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15 Hp Motor

New Baldor Super-e 15hp Electric Motor 1175rpm 230v 460v 60hz 284 Tc 284tc Teao
15hp Electric Motor 3ph 460v 3500rpm 254t Frame
Reliance Motor 15hp 1760rpm 230460v Used
Baldor M4100 Electric Motor 15hp 3ph 208230460v 1160rpm Cont. 324u Frame
Toshiba 0154ftsa21a-p 15 Hp Electric Motor 230460v 3 Ph 254t Frame 1750 Rpm
Baldor 15hp Electric Pump Motor 208-230460v 3ph 254tdz Frame 3450rpm
Weg Electric Motor 15hp Ph3 230460v 35.617.8a 1765rpm 1009568228
Newman Motor 15hp 230460v 3819amps 60hz J1306332
Worldwide Motor Ep15-18-254t 15hp 1750rpm 254t 230460v 3ph New Surplus
Reliance 15hp Dp Electric Motor 230460v 3ph 1770rpm 254t Frame
Teco Westinghouse N0152 Electric Motor 15hp 3ph 3525rpm 230-400-460v
Marathon Electric 15hp Motor Rpm1775 380v 254ttfna16058
Teco Eg4644560006 15hp 3ph 230460v 3475 Rpm Electric Motor
Allen-bradley 15hp Electric Motor 230460v 3 1765rpm 01man40072 G 001 Yy
Baldor Em2513t 15hp Electric Motor 208-230460v 3 Ph 254t Frame 1765rpm
Newman Motor 230460v 15hp 3819amps 60hz J1306316
Reliance Electric Ac Motor 15hp 1765 Rpm Frame 254t 460v3ph60hz 02man68
Surplus Sale Gator Stainless Steel Ac Motor 1.5hp 3600rpm 145tc Tefc Round Body
Grundfosbaldor 15hp Electric Pump Motor 460v 3ph 254tc Frame 3525rpm
Alpak Bh484093 15hp 3ph 460-480v 1160rpm Electric Motor
Elektrim Type Esh 15 Hp Electric Motor 230460v 3ph 1760 Rpm 254t Frame 5060hz
Marathon Electric 254ttfna16568 15 Hp Xri Ac Electric Motor Marine Cooling Tower
Reliance Duty Master Ac Motor P25g3375-10 15hp 1765rpm 230460v Used
Leeson 5hp Spl 15amp Compressor Motor 230 Vac 3450 Rpm 58 Shaft Special Duty
Lincoln Electrical Ac Motor Tv5169 15 Hp 1800 Rpm Odp Enclosure 3 Ph 230460 V
On Sale Premium Efficiency Cast Iron Ac Motor 15hp 1800rpm 254t 3 Phase Tefc Ft
Tatung Who152jfbc 15hp Supermax-841 Electric Motor 4560v 3ph 254t Frame 3515rpm
Baldor Super-e Severe Duty Electric Motor 15hp 220440v 1175rpm 284tz Frame
Marathon Electric Xri 15hp Motor 11.2kw 1775rpm 380v Jvh254ttfna16058aal
General Electric 15hp Dc Motor 240volts 56amp Rpm 1100 5cd326e719
Allen-bradley Inverter Duty Motor 15hp 1750 Rpm 230460v 1329rs
Baldor Reliance 15hp 1765rpm 3ph 60hz 254t Frame Motor Pn M2513t
Teco Westinghouse 15hp Electric Motor 3525rpm 230460v 3 Ep0152
Baldor Stearns 15-hp 3-ph 254t 50-lb-ft Motor Brake 1760-rpm Tefc Bearings Ac
On Sale Premium Efficiency Cast Iron Ac Motor 15hp 3600rpm 254t 3phase Tefc Ft
Us Motors 15hp Electric Motor 460v 3ph 324u Frame 3240 Rpm
Howell 194a-44605-6 15hp 230460v 3ph 1175 Electric Motor Tested
Century 15 Hp 1800 Rpm Tefc 200 Volts 254t 3 Phase Motor New Surplus
Ge General Electric Sw414i Triclad 15hp Motor 460v 3ph 324c Frame 1175 Rpm
Us Motors Emerson Electric Motor 15hp 230460v 3 1775rpm Af96 X15e2b
Dayton 3kv89g Electric Motor 254t 15 Hp 208-230460 V 1765 Rpm T121583
Us Electric Motors 15hp 3ph 230460v 1750 Rpm 234t Frame Hostile Duty
Baldor Em2513t 15hp 3-phase Electric Motor
Westinghouse Ac Motor S01506te 15hp 1200rpm Fr284t Encltefc 230460v 3819a
15 Hp Baldor Electric Motor 1765 Rpm 3ph 60hz 254t
Ronk Farm Powr Ac Motor 15hp Fr256tz 1770rpm 240v 32fla Used
Weg Motor Ph3 15hp 380v 22a 1765rpm Z01518et3j041411-w22
