 Pcs Mp35 35 Germanium Transistors Amplifier Ussr
Lot Of 100 Pcs Mp35 35 Germanium Transistors Amplifier Ussr
X50 Mp16b Soviet Germanium P-n-p Transistors Same Date Military Accepted Nos
Ge-43 Npn Germanium Transistor New
Transistors Germanium Gt309v 2sa400 Ussr Lot Of 20 Pcs
Lot Of 20 Pcs P423 Germanium Transistors New
Matched Set Of Ac125 Pnp Ge Germanium Transistors For Fuzz Pedal
Mp14b  Vintage Russian Germanium Pnp Transistors Qty- 20pcs
4 2sb481 Matsushita Pnp Germanium Power Transistor Nos
Collectors Item Germanium Transistors 5 Matchbook Display Texas Instruments
20x Mp21a  Germanium Transistor. P-n-p Ussr
100x Mp26b Acy24boxrare Black Germanium Alloy P-n-p Universal. Military.ussr
Transistors Germanium Gt309b 2sa234 2sa235 2sa343 Af178 Ussr 25 Pcs
20 Pcs Germanium Ge Pnp Transistor Mp14 B Vintage Russian Ussr New Nos
Oc139 Germanium Transistor Npn Glas Philips
2n1924 Germanium Pnp Transistors Quantity 5 Nos
26 Pcs Germanium Ge Pnp Transistors P416 B 2sa279 2n384 Ussr Nos
10pcs Asy37s  Ac128 - Germanium Pnp Transistor - Made In Poland
Oc74 Vintage Germanium Transistor Metal Can Tonebender Fuzzface Rangemaster
Hi-end 50 Pcs Mp40a Germanium Transistors Amplifier Military Acceptance
20 Pcs Germanium Pnp Transistor Mp15 Russian Ussr New Nos
16 Pcs Germanium Ge Low Noise Transistor Pnp Gt346a Gf145 Af239 Af252 Ussr Nos
55 Pcs Mp21 21 Germanium Transistor Ussr
50 Pcs Gt346a Germanium Low Noise Transistor - Gf145 Af239 Af252 Ussr Nos
50x Mp11 Germanium Npn Transistor
Delco-gm Ds-501 Germanium Power Transistor Nte105 To-36 Package Nos Tested
50x Mp40 Russian Military Germanium Pnp Transistor 40
4pcs 2n345 Germanium Pnp Low Power Transistor