Baldor Farm Duty Motor 10-15hp 1725rpm Fr215z 208-230460v 42.6-4020a 3ph Used
Elektrim 15 Hp Electric Motor 1450 Rpm Frame 254t 400 Vac 50 Hz 3ph
Baldor M2333t 3 Phase Motor 254t 15hp 1760rpm 3568sr
New Worldwide 15 Hp Ac Electric Motor 254t Frame 230460 Vac 3550 Rpm Tefc
15 Hp Electric Motor For Rotary Phase Converter 254t Tefc 208-230460 No Shaft
15 Hp 3 Phase Electric Motor 1765 Rpm 254t Open Drip Proof Cast Iron 208-230460
Baldor 15 Hp 3 Phase Te Electric Motor- Recon
15 Hp 230460 3 Phase Electric Motor By Us Motor. Emerson Usa
Baldor Farm Duty Motor Ucm1014 10-15hp 3450rpm Fr 215z 208-230460v 32-3015a
Us Electric Motors Af10a 15 Hp Hostile Duty Ac Motor 5060 Hz 35452920 Rpm 254t
15 Hp Electric Motor 215tc 3600 Rpm 3 Phase Premium Efficient North American
Elektrim 15 Hp Electric Motor 1760 Rpm 254t 230460 3ph 60 Hz Or 380 Volt 50 Hz
Reliance Electric Xe Duty Master Ac Motor 15 Hp
Baldor 15 Hp Air Over Electric Motor 1765 Rpm
Baldor Inverter 15 Hp Drive Motor Idm233t
Used Baldor Frame 254tc Vm2333t Industrial Motor 15 Hp 230460v
Leeson C160t17fza3a 15hp Three Phase 230460 Volt 11kw 1480 Rpm Motor
Baldor Jmewdm3713t 15hp 3500rpm 215jm Frame 230460 Volt 3ph Tefc Electric Motor
North American 15 Hp Electric Motor 254t 3 Phase 1800 Rpm Severe Duty
General Electric 15hp Shunt Wound Dc Motor 240volts 6502600rpm 5cd444e19b
Reliance Duty Xe 254t Ac Motor 15hp 1760rpm 230460v 3ph New
15 Hp Motor - Dayton 2mxv6
Baldor M2333t 15 Hp Electric Motor 254t 1760 Rpm 3ph 3422sr
Elektrim 151041 15hp Electric Motor 1175rpm
Baldor 15hp Electric Motor 3525rpm
Baldor 15hp 3ph Electric Motor Cat142513t Spec37f599y723h1 230460 V 1760 Rpm
Em3314t 15 Hp 3525 Rpm New Baldor Electric Motor
Us-electrical 15hp Motor E820a 1745rpm Frame-245t 230460v With Warranty
Ge 15 Hp Dc Motor 240v 5cd163nc813a801
15 Hp General Purpose Motor3-phase1760 Nameplate Rpmvoltage 208-230460frame
Nos Cleaver Brooks 894-3405 15hp 254tdz Frame 3550 Rpm Electric Motor 3 Phase
G.e. 15 Hp 1800 Rpm Odp 208230460 Volts 254t 3 Phase Motor New Surplus
15hp 1760rpm 3ph Odp 254tc Electric Motor
New Techtop 15 Hp Electric Motor
15 Hp Reliance Duty Master A-c Electric Motor 3510 Rpm 230460 3 Phase
Leadgo Electric Motor 15 Hp 254t 1800 3 Phase Tefc 208-230460 Volt
Dayton 15hp 3 Phase Motor Inverter Rated 2mxv6 Frame 254t
New Lincoln 15 Hp Ac Electric Motor 284tc Frame 230460 Vac 1180 Rpm Tefc
Ge Motor 5k284bn9188 15hp 284t Frame 1755 Rpms 460v 18a Used
Teco 15 Hp Electric Ac Motor Epact-hpe 230460 Vac 1175 Rpm 284t Frame 3 Phase
General Electric 15 Hp 3 Phase Motor  575 Volt 286t Frame Reduced
Reliance Ac Motor Frame L2155c 15hp 17703550rpm 21a 460v 60120hz Used
Us Electric Motors 15hp 230460vac 3ph 60hz  1170rpm Frame 284t
15 Hp Electric Motor 254tc 3 Phase 1770 Rpm Premium Efficient Severe Duty
Baldor Super-e Em2333t 15hp Motor 3ph 1765rpm 230460v 3616amp 60hz 254t Frame
15 Hp 254jp Electric Motor Close Coupled Pump 3600 Rpm 3 Phase Irrigation
Leeson 15 Hp 3 Phase Motor  Model  150065-50
20nfm-3-15-18 15 Hp 1800 Rpm New Elektrim Motor
Lafert 15hp Motor Tefc 230460v 1770rpm Type-amh160mza4 3phase 11.0kw
15 Hp Electric Motor Baldor Reliance - Inverter Ready
New Dayton 15 Hp Electric Motor 1770 Rpm 254256